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Makeup is a traditional process that has been going on since ancient times, in which makeup is mainly done by women to seduce and attract men. And in today’s physical and modern era, it has become even more trendy, that’s why nowadays all girls and ladies are crazy about makeup.

But most of the women do not know what should be in a complete makeup kit and what makeup should be done for which type of skin?

So today in this article we are going to tell in detail about the complete makeup accessories name list (Makeup ka saman) with usage and price one by one. Like party makeup, bridal makeup accessories, simple light makeup accessories list etc.

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1 [Top 30] Makeup Kit that can give a common woman a nymph-like look. makeup accessories name list 2023

[Top 30] Makeup Kit that can give a common woman a nymph-like look. makeup accessories name list 2023

Now let’s come straight to the topic and know about the makeup accessories name list and those top 30 makeup ka saman in detail one by one which can give a common woman a nymph-like look.

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Following are the list of makeup accessories for a good makeup look . We have given brief information of all the products along with how to use them.

1. Scrub

makeup accessories name list, makeup ka samam, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Scrub comes first in the list of makeup accessories, which cleans the dirt and dead cells hidden in the skin. It can also be used normally once or twice a week. It has many advantages like

  1. clear skin
  2. Removal of dead skin and flakes
  3. Make skin glowing and soft
  4. skin tone
  5. clears dark spots
  6. for soft skin
  7. Digests the skin from becoming scaly
  8. clears acne scars

how to use scrub

  • Wash your hands first and then wash your face with lukewarm water
  • Now take the scrub on your palm and spread it
  • Gently apply this scrub till your face, neck and neckline.
  • Do not use it on sensitive places like eyes
  • Apply scrub all over face (forehead, nose, chin and lips) with fingers
  • Scrub for as long as written on the product (usually 10-15 minutes)
  • After this wash the skin with lukewarm water, and then wash it with cold water
  • Do not scrub the skin excessively.

scrub price

There are many types of scrubs, the price of which starts from Rs 50 in the market, and reaches up to Rs 450. However, there are more expensive products available. You can use Himaliya Scrub for makeup

2. Facewash

makeup accessories name list, makeup ka samam, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

It normally cleans the face from the outside i.e. it cleans the dirt and oil etc. on the face. It can be used before starting the makeup so that the makeup ka saman can be used easily

how to use facewash

  • wet your face first
  • Now take the face wash in the palm
  • Apply this face wash well on the face
  • Finally wash it off.

face wash price

The price of face wash starts from Rs 10 in the market and goes up to thousands, so you can buy it according to your choice.

3. Moisturizer

makeup accessories name list, makeup ka samam, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Moisturizer is a very important and most important component of makeup which makes our skin soft and prevents dryness, which makes the skin look healthy and young for a long time.


This cream or lotion is applied to remove dehydration or hydrate the skin.

Although the skin of our body naturally remains moist due to sebum, but when it is lacking, we have to use moisturizer.

how to use moisturizer

  1. First of all, clean the face thoroughly with face wash, so that the moisturizer can work well.
  2. Now take moisturizer on the palm of the hand and spread it on the palm
  3. Do not use it on oily skin
  4. Apply it on the parts of the face which have more dry skin.
  5. After applying, keep it for a few minutes (2 min.) and let it dry.
  6. After drying, you can use other makeup accessories
  7. Moisturizer should be used after bath and before sleeping.

Moisturizer Price

You will get this product online on Mamaearth as ‘Aloe Vera Gel for Skin ‘ for Rs.300. However, there are other good moisturizers as well, which will cost from Rs.150 to Rs.400.

