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What is Cloud Gaming? Know everything about Cloud Gaming read now

What is Cloud Gaming? How is Cloud Gaming used? Play the biggest games without installing the game on your computer . Let us know what is Cloud Gaming and how to play games with it. 

You must have heard the name of cloud gaming at one time or another and many people would know what cloud gaming is? And how do they work?

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Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is an online game steaming service. Where you can easily find games with high level graphics, which you cannot play on your simple PC or laptop . If you want to play cloud gaming on your PC or Laptop easily, then you can use this service in any mobile , computer, laptop or tablet. And there can be games with high level graphics which are not possible to play in a normal computer.

But if you do not know anything about Cloud Gaming and you want to know about it, then you keep reading this article till the end, you will know what is Cloud Gaming.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming, also known as game streaming. Here videos are similar to streaming. Like Netfilx or Youtube in which you only need internet and screen. And you can watch any video, movie and web show with ease and ease.

There’s also game streaming available in around 4K around the same time. What you call cloud gaming. In this too there are subscription services like Youtube, Netfilx.

Cloud Gaming

For example, Google Stadia and PlayStation Now work on subscription services. Which allow you to play games on their servers. And for this very little payment has to be made.

The best part about cloud gaming is that you don’t need any kind of expensive hardware. And you can easily play games with high level graphics in it.

For which you needed to update the hardware every year to play normal gaming which was very expansive. It is very difficult for a common person to afford it.

You must be thinking that Cloud Gaming will be a new concept but it is not like that at all.

But now Cloud Gaming has also caught its pace. Because now big companies are also taking interest in Cloud Gaming and big innovations and updates have come in technology too. Due to which Cloud Gaming has become easier now.

Because now big companies are understanding that the future of gaming industry is Cloud Gaming. And big companies such as: Google , Microsoft etc. are seeing their big market in this. In such a situation, where can Cloud Gaming go to the future of gaming?

Using This Technology

Cloud gaming is a great service for those people. People who don’t have expansive hardware. And or else they can’t afford it.

Such people can take full advantage of cloud gaming. Because there is facility of porbital here. And you can play games with high level graphics comfortably at low cost.

If you are a streamer. And if you stream the game on YouTube or Tweetch, then cloud gaming can prove to be very beneficial for you too. Because you will not need hardware to stream in it.

And your game will be streamed directly on these streaming service so that you can focus on the game only. And this makes your work a lot easier.

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People who can afford expensive hardware. Cloud gaming is not a good option for those people. Because if compared, there is a lot of difference between cloud gaming and normal gaming.

And you can play the game with more fun in normal gaming. Because it does not have input legs. And you get maximum performance.

If you play multiplayer games, then cloud gaming is not a good option for you either. Because cloud gaming is not yet so conducive to multiplayer games. Because the input leg is very high in multiplayer games.

How does This Gaming Technology work?

As you have been told that cloud gaming is exactly like video streaming. Here the gaming is not on your device but somewhere far away on a big and power full server that runs your game.

Whenever you do cloud gaming, your games are started on the server. And that’s where the runs happen. You just see their videos. And when you give input from your controller, here the inputs go to the server and get updated and visible to you.

Which makes you feel that you are playing your game on your computer. But it does not happen that you are doing this work on the server. But here the process is very fast. So that you feel like you are playing on your computer.

There are no device limits in cloud gaming. You can also use your mobile phone for cloud gaming. Because only the video shows you here. That’s why not much power is found in it.

And you can play your game comfortably in your mobile. All you need is a good speed internet. So that this process can be very fast and your game is not legged.

Cloud Gaming


  • You do not need expensive hardware in cloud gaming.
  •  They are very affordable and can be used by everyone.
  • Claw gaming can be used in a variety of devices. Such as computer, laptop, mobile and TV.
  • In Claw Gaming, you get to play games in updated technology.

What are the costs of Cloud Gaming?

If we talk about the cost of cloud gaming, then it depends on many things. In such a situation, there are many services, which charge for Cloud Gaming in different ways.

Some of these work on monthly subscription plans. And some work on the over price model. Apart from this, you have to do streaming in 4K.

So you will have to pay extra for this. And if you want any particular game, then you have to select the plan accordingly.

If you want to go for a monthly subscription plan, you can choose Google Stadia, PlayStation Now, Xbox xCloud and Vortex. The cost of which can go from about $ 9 to $100.


  • In cloud gaming, you do not get experience like local gaming right now.
  • If you play multiplayer games like PUBG Game, then cloud gaming is not a good option for you.
  • To do cloud gaming, it is very important for you to have a good speed internet, which not everyone has.
  • If the data plans in your area are very expensive, then cloud gaming can be very expensive for you. Because here you have to use more and more internet.

