Know Unique details about WhiteHat Jr App now

Know Unique details about WhiteHat Jr App now

WhiteHat Jr Friends, in today’s digital world it is very important to learn coding. I want to tell all the parents of the world that if you want to see your child’s future bright or brilliant, then start teaching coding to your child right now.

If you have the zeal to do something and dream of making your dream come true, then you will have to do something different in this Kali-yuga world, then you will be able to succeed according to yourself.

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When and where was WhiteHat Jr launched?

What is WhiteHat Jr?  Know All About WhiteHat Jr!

The founder of WhiteHat Jr is Karan Bajaj  , who has started the work of teaching Coding to young children.

Mr. Karan Bajaj has only one aim, the child whose age is 6-18 years. By teaching Coding to all this child, all those children will be excited to make Games, Animation and many types of Apps. By which the future of the child will be bright.

Mr. Bajaj launched WhiteHat Jr Coding Institute in December 2018 in Mumbai. After its launch, AI coding classes grew so fast that Karan got a lot of encouragement and started promoting his programming classes through the internet.

According to the report, WhiteHat Jr 2019 started taking 150,000 (1 lakh 50 thousand) students, 500 teachers and 1000 online classes per day.

You all will be very surprised to hear that this E-Dtech Organization has started taking online coding classes for 4,00,000 lakh (4 lakh) students in 2020, so that children are learning coding very well.

How to Register on WhiteHatJr? 

  1. It is very easy, first of all go to site .
  2. Then the student login option will appear, click on it.
  3. Now you will get the option of Register Now under the Login option, click on it.
  4. Now you have to enter your details here such as parents email id, name, mobile number, name and age and you have to add some more details.
  5. Won also the details have been asked, after entering all the details, click on the free trial schedule on the schedule.
  6. After that your registration will be done, now you can free trial of Coding Course for a few days.
What is WhiteHat Jr?  Know All About WhiteHat Jr!

What is WhiteHat Jr?

What is WhiteHat Jr?  Know All About WhiteHat Jr!

According to the new education policy, children will now be taught coding from class 6th to 12th, and in a very good platform to teach coding, whose name is WhiteHat Jr. In August itself, Byju’s bought a company founded by Karan Bajaj for 300 million dollars.

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Byju’s is also an education provider company, and WhiteHat Jr also provides coding education, so Byju’s better buy their competitor instead of keeping their own.

WhiteHat Jr is focused on teaching coding to young children. An online platform is created for kids to learn programming.

On which children are encouraged to learn coding, then create games, animations and applications.

Due to Kovid-19, the era of online classes is going on right now, in such a situation, Whiteheads Junior also gets a lot of encouragement.

WhiteHat Jr is a coding platform. Whose age is 6-18, through this site, online you can learn coding from home.

Through coding, children can create many types of mobile apps and games etc. By which you can earn a lot of money.

You can earn a lot of money by making many types of games from coding and uploading them to the Play Store.

Nowadays, many types of cartoons are seen in TV or social media, all are made through coding, so just imagine if your children learn to coding well, then how much money you can earn through social media .

All the social media like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , etc. are all made through coding, so if your children learn coding well, then you cannot even imagine how much money your child can earn you.

In WhiteHat Jr, children can make their future successful in the world of technology of Sikhs by doing coding well, and can make their life very happy.

Here you will know everything about Grade 1- 10 Course 

What is WhiteHat Jr?  Know All About WhiteHat Jr!

(1) Grade 1

There will be 3 courses in Grade 1 :-

  1. Introduction to Coding
  2. App Developer Certificate
  3. Advanced Coding with Space Tech

(2) Grade 2-3

Three topics have to be completed in grade 2-3 :-

Introduction to Coding:- Sequence, Fundamentals of coding Block, Loops will be taught about.

App Developer Certificate:- Events,Ui,Conditional,Complex Loop,Logic Structure,Turtle Coding.

Advance Coding with Space Tech:- Extended UI, /UX, Rich GUI 

app , Space Tech simulation in Space Lab / Game Lab, will be taught to do game designing.

(3) Grade 4-6 

will be taught in Advanced

In grade 4 -6, more advanced coding will be taught than grade 2-3.

