How To Make Money With Wizely App Now

How To Make Money With Wizely App Now

What is Wizely App? How to earn money from Wizely App – Hello friends, if you also want to earn money through any app, then you have reached the right place, today we will talk about Wizely App through which we can easily earn money sitting at home. Or can not earn all that today we will tell you through this knowledge.


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So friends, as you all know that in today’s time, who does not need money, we all need money but we are not able to get out of the house and do any part time job because of being a student. In today’s time, everyone has a smartphone or computer, so how can we earn money through that? 

And in today’s time, people are earning money through many online applications , today we will know about it whether this application is fake or original, can we earn money from it or not if you also use this app. If you want to keep the information and you also want to take out your expenses sitting at home, then you remain in this article, today we will give you all the information that will help you to earn money sitting at home.

What Is Wizely App 

What is Wizely App, this is an application in which we can easily earn money sitting at home by registering our number, this is a good application for us to do a part time job, through this we can earn money sitting at home and You can also withdraw all your expenses, if you are also fine and want to take out your expenses sitting at home, then you can earn money very easily through this app.

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 Today we will discuss with you about Wizely App, before that we know what is this app, what is its use and what is its rating, from where we can download it, we take all that information first, then we will give you Let us tell whether wizely app will help you to earn money or not. 

How to Download App

Friends, as you know that if we have to download or upload any app, then 

  • First of all we have to go to play store of our phone if it is not found in play store 
  • If I can’t find it in play store then it is because it is single version 
  • And so far for them from play store, we can download this app by searching the net in our chrome through its website but we don’t have to do so much for that otherwise we can also download this app by going inside
  •  We have to download this app first, to download we have to go to the play store of our phone and there we have to write its name in the search bar.
  •  When we download it by typing its name in the search bar, we search 
  • So it comes in the search below, after that we can download it from here 
  • After downloading it, we have to install it, which we can do from there. 
  • After that we have to login in it, if you want to know how people, now we tell you

How to Login to Wizely – How to Register in Wizely App

  • After downloading, simply you do not have to do anything in it if we want to use any app. 
  • So we first register our number to it, we simply go inside it, download this app and open it. 
  • So when we ask for our number in front of us, when we put our gmail number or contact number in it. 
  • So after that we are sent a 6 digit one time password to this number. 
  • Which we can login this number by hurting inside it, in this way we can earn money by doing but inside this app 
  • If you have downloaded this app and have not login yet, then you must first 
  • that you login inside it if you don’t login 
  • So you will not be able to earn money from this app, thus we told you, in this way you can login to this app.
  •  So go and first you login inside this app, to login you will need your contact number, you can login with each other only through that.
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How to earn money from Wizely App

Reffer and Earn- In this you can earn money in 3 ways by winning scratch cards

  • When you reffer a reffral link to someone and someone signs up by downloading this app from your reffral link, then in return you also get a scratch card and in that too you get up to ₹ 50.
  • If your referral friend chooses a savings plan then you and your friend get another scratch card, you can get up to ₹ 500
  • If your friend which he has opted for saving plan if he keeps that plan for 30 days then after 30 days you and your friend get scratch card in which you can get upto ₹ 150 


Wizely what is one, where can we download it and how can we earn money from it, what are its benefits, how to login in it, today we have told you about all that through this article of ours and I hope That you must have understood everything about this app through this article of ours. understand the point

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