Who can use Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming is a very good service for those people who do not have expensive hardware and or cannot afford it, such people can take full advantage of cloud gaming because it is portable and you can relax at low cost. Can do high end 

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gaming from it.If you are a streamer and stream your game on youtube or twitch then cloud gaming is very beneficial for you too because you will not need hardware to stream and your game will be streamed directly on these streaming services so that you just You can focus on the game and this will make your work much easier.For those people who can afford expansive hardware, cloud gaming is not a good option because if compared, there is a lot of difference between cloud gaming and normal gaming, you can play the game with more fun in normal gaming because in this Input does not lag and you get more performance.If you play multiplayer game then Cloud Gaming is not a good option for you too because cloud gaming is not so optimized for 

multiplayer gaming yet the input lag in multiplayer game is very high.

What are the differences between Cloud Gaming and Normal Gaming?

There are many differences between cloud gaming and normal gaming, about which it is very important for you to know, so let’s know..

1. You do not need expensive hardware in cloud gaming, whereas in normal gaming you need expansive hardware.

2. In cloud gaming, you can easily play high end games on any device, whereas it is not so in normal gaming, you cannot play PC games on mobile.

3. Cloud gaming costs you less than normal gaming.

4. Normal gaming experience is better than cloud gaming.

5. In normal gaming, you can buy and play whatever game you want, but you can play the same games which are provided to you in cloud gaming.

Top Cloud Gaming Services

Google Stedia

Cloud Gaming

Google Stedia  is a product of Google which was launched by Google in late 2019for cloud gamingThis is a very powerful cloud gaming service that has left behind most of the competitors. Google has just launched Google Stedia as a premium edition, in which you will get $130 on Google Stedia’s premium service with 3 months subscription plan along with stadia controller and google chromecast ultra is available through which you can use it comfortably in mobile, computer or TV.You get Stedia pro subscription for $ 9.99 per month in which you can play 2 new games for free every month, there are 30 new AAA titles available which you can buy and play, Google has said that in the coming time, add more games to it. So that you can play more games.

A free plan of Google Stedia is also coming, about which I will definitely tell you in the coming time.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is already in this field for a long time and there are many types of games which are available in PlayStation 2, 3 and 4 which we can easily stream or download.The subscription cost of PlayStation Now is $9.99 per month, in which if you take a 12-month plan then you get a good discount.

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Cloud Gaming

There are a lot of games available in PlayStation Now , about 800 games are available which you can play comfortably, out of which there are some special games like uncharted and games like fallout 4 which are available exclusively on PlayStation now..

Nvidia GeForce Now .

Nvidia ‘s name is very big in the field of graphics card and almost everyone knows Nvidia and uses its products. Keeping this reputation intact, Nvidia has also entered cloud gaming. Nvidia has launched its cloud gaming service 

Nvidia GeForce Now . has been launched at the end of 2019 after beta testing. In Nvidia GeForce Now, you get a collection of many games and the good thing is that if you have already purchased a game from Steam or Epic games, then you can access it directly in Nvidia GeForce Now. High technology like Ray Tracing is also seen which other competitors do not give, although you have to take premium subscription to use it.

Cloud Gaming

Nvidia GeForce NowOne of the best things is that it also has a free plan in which you can comfortably do cloud gaming for 1 hour for free, just you have to wait in the waiting list and if you do not want to wait then you can go to Nvidia GeForce Now. You can also take premium version of which is only $5 per month.

Microsoft Project xCloud

Microsoft’s Project xCloud is currently in beta version and not much information is available about it, but if we think about Microsoft, Microsoft is a very big company and a lot of money is spent in its products, so Project xCloud has become a big competition. Maybein the field of cloud gaming, Microsoft has made it available only for mobile, you can use it on your mobile for free, but you will need a controller, in the coming time, Microsoft project xcloud windows and microsoft’s upcoming gaming console Xbox I will definitely get to see series x.

Cloud Gaming


Talking about Vortex cloud gaming service , Vortex has adopted Netflix’s plan in cloud gaming. In Vortex, you can choose any game from Vortex’s large game library by paying $ 9 a month and any device that is connected to the internet. May I can play here is a great concept because you don’t need to buy the game but if you want to play AAA title game like GTA 5 then you need license.In Vertex’s Basic plan, you can do only 50 hours of gameplay in 1 month and if you go to the Premium plan then you can play upto 140 hours of month game by paying $ 28.

Cloud Gaming


I hope you know what is Cloud Gaming? And how does Cloud Gaming work? If you have not understood anything or have some question in your mind, then you can ask us by commenting below comfortably.

If you want to spread this information, then share it with your friends. If you want to know more about computer and technology, then you can read our more articles.

There is still a lot to come in cloud gaming. This is just the beginning and we will keep you updated as soon as its related information comes.

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