4. Primer

makeup accessories name list, makeup ka samam, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Primer is the basis of makeup foundation, without it the makeup cannot stay on the face. Primer forms a layer between the skin and the makeup, so that the entire makeup stays on our face for a long time. Primer comes for both face and eyes

Advantages of Primer

  1. Helps makeup last longer
  2. Hides dark circles and wrinkles
  3. makes skin soft
  4. Reduces redness of face

how to use primer

  • The first task is to clean the face, after that take the primer on the back of the hand as needed.
  • Now apply the primer on the face with the help of your finger tip
  • First of all, start applying the primer to the nose.
  • gently apply all over the face
  • Be sure to apply the primer on those areas of the face where the makeup does not last.

price of primer

You can get Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer from Lakme brand which costs Rs.496. Apart from this, other good primer will also be available for Rs.300+

5. Cleanser

makeup ka samam, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Cleanser has a very special place in makeup accessories, which work like face wash to clean the face. But facevoss cleans the face only from the outside and the cleanser cleans the skin deeply from the inside. That is, it helps a lot in cleaning the dead cells, dirt, oil etc. of the face.

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You can use it daily or after every two days continuously at home. It cleans off makeup, sweat, dirt and oil on the face, as well as improves blood circulation. Along with this, it also gets rid of acne and pimples.

how to use cleanser

  1. It should be used once a day in the morning or evening at the time of washing the face.
  2. Due to its excessive use, the skin becomes dry, so apply once a day or after every two days.

cleanser price

You will get this product in the range of 75 to 400 rupees, which is very useful. The cleanser will also be available in Patanjali brand.

6. Eyeshadow

makeup ka samam, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

The place of eyes is most important in the beauty of a woman, they say that first sight love happens only from the first glimpse of the eyes. That’s why most of the girls nowadays prefer matching eye makeup with the dress. Matching eye makeup uses colored eyeshadow palettes.

Eye makeup is done with eyeshadow, which makes the eyes look very attractive. Makeup Ka Saman comes with a kit for eyeshadow, and brushes are also used.

how to make eyeshadow

  • First, apply eye primer on the eye so that it can last for a long time and makeup does not spread.
  • Now apply concealer on the upper and lower eyelids of the eye and blend it well with a finger, brush or sponge.
  • Now apply setting powder
  • After this you have to choose eyeshadow according to the color of the dress.
  • There are different ways to make eyeshadow which you can also learn online from youtube

eyeshadow kit price

You will get insect quality of different colors of eyeshadows online at Amazon for a price of Rs.900. Along with this you will also get some bruises. You can buy this product at a discount of up to Rs.550

7. Mascara

makeup ka samam, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Mascara has become a very important item for eye makeup. Mascara is used to give a dense look to the eyelashes. It comes as a liquid or cream, which is both waterproof and non-waterproof.

Nowadays, most girls prefer waterproof mascara because it does not spread eye makeup and does not spoil the mascara.

Note that if you use mascara daily, then do not take waterproof mascara.

how to use it

  1. Make a moisturizer and eyeshadow before using mascara
  2. After this complete the finishing of the eyes with the eyeliner.
  3. Now pick up the mascara of your choice
  4. Lime Waterproof Mascara for Long Lasting Mascara
  5. Daily use of waterproof mascara damages the eyelashes
  6. Curl your eyelashes to apply mascara
  7. Now apply mascara slowly with the help of a brush and apply again for a better look
  8. If you wear lenses, put on lenses before mascara
  9. If there is any kind of allergy in the eyes, then do not forget to apply mascara.


You will get its price online between 230 to 500 rupees. If you want to get a mascara with waterproof security, then you will get a mascara up to Rs 500 for this. Mascara makeup accessories name list

8. Eyeliner

makeup ka samam, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

It is used to make the eyes more beautiful. That’s why  it is mainly included in the makeup accessories name list and is an essential item for eye makeup. Eye liner can make small eyes look bigger and beautiful. You Can Do Good Eye Makeup With Just Eyeliner

Eyeshadow is also not needed when using eyeliner. If you want to look glamorous then you can apply cat eyeliner.

how to use it

  • use thin eyeliner
  • raise your eyebrows with your finger
  • Now complete the line by putting a dot on the eyelashes
  • Use good quality eyeliner
  • Do not use eyeliner when applying mascara.


