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What is Byju’s Education App read now?

Hello today we are in this article what is Byjus’s How is it useful in online study and learning? What is Byjus app how to join online class on this, how to buy online learning course, how to study online sitting at home i.e. what is byju’s app will know in detail

As we all know that the things seen are remembered for a longer time than the things read, Byjus’s works on the same principle for this it can convert any topic of any subject through video like a movie and picture. works to teach

Byju’s provides many types of online courses as well as many other facilities, so now let’s come straight to the topic and know in detail what is Byjus’s app why it is so popular.


Today, Byju’s is India’s largest Online Learning Platform, where children are taught online through creative pictures, videos and animation, that is, without going to school, they can study online with the help of laptop/mobile sitting at home. can

Byju’s has provided a great facility to study while sitting at home and special care has been taken that like offline classes, students should get full attention in online classes.

As we all know that reading and listening to anything is more fun than watching, and the thing seen is also remembered for a long time, Byju’s works on the same principle, that means it gives pictures, videos to its students. and teaches through animation

In this way, the student enjoys reading and at the same time the knowledge increases in the right way.

How is Byju’s useful for study/learning?

Bayjus gives facility to its students to study from class 1 to class 12, so students from class 1st to 12th can study from Bayjus Classes, Bayj’s gives many types of facilities to its students, like two teachers, regular test , Regular Classes, Extra Classes, Doubt Classes etc. Therefore it is a best school for students up to secondary education.

Apart from the online classes of the school, Bayjus also provides excellent preparation for various types of Competitive and Entrance Exams like SSC, NEET, UPSC, JEE, CAT, IBPS, GMAT, State PSC etc. and to make it better it uses its Creative Learning. Strategies are constantly expanding

How did Bayjus get started?

Many people want to know about the full story of what is BYJU’S App maybe you also want to know, then see the story of Bayjus is very attractive.

There were teachers named Ravindran and Shobhanavalli (Husband and Wife) in Azhikode, Kerala, who taught children, they had a son “Byju”, whom they taught well and also sent abroad to work, in the year 2003 he left the job. Came home on vacation and got a friend to prepare for MBA as an amateur

At the time of exam, he also gave exam and got 100% result, but he did not believe, and gave exam again but still got 100% result, after that he started teaching 2 students, after which more than 1000 students started coming

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By the year 2007, Byju’s had more than 20 thousand students in 9 cities of the country, but now the problem was how to solve all the fundamental concepts and for this they created Byju’s App, where children can easily share all their concepts. can clear.


BYJU launched the first Think and Learn App in 2011, in which students of class 1 to 12 can read easily and then BYJU’s App was launched in 2015 with some changes

Byju’s received a value of $1 billion in 2018, became the official sponsor of Indian cricket in 2019, and in 2021, BYJU’s overtook Paytm and became quite popular, so people are searching that What is Byju’s? Hope you understand the whole story

what is Byju’s learning App ? how is it useful

Byju’s is registered on Google Play Store as Byju’s – The Learning App, which has got a rating of 4.2 Star and has been downloaded by more than 100 million people so far

As I just told you that BYJU’s launched its Byjus App in 2015, so that children can solve all their doubts online and for this they do not have to go to any other place.

At present, every member of every household in India must have a smartphone of his own and this byju’s app was created to use this digital facility in studies, which you can use in any mobile, tablet, laptop and computer at home . can study online sitting

How to register on Byju’s?

You will find this app on Google play store store, for this you have to write Byju’s in the search tab, after that first Byju’s app will appear which you have to download and install, and then follow the following steps

  1. Byju’s app open करे
  2. Choose the class, whether you want to take competitive exams like CAT, IAS , GRE, NEET etc. You can choose any class from
  3. In the next step you have to register your name, mobile number, e-mail id and city details
  4. After this, an OTP comes on your mobile number, as soon as you enter it, your registration is completed.
  5. Your registration is complete, and you can now log in to your account and start your online study

How to Join Byju’s Class?

You can join Byju’s Classes as per your convenience through any means mobile or laptop.

After completing the registration in Byju’s app you get two options to join the course

  1. Free Demo Class Booking
  2. Paid Class Join

If you want, you can also buy your class/course from byju ‘s official website byjus.com , it is very easy to buy the course because you get many options like UPI and Internet Banking to send payment in which you can use any payment method as per your convenience. Can be used

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Byju’s app what? How did it become so popular?

