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What is Wooplr How to earn money now

What is Wooplr,How to earn money from this Wooplr In this post we are going to talk about this So today we are going to tell you about it. If you want to do any online business, then you can also try this website once because this website is giving an opportunity to do business of selling goods online. So let’s know about it.

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what is wooplr

Now you would like to know what is Wooplr, then let us tell you that Wooplr is an online shopping site like Amazon Flipkart Snapdeal, although this website is not as famous as Amazon, Flipkart Snapdeal but in this also you can find any online like these websites. can buy goods. Wooplr has created such a platform in which if you want to create your own online store like xyz.wooplr.com, then you can create it, you can also call it a kind of Affiliate Marketing.

There is no platform available in Affiliate Marketing of Amazon and Flipkart, whereas in this website you get a platform in which you can select and sell the product of your choice, but here comes the thing, in this you can not sell the product quickly because This website is new and very few people have faith in it, while talking about Amazon and Flipkart, you can sell products quickly because everyone knows about these websites and people trust them.

In this website, you can create your own online shopping website by selecting your sub-domain, if you have created an account on it, then the name of your website will be something like xyz.wooplr.com, then by creating such a website, you can make income from it. can.

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How to make money

You must have come to know what is Wooplr, now it tells you whether it is easy to earn money from Wooplr or not, if you look at the current situation, earning money from Wooplr is not so easy because right now this website is new and it has taken a long time to make it a separate identity. It will take If you bring some visitors to it by sharing its link, then you get only a few rupees in it.

Although Wooplr is slowly coming in the news, people are starting to know what is Wooplr, at the moment there is little income in it, but you may start earning a lot of income from it in the coming time. If you have a Facebook or Instagram page that has 2 to 3 lakh followers, then you can easily make income from it because this website gives money even after viewing the product. You can try this website once because it is a free website.

Now you must have come to know what is Wooplr in hindi How to earn money from this Wooplr You must have come to know that it is an online shopping website like Amazon and Flipkart. Wooplr gives you a separate platform in the form of xyz.wooplr.com, which you can share with your friends and sell your products and earn some money easily.

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