As a best eyeliner you can get ‘Blue Heaven Intense Eyeliner’ for Rs.130. Apart from this, you will also get this eyeliner in the range of Rs 120 to 300.

9. Eyebrow Pencil

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Eyebrow pencil is used to make the eyebrows of our eyes deep and designed. With the help of eyebrows, you can make your eyebrows darker and bigger even from light to light or small. Means are used to give perfect look to the eyebrows

how to use eyebrow pencil

  • Use it to wash the face
  • After this, draw the area in the form of a design on the eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil.
  • Now fill in the blanks with the eyebrows, but use a light hand to fill in.

eyebrow pencil price

A luxurious ‘Maybelline New York Define & Blend Brow Pencil’ costs Rs.250, however you can get Lakme Eyebrow Pencil which costs just Rs.75. Meaning you can easily get eyebrow pencil from 50 to 300 rupees.

10. Eye lenses

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

If a list of makeup accessories is prepared, then eyelashes have also been included in this list. Nowadays girls are using eyelashes to add beauty to their beauty. If seen, in reality, the look of the face changes completely with the eyelashes. This lens is applied with glue

how to use eyelashes

  • Wash your hands thoroughly first
  • Now wash your eyes thoroughly
  • After this, apply the eyelashes with glue on the eyelid.
  • Keep the eye open for some time to dry the glue
  • Note that eye makeup is done only after applying the eyelashes.

eyelash price

You will get good quality eyelashes for more than Rs.1000, whereas you can get designer lenses in medium quality for Rs.100-200.

11. Foundation

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Makeup foundation is a type of powder or liquid makeup color, which gives glow to our skin by giving it an even tone. This foundation hides the blemishes and wrinkles on the face, which gives a glow to the face. Foundation should be used carefully and only as needed.

how to use foundation

  • Moisturize the skin first
  • Now apply the primer (must be)
  • then use skin character
  • Now take the foundation and pat it on the face but do not rub or spread it at all
  • If you have liquid foundation, then apply it with a brush and then set the foundation with a blender.
  • After that use highlighter.

foundation cost

You will get Lakme foundation for Rs 145, which will be of liquid type. Apart from this, 9to5 product of Lake can also be taken. If seen, the foundation will be available for 150 to 500 rupees.

12. Compact Powder

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

It is the most commonly used product in makeup ka saman, which is a lightweight powder. It is used for light coverage on the face and to enhance makeup.

how to use it

  • It is used for glow after applying foundation
  • it is applied with a brush
  • Blend it well on the face with a blender.


The price of compact powder ranges from Rs.200 to Rs.400. In this you will get a good compact powder.

13. Concealer

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Concealer is also included in the makeup accessories name list , which is used along with dark circles, dark skin around the nose and mouth, acne and dark spots. There are two types of concealer 1) cream and 2) liquid concealer.

how to use concealer

  • The first step is to wash the face with face wash, and exfoliate with the help of scrub. After that apply moisturizer and let it dry
  • Now apply a primer on the face, so that the makeup can stick
  • After this, to hide the dark circle, make a V-shape by applying the concealer till the length of the dark circle.
  • After applying the concealer, pat it with a beauty blender.
  • It is used to hide dark circles, redness around the nose and dark spots.
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concealer price

You will get 150 to 500 rupees for a branded concealer. We can buy it online.

14. Highlighter

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Makeup is in the form of highlighter, powder and cream which is used on the nose, throat, lips and cheeks to enhance the face. It is applied with a brush or blender. Nowadays makeup highlighter is mainly being used to make thin face look plump and thick face thinner.

use of highlighter

  • Highlighter can be used before blush, which brings more glow to the face
  • Highlighter is used before applying lipstick
  • Highlighter can also be used as eyeshadow
  • It can also be used with concealer
  • Highlighter is used after applying concealer, foundation and loose powder on the face, which makes the skin glow.

highlighter price

The cost of a good quality highlighter ranges from Rs.600 to Rs.1300, and can be priced even higher. Highlighter is also part of the makeup accessories name list.