Byju’s is taught through photos, animations and videos, so that students enjoy reading and understand the topic easily.

Apart from this, today Byjus has many more facilities, with the help of which he can solve any problem of any kind of students very easily, the main ones are as follows

1) Excellent teaching by experienced teachers

Byju’s is taught by top teachers of India, due to the education of good teachers, it has become very popular today.

All the teachers teaching here are selected through a difficult process in which such teachers are selected, who solve all the problems like any topic and fundamental of the students.

2) Ease of understanding concepts from 3D pictures, animations & videos

As we all know that children and adults remember the most thing seen with the eyes, because it is the natural nature of humans, on the basis of this principle Byjus teaches his children

Meaning here you are taught by Multimedia and Animations, these animations are made by including creative videos, images, audios etc.

3) Saving time and money

Due to online studies, we do not have to go out of the house at all, that means you can easily study in a closed or secluded room through mobile, tablet or laptop.

After Byju’s classes, you will not need much offline classes and at the same time you save time, rent, and stay away from any epidemic like corona.

4) Online Quiz Competition

Tests are also taken by this app immediately after the completion of any chapter, due to which revision of the related topic is also done, here the tests are in the form of Quiz in the form of optional (A, B, C or D). Huh

5) Good preparation for the competition exam

Byju’s App also prepares children for various types of competitive exams apart from class 1 to 12, and this study is done by very good teachers, that is why Bayjus has become so famous today .

The competitive exams that Byju’s prepares for are as follows

  • JEE
  • NEET
  • IAS
  • CAT
  • GMAT
  • GRE etc.

Some other features of Byju’s

Some other characteristics of Bayju’s are as follows, due to which it has become quite famous today.

  1. The biggest feature of this app is that top teachers are available here.
  2. Scholarship is also available, for which there are many quiz and tasks.
  3. Student can choose his own time
  4. Get 1 Month Free Demo Classes
  5. Home work is also given every day at the end of the class.
  6. Byju’s Career also provides counseling facility.
  7. This app teaches students on the basis of School Syllabus
  8. Extra classes are also organized based on the need of the children.
  9. Byju’s takes tests every month and prepares reports
  10. Also provides the progress report of the student at the end of the month
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How to study online with Byju’s

Some people think that online studies have a bad effect on health, this is also true in a way, but if online education is done properly, then online education can be done without spoiling health.

You can study online on Byju’s in the following ways

  1. You can use any mobile, tablet, laptop or computer for online study.
  2. Now take a quiet room, where there should not be any other kind of noise, because it is very important for online studies
  3. Now arrange to keep your mobile fixed on a study table, for this you can also buy a stand from the market, otherwise you can also make it from paper box.
  4. Now arrange a lamp on your table, and put a good light LED bulb in it, arrange the lamp in such a way that its light falls on both the mobile and the notebook
  5. Now take a chair, and start studying with a certain distance, you can install mini speaker for clear and clear voice

Benefits of studying online

  • In times of pandemic like corona, one can study online by avoiding corona disease.
  • Online studies can be done easily at home
  • If you do not understand any topic, you can watch the video twice.
  • Concepts are better understood through 3D objects in videos
  • The lessons learned through videos are remembered for a long time.
  • Online classes can be taken anytime and anywhere.
  • You can make the time table of classes as per your convenience.

disadvantages of online studies

  • school environment is not available
  • It is a bit difficult to concentrate on studies at home
  • Can disturb calls/messages of friends while studying
  • bad effect on eyes
  • Sitting in one place for a long time also has a bad effect on health etc.


Q.1 What is Byju’s?

Byju’s is one of India’s largest online study and learning platform, which allows you to prepare for class 1 to 12 online classes as well as competitive exams

Q.2 Who made Byju’s App? who is the founder

Byju’s App was created in 2011 by Byju Ravindran and his wife Divya Gokulnath.

Q.3 What is Byju’s Net Worth?

Byju’s net worth is $16.5 Billion according to a report from Oct 2021

Q.4 What is the future of Byju’s going to be like?

There is a lot of growth in Byju’s in the coming time, because in this digital time the demand for online study is increasing day by day, in view of which many big foreign companies are investing in it.


If you have read this entire article carefully then you what is byju’s app? How did it become so popular for online study? What is Byju’s app i how to register on this and how to join online class must have been understood very well

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