(4) Grade 7-9

professional course

In this grade, the child will be given a coding class in a professional manner. The courses which will be there in 4-6, the same thing will be taught in this grade also.

(5) Grade 10+

In this coding class, a lot of coding will be taught in advance, let’s know :-

Introduction to Python

Python basics:- Loops, Conditionals, Lists, Functions & Numpy array, Make AI-Based Games

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Data Analytics Certification

Advanced Coding with Space Tech

WhiteHat Jr Fees ?

What is WhiteHat Jr?  Know All About WhiteHat Jr!

Sign up in this is absolutely free, there is also a trial class for a few days. As soon as the class ends, you have to pay Rs 750 for each class.

 WhiteHat Jr Classes 

What is WhiteHat Jr?  Know All About WhiteHat Jr!

It is mandatory to have 3 classes in a week. In this, money is asked from you to learn coding in three ways. Let us know:-

Introduction To Coding Course:-  In this all the basic things of coding are taught and class will be taken only 8 times.

To do this class, you will have to pay Rs 5,999, i.e. Rs 750 for 1 class to learn basic coding.

App Developer Certificate Course:- In this coding class, complete information about coding is taught online through WhiteHat Jr.

The AI ​​course is of 48 classes and you have to pay Rs 33,999 to learn it. You have to pay Rs 708 for 1st class to learn App Developer Certificate coding course.

Advance Coding with Space Tech:- In this you are taught to do Advance Coding to a great extent. This is a class of 144.

To learn this Advance coding, you have to pay Rs 99,999, that is, you have to pay Rs 694 for doing 1 coding class.

How to Register for Teacher Jobs on WhiteHat Jr?

  1. Click here to register .
  2. Here you have to enter your full name, gender, mobile number, email qualification. And put this too.
  3. Whether you have any experience in teaching coding or not.
  4. And the most amazing thing about this platform is that you can set the time according to you, when you want to work, when you don’t. Here you can also earn from ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 1,00,000 monthly. Here you do not have to pay any joining fee, even if you do not have experience to work, it will work.

Are whitehat Jr greats for a teacher?

What is WhiteHat Jr?  Know All About WhiteHat Jr!

Yes, WhiteHat is the best platform to earn money. If seen, it is very good for a teacher in India and the way to earn the most money is WhiteHat JR.

You get 275 rupees for taking 1 class i.e. 60 minutes class and it depends on you how many classes you can take in a day.

Friends, if you want to make your child’s future in technology, then you must definitely give a chance to do coding class in WhiteHat Jr.

It is very important to teach your child coding in the digital world, otherwise your child will have a very dark tomorrow. That is to say, it will not be able to go along with this world.

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WhiteHat Jr Teacher earning millions per month?

What is WhiteHat Jr?  Know All About WhiteHat Jr!

You can earn a lot of money by educating your child in this. If you are good at coding then you can apply to WhiteHat Jr.

In this, you can teach coding to children on your own time and earn a lot of money.

If you get selected, then you will be able to easily earn 30 thousand to 50 thousand in the beginning of learning coding for children.

Is it right to do WhiteHat Jr?

WhiteHat Jr is a very good platform for both students and teachers. We have told you about the best platform for teachers.

But it is also very good for students, because here you will be taught very well, and that too according to your speed, according to how you understand things.

The importance of coding is very high, that you can create many things with it, such as websites, apps, games.

Along with coding, young children are also taught how to make apps using blocks.

Should we learn coding? What is the future of coding?

The importance of coding is going to increase a lot in the future, because in the future, as many businesses as there will be startups, everyone will have websites, apps, gyming is very much a future.

And all these things are possible only when coding comes. And the future of gaming is also very much, and games can also be made only with the help of coding. That’s why learning coding has become a necessity.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2016 and 2026, the number of software engineers is expected to grow at 24%, much faster than any other occupation in the country.

In the future, the demand for software engineers is also going to increase, because it is very difficult to manage a business online, and in such a situation only a software engineer will come in handy. And you should learn both front end and backend coding.

What is WhiteHat Jr?  Know All About WhiteHat Jr!

Pay attention: – Support your child a lot, so that he learns coding well and can handle his future. Because now and the time to come, the world is going to be completely digital.

Friends, please share this article, so that the future of many children can be made “thank you”

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