15. Makeup -Lipstick

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Lipstick also plays a very important role for makeup, it provides a perfect look to makeup. Without this the makeup of women and girls is incomplete. Nowadays all types of lipsticks are available from dark to light.

how to use lipstick

  • Apply lip primer or balm to your lips before using it
  • If the lips are dark then use concealer
  • Before applying lipstick, make an area with lip liner, but the lip liner should be of the same lipstick color.
  • Now slowly apply lipstick in this area with the help of a brush.
  • After this, clean the lipstick around both the lips.

lipstick price

Nowadays you will get lipsticks worth 20 or 30 rupees in the market, but it damages the lips. That’s why you take Maybelline brand lipsticks which cost around Rs.300.

16. Makeup -Blush

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Blush comes in powder, gel and cream formulations, which provide an overall effect on the face. Blush is a kit of different colors, which you can apply according to the complexion of your face. It is used after preparing the foundation base, which makes the face glow.

how to use blush

  • In makeup, blush is used only on the cheeks.
  • If your face is heart shaped then you can use it on the front too
  • To apply it, apply blush color on the brush
  • Now apply it gently on the cheeks with a light hand.

blush price

Lakme brand blush costs Rs.500. Good blushes are easily available in the market in the range of Rs.500 to Rs.1500.

17. Makeup -Face Powder

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Face powder is used on face and neck. It is always used on the T-zone i.e. frontal, nose and chin. Because sweat and oil come more in these places, which the face powder absorbs.

Makeup accessories name list also includes face powder, it is also called setting powder. Because it can set makeup, although girls are using it less now

how to use face powder

  • It should be used according to the color of the face
  • Concealer can be used with
  • Do not use seven compact powders of powder
  • Apply face powder less and lightly on the face
  • If there is excess powder, wipe it off with blotting paper.
  • Too much powder spoils the makeup

face powder price

You can take the product of Maybelline New york Fit me , which will be available at a price of Rs.150. Apart from this, you will find other good face powders in the range of 100 to 400 rupees.

18. Makeup Fixer

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Makeup fixer is also called setting spray which makes your makeup last longer. Makeup fixes, prevents smudges, creases and cracks after applying makeup. Using setting spray, makeup stays on smoothly even in hot and crowded places

how to use makeup fixer

  • First, shake the setting spray well.
  • Now close your eyes with your hands
  • Spray on face 6 inches away and 90 degree angle
  • Spray 3-4 times on your face from frontal to chin
  • Now dry the face by taking it directly in front of the Fan / AC.

makeup fixer price

Its price is not much at all, that means we get this product from 30 to 200 rupees.

19. Makeup -Nail Paint

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Nails also play a very important role in the beauty of a girl, that is, nail paint also works to add beauty to the beauty. Nailpaint is also called nail polish. Nowadays, there are many different types of color and design nail polishes in the market. So you can add your favorite color of nail polish to your makeup kit.

how to use nail paint

  1. Choose your favorite color nail polish
  2. Choose the right place to nailpaint
  3. clean your nails
  4. push the nail cuticle back
  5. Now put your hand on the table and do the nailpaint.

nailpaint price

The cost of a good nailpaint will be more than Rs.300, however you will get good nail polish in the market for more than Rs.30.

20. Makeup -Nailpaint Remover

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Sometimes there is a need to remove the nail paint, so if you are making a list of makeup accessories , then definitely include the nail paint remover in the makeup ka samam kit. Nail polish comes off very easily with just its normal use.

how to use nail paint remover

  • To remove nail polish, apply nail paint remover on the nail
  • leave it on for some time
  • Now clean it with cotton
  • Finally wash the nail with your hands.

nailpaint remover price

If you go for NY Bae Nail Lacquer Remover , then its price starts from just Rs.60. You can get Lakme Nail Polish Remover for just Rs.80

21. Makeup Remover

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

So far we have learned about many makeup accessories. Now let us also look at a product that works to remove makeup. This is also an important makeup ka saman, because after applying makeup, it is also necessary to take it off.

