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What is the Clubhouse App read now?

Clubhouse  is a new type of social network that is completely based on voice (or voice). It provides people such a platform where the users of this app can interact together, listen to others and also learn some things from each other. They can do all these things together in real-time.

Friends, the whole time of the year 2020 has been a year of digital invention and learning something new for the people. Due to the lockdown caused by the corona virus, all kinds of office work started from home and online chat application for office meetings. The need began and in such a situation, everyone used the Zoom application a lot during that time and a new app also came in the same year, but very few people know about that app and the name of that application is Clubhouse. But at present, the name of this application is now being seen in the headlines and the reason for all this has been possible because of Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla company and in today’s article we will tell you all about Clubhouse application in detail.

Isn’t it funny?

Do you also spend more time on social media? Where you must be hearing a new name “Clubhouse App” you will also be very curious to know about this app and why not, it becomes a topic of much discussion among the users when any new app is launched. goes. 

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Just as the craz of social media platform is increasing day by day, in such a situation every other user wants their chat to remain even more easy Clubhouse App provides us such simplicity. 


This app is very different than other apps. In which you can talk to your friends, family and other people by doing audio chat. So know why this app is different from other apps? After all, what is the reason for the popularity of the  Clubhouse App .

So come, further you have been told in detail about the club house.

what is clubhouse application

Last year, due to the lockdown caused by the Corona virus, there were a lot of digital inventions and many new applications were also proved to be helpful for us to carry out our tasks in the midst of this pandemic. At the same time, Alpha Exploration Software maker company started an application called Clubhouse. Within this application, you will be able to take advantage of the facility of voice setting and by joining the voice room in this you can participate in the ongoing discussion or discussion on any topic.

The moderator keeps full control in the voice room on any topic that is running on the application and if he wants, he can invite anyone to his voice discussion room and if any person wants to keep his point, then he The voice can indicate the moderator and the voice moderator can also manage the control of keeping that person’s point or not.

Its most important thing is that all your voice chats are completely privacy protected in this. The person already using this application can invite any other person to use it and you cannot use this application without invitation i.e. its user will invite you and then after that you can use this application. will do. Currently, this application has been made available in the iOS App Store of iPhone Apple and in future the application may be available for Android users as well.

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Who can use Clubhouse Application

At present, more than 13 lakh people are using this application on the iOS platform. This voice based application can be used by almost every person for his formal or informal voice discussion or if he wants, he can also have a voice discussion with people on any topic through this application by creating a room. Overall, this application has been created for the use of all categories of person and at present no suggestion has been issued to children and youth related to the use of this application. However, if the popularity and user number of this application will increase day and night in future, then it may be that this application will also be released through the guideline application for the use of children and youth.

What clubhouse application security

Friends, as we already told you, this application was launched 1 year ago, but its popularity is in the year 2021 i.e. directly after 1 year from the launch when the world’s richest person Elon Musk made the application to the people through Twitter. informed about it. Elon Musk and the creator of the application told that the application is completely privacy protected and you can use it with absolutely no confidence.

The way we do direct voice calling on WhatsApp and there is no recording or record of it, in the same way, in the Clubhouse application also there is no record store of voice chatting in the discussion or discussion room by creating a room. It remains fully encrypted, that is, it works completely on the basis of Voice Secure Protocol and Privacy Protocol.

This application is not suitable for use by children and its use age is approximately 18 years. But at present, the application maker company has not done any kind of age-related verification of the use of the application and therefore users of 18 years or below can also use it through invitation on the iOS platform.

Davison explained that if its users want to create a chat room and they want to make the conversation of their catalog public, then they can do it very easily and if they want to keep the chat room private, then they can keep it private. The control also rests with the consumer himself.

What is Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio based social networking app. Audio chatting can be done using this app. Just like we do Chatting by Text Message , we can do Voice Calling and listen to Audio Chatting in it, but we cannot share any kind of photos, videos or text messages in this App.

It is developed by former Google employee Rohan Seth and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison. Its popularity increased when Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk appeared using this app. 

The Clubhouse App was launched in April 2020, which was initially provided to iPhone users. Later this facility was also made available to Android users, to use it, an invitation is given by those users who are already its members, after which you can also run it. 

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Inside this application, rooms are made for different topics. Where users can also listen and speak about a particular topic through audio chatting i.e. express their views.