Makeup remover removes the makeup completely by cleaning the pores of the face, so that there are no side effects of makeup on the face. It removes makeup and makes the face soft and also gets rid of blemishes.

how to use makeup remover

  • If you use ‘Micellar Water Foaming Makeup Remover’ , then all you have to do is apply it on the face with water.
  • Wash the face after applying it

This Water Foaming Makeup Remover quickly removes makeup, and moisturizes the skin at a cost of Rs.400.

22. Makeup -Sun cream

makeup accessories name list, makeup ka saman, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Sun cream is very important in the makeup accessories name list , which protects the skin from the sun. Sun cream protects against direct and dangerous ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. This cream forms a layer on our skin which does not allow the sun rays to reach the skin.

benefits of sun cream

  1. protects against sunburn
  2. tanning does not allow
  3. best cosmetic cream
  4. keeps skin healthy
  5. Prevents Premature Aging
  6. protects against skin cancer

how to use sun cream

  • It should be used 30 minutes after moisturizing
  • It should be used on the basis of skin nature
  • Do not go in the sun immediately after using it
  • This cream forms a layer for UV protection after a while.

Sun Cream Price

There are various types of luxurious sun creams available in the market nowadays like Lakme Sun Expert Cream , Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Sunscreen Gel , Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel etc. Their price ranges from Rs.100 to Rs.300.

23. Beauty Blender

makeup accessories name list, makeup ka saman, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

It is a kind of sponge, which looks like a soft cotton cotton. It is used to blend Makeup Ka Saman like Concealer or Foundation etc. Apart from this, Beauty Blender is used to apply highlighter and blush. With its help, the makeup blends well with the skin.

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how to use beauty blender

  1. First of all you have to apply Makeup Ka Saman, like foundation.
  2. Now with the help of a beauty blender, the foundation is patted, so that the foundation is blended well.
  3. Blender is not used for rubbing.

Beauty blender Price

Its price is not high at all, which means it will be available in the sponge or blender market for 20 rupees. In the market you will get a box of blender around 100 rupees.

24. Body Lotion

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

It is used as a moisturizer to treat dry, scaly, itchy skin, skin burns and other skin problems. The emollient components present in the body lotion keep the skin soft and moisturized. So you can use it during makeup and also as normal.

how to use body lotion

  • First clean your skin thoroughly with water
  • Now clean the skin with a towel
  • Apply body when your skin becomes soft
  • This opens the pores of the skin and keeps the body moisturized for a longer time.

body lotion price

Its price is not high, that means you will easily get it in the market for 200 to 400 rupees.

25. Brushes

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

It is very important to have brushes in the list of makeup accessories, because without them makeup is not possible. And nowadays makeup has also become very advanced, so Makeup Brushes are also of many types. You will find a variety of designs and quality brushes in the market and online.

Use of brushes

It is used in different places in makeup. Like Eye Makeup, Lip Makeup, Face Makeup, Nail Paint etc. Different types of brushes are used for all these.

brush kit price

In the market you will find different types of brushes for face makeup or eye makeup. These brushes are available in the range of Rs.100 to Rs.3000.

26. Kajal, Bindi & Sindoor

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Mascara can be used daily. And if seen from the point of view of Makeup Ka Saman, then kajal is an essential item which becomes very important in eye makeup.

Lakme brand kajal is thicker and longer lasting. This gives a very nice look to the face.

If we talk about bindi and vermilion, then you can use it according to the need.

how to use kajal

  • First wash the eyes and then apply concealer and foundation
  • Primer should be used near the eyes so that the mascara does not spread.
  • Now choose any kajal as per your choice, like waterproof or smudgeproof kajal
  • Apply kajal well and slowly
  • To make the mascara last longer, apply a layer of mascara again
  • Now spread the kajal lightly with your finger or with a brush, which is called a smudge.
  • After that finally apply face powder.

price of mascara

Lakme Iconic Kajal is priced at Rs.550. However, apart from this, many types of kajal are also available, whose price ranges from 40 to 600 rupees.

27. Bronzer

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

The use of bronzer is very important during makeup, it brings out the good part of the face. Use a lighter color on the part you do not want to highlight. This product helps to add some glow to the face.

how to use bronzer

  1. It comes in many forms, such as powder, cream, liquid and gel.
  2. It is used sparingly and commonly for natural glow
  3. Bronzer cannot be used with highlighter
  4. Bronzer is used like a blush.

bronzer price

Its price ranges from Rs.270 to Rs.500 though a good quality bronzer can be more expensive.

28. Deodorant

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Deodorant is similar to perfume, which brings fragrance to the body. Therefore, if you are making a makeup accessories list, then definitely include it in this list, although the fragrance of deodorant is not more durable than perfume, but deodorant removes sweat and body dirt, which has a positive effect on makeup.

It is used on the body in the form of a spray. Its cost is Rs 200+. You will find many types of aromatic deodorants in the market, from which you can choose according to your choice.

29. Perfume

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

It works to remove sweat and body odor. It is also applied on the body like a spray. Due to this the body remains very fragrant. Perfume absorbs the sweat of our body and keeps the body fresh for hours.

It will also cost Rs.300+ and there will be a variety of brands available in the market.

30. Hair Dye

Makeup ka saman, makeup accessories name list, makeup kit, what should be in makeup kit

Hair dye is a type of color that is applied to the hair. Nowadays hair dye has become a fashion. That’s why nowadays girls are using hair dye a lot along with makeup, it enhances the makeup look even more.

Usually, the way to use all the dyes is written on the packet of the dye itself, which you can use by following it and if you talk about the price, then you can easily get it up to 60 rupees.

Makeup Accessories Name In List (Hindi & English)

The best 30 makeup accessories name list with usage methods and prices are as follows, with the help of which you can do your own makeup at your home