What are the features that make Clubhouse App so great? Let’s know the features of Clubhouse app. 

  • Activity Feed – The specialty of this app is that it simplifies the listing of incoming notifications. In this feature of Clubhouse App, there is an option to show only the first three notifications.
  • Connect Social Media Accounts – We can connect our other Social Media Accounts with Clubhouse App in just a few seconds.
  • Contacts – You can add your friends to the Chat Room based on your interest or you can also find people from the Contact List.
  • Language Filters – This feature has been added keeping in mind the convenience of the users. So that users can connect to two chat rooms in the languages ​​they understand.
  • Share Link And Url – Users can also share their Blog’s Url Social Media Links, Company Website in Clubhouse Profile.
  • Add Your Interest – This feature is very helpful to find the topics in which users are more interested. 

How does Clubhouse work?

Users can share their views in Clubhouse App. Where you can host, listen and join during a conversation in a community. In this, audio chat can be done by creating a chat room. You can also invite new people to your chat. 

Users can join and leave the call at any time. On opening the app, Chat Rooms are visible in it. Along with which it also comes to know on which topic this room is. 

As a listener, you can join a conversation. If you want to have your say, you need to raise your hand. For which the option is given, you can keep your point only after getting the approval from the moderator. 

Why is Clubhouse getting so popular / what is the reason? 

It is obvious that when any superstar, celebrity does anything, it comes in trend, similarly when the clubhouse was used by big celebrities, it started becoming popular. 

Politicians, big entrepreneurs, famous celebrities were also seen on this. Mark Zuckerberg also used the Clubhouse App in early 2021. 

It has also been revealed that 10 million people have joined the app since its launch on Android in May 2021, but it is not clear whether it is Daily Active Users or Monthly Active Users.  

This app was downloaded more than 5 million on Android only in India. Since its launch on the Android platform, its use and popularity has been seen more. 

How to download Club House?  

Follow the steps given below to download Clubhouse. 

1. First of all go to Google Play Store on your phone.

2. After that search by writing Clubhouse in the Search Box. 

3. Now click on Install option. 

4. After clicking on the install option, it will start downloading to your phone.

5. After downloading, you can use it by opening the Clubhouse App.

Is it Safe to Use?

Compared to other social media apps, Clubhouse App retains less information about the user. It can detect location only on the basis of IP address.

It cannot access your camera and photos. The audio of users is temporarily stored in the clubhouse keeping in mind the purpose of security such as threat to children, threats from terrorists or abusive language.

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To use the app, users only need to give the phone number. The Clubhouse does not have any age verification system, so it can be used by anyone under the age of 18.

Keeping security in mind, Antivirus can be used which blocks any kind of suspicious apps, websites. 

What did you learn today?

I hope you must have liked my article on what is clubhouse app . It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information to the readers about how Clubhouse works so that they do not have to search other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write low comments for this.

If you liked this article on how to download Clubhouse or got to learn something, then please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Clubhouse application now on android

From May 2021, this app has been started for Android app users. Now they too can use it. Its testing was done some time ago in the US. That is, Android users do not need to take an invite from any existing user to access it. In fact, Paul Devinshan and Rohan Seth, who created the application, had told in an interview and in a statement given by them in the block article that in the coming time, the Clubhouse application will be made available for Android users soon and inside this application More new and different features will be made available for the use of the people. Apart from this, he told that at present, more than 12 thousand iOS users in India have installed this application on their phones and are using it. So now Android users can also use it.

The Clubhouse application has presented a unique concept in the digital space and at the same time the privacy of the people is also guaranteed in this application. Now through this application you can enjoy discussion or discussion by creating audio and room and it is absolutely free.


What kind of app is Clubhouse?

This is an Audio – Only Social Networking App. In which you can stay connected with people by doing audio chatting.

Can we use Clubhouse Directly?

No. .. You cannot use it unless you have been invited by the existing user.

How does Clubhouse work?

Here rooms are made on different topics. In which you can listen about any topic and can also keep your point on it. 

How to download Clubhouse?

Downloading it is very easy. For this you have to go to Google Play Store and search by typing Clubhouse in the search box, just install and download it. As I have told you above in simple steps. 

Is the Clubhouse App secure?

There is no safety protocol for hate speech at Clubhouse and it is not safe for children to use it. If you want, you can use any antivirus.


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