 makeup accessories name list

1.moisturizing creamMoisturizing CreamIt gives relief from lifeless skin and removes the marks of rashes and etchings on the face. It reduces wrinkles, and also prevents the problem of dry and oily skin.Starting from Rs.250
2. FoundationFoundationIt is similar to our skin color, on applying which glow comes in the skin.Starting from Rs.300 or Rs.400
3.concealerConcealerIt hides dark circles, blemishes and pimples under the eyes. Rs. 375+
4.PrimerPrimer (Eye & Face Primer)It prevents the spread of applied makeup. This makes the skin look baby soft and smooth.Rs. 75+
5.scrubScrubIt is used before makeup, so that the face becomes clean. It removes the dead cells of the face. The scrub acts like a cleanser.Rs. 60+
6.face washFace Wash It is used to remove dirt, dirt and oil from the face.Rs. 180+
7.eye liner Eye Liner It is used along with applying kajal, which changes the whole look of the face.Rs. 40+
8.face powderFace PowderIt is used for glow on the face.Rs. 300+
9.eyebrow pencilEyebrow PencilIt is pencil shaped which is useful for making eyebrows.Rs. 150+
10.eyelashesEye lensesIt is very light which changes the color of the eye.Rs. 1600+
11.MascaraMuscaraIt is used to make eyelashes deep and attractive.Rs. 500+
12.makeup removerMakeup RemoverIt cleans the skin completely and makes it fresh. This removes skin oil and dirt.Rs. 50+
13.nail paint removerNail Paint RemoverIt removes applied nail polish.Rs. 35+
14.lotion pour le corpsBody LotionThis cream provides full nourishment to the body, due to which the skin glows. Skin spores are opened with body lotion.Rs. 220+
15.blushBlushIt is applied on the cheeks, thereby highlighting the cheeks. And a different glow comes on the face.Rs. 200+
16.BB and CC creamBB & CC CreamBB Cream acts as both a moisturizer and a foundation, applying which retains the moisture and glow of the skin even in the sun.Rs. 150+
17.compact powderCompact powderIt is used after applying concealer and foundation. It also absorbs the oil of the skin.Rs. 380+
18.VermilionSindoorIt is a red colored sign of the wife.Rs. 20+
19.setting spray (fixer)Setting Spray (Fixer)It prevents makeup from getting spoiled for a long time.Rs. 200+
20.kajal and bindiKajal & BindiKajal is applied in the eyes and the bindi is applied between the eyes and directly above the nose.Rs. 130+ & Rs. 30+
21.puff (blender)Puff (Blender)Puff is needed for makeup, so it is spongy. This allows makeup to be applied easily.Rs. 170+
22.deodorantDeodorantIt is used to prevent sweat odor and body odor on the body.Rs. 111+
23.BrushesBrushesIt is useful for applying makeup.Rs. 200 – 1300+
24.highlighterHighlighterIt is used under the eyes along with the eyeliner and kajal, which will highlight the eyes.Rs. 150+
25.PerfumePerfumeIt is applied to the body for a good smell.Rs. 180+
26.combCombIt is used in giving hair designs.Rs. 50+
27.hair oilHair OilThis keeps the hair healthy and prevents hair fall. Different hair oils also come for makeup.Rs. 400+
28.hair dyeHair DyeIt is useful for giving different colors to the hair.Rs. 60-300+
29.eyeshadowEye ShadowEyeshadow can change the whole look of the eyes. Nowadays girls make eyeshadow according to the dress.Rs. 300+
30.bronzerBronzerUsing bronzer powder helps to hide small blemishes of the skin and brighten up the face.Rs. 400+


How to do makeup yourself sitting at home? What should be in a makeup kit i.e. makeup ka saman and makeup accessories name list, the main questions asked by ladies and girls and their answers are as follows

Q.1 How much do makeup kits cost?

Makeup kit is easily available from Rs.400 to Rs.4,000.

If you want, you can also buy makeup items one by one according to your favorite brand. But nowadays women prefer to buy a makeup kit because in it all the makeup items come together and it is also cheap.

Q.2 How to buy Makeup ka saman?

You can buy makeup items from your nearest market by going to the shop as a makeup kit. Apart from this, you can also buy it online, for which some genuine websites are as follows

  1. Nykaa.com
  2. Myntra.com
  3. Flipkart.com
  4. Amazon.com
  5. Purplle.com

Q.3 What is the use of vermilion in makeup?

Sindoor is the most essential and essential item of make-up for married women, as it is a sign of suhaag which is the pride of every woman.

Q.4 How to do bridal makeup?

Makeup to adorn a bride can be done as follows

Bridal Makeup ka Saman list –

  1. moisturizer
  2. Primer
  3. Eyeliner and Mascara
  4. foundation or concealer
  5. Lipstick

Apart from this, other accessories can be used for makeup as per the need.

Q.5 What are the components of a complete makeup kit?

In this article, we have explained in detail about the complete makeup accessories list like light makeup, party makeup and bridal makeup etc.


In today’s time, people are most attracted by a beautiful face after money, so in this material age it has become very important to have a clean and beautiful face. Nowadays, many types of makeup products are used to decorate the face. People like to do different types of makeup according to their choice in weddings and parties.

In this article, we have explained [Top 30] Makeup kit which can make a common woman look like Apsara (complete makeup accessories name list) one by one along with how to use and price. With the help of which you can do your own make-up at the comfort of your own home.

If you liked this article of ours, then definitely share it with your friends and what type of makeup do you like and which makeup kit you use, definitely tell in the comment.

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