How does wikipedia Earn money daily free

How does wikipedia Earn money daily free?


Hello friends, Wikipedia is as famous as Google, Facebook is in this web of Internet. If we want information about any person, place, subject or anything, then we will get it on Wikipedia. But do you know that Wikipedia earn money And how does its business model work?

if not! So you are in the right place, here we will know in detail about the Wikipedia business model and how Wikipedia became the world’s 5th most popular website? But know that first.

About Wikipedia:

Wikipedia has a free encyclopedia which was launched in 2001, today it is the 5th most popular website in the world according to Alexa ranking. Here 5,749,532 articles have been published in 301 languages.

With this  , there are 78,408,740  registered users and more than 500 million users visit Wikipedia every month.

Page statistics (November 2018)
Content pages5,749,535
(All pages in the wiki, including talk pages, redirects, etc.)
Uploaded files880,202
Edit statistics
Page edits since Wikipedia was set up863,588,968
Average edits per page18.64
User statistics
Registered users34,927,247
Active registered users
(Users who have performed an action in the last 30 days)
Interface administrators14
Pending changes reviewers7,064
Account creators32
Transwiki importers0
IP block exemptions301
Edit filter helpers13
Event coordinators99
File movers401
Template editors170
Mass message senders53
Extended confirmed users42,998
Page movers243
New page reviewers661
Edit filter managers155
Confirmed users537
Copyright violation bots1
Other statistics
Words in all content pages3,265,119,227
Queued mass messages0

Wikipedia works on an open editable process, meaning any Wikipedia author can edit any content by creating an account on it and share new content.

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Wikipedia Business Model To Make Money:

Business Model or tells how an organization earns money. As I have already told about some business.

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To earn money online or offline, they have to provide products, services etc. to the customer. Like if we talk about Facebook, it earns money from its advertising services, in the same way Amazon earns money by selling products.

But if we talk about a blog like TechYukti,

So such blogs where only articles are shared, their source of earning money is Ad Network, Affiliate, Promotion etc. Wikipedia is also like a blog and many articles are shared here.

Wikipedia has a non-profit-organization, so we do not see any Ad, Affiliate, anything on its website, nor does it do any kind of promotion. In such a situation, it should not have any business model.

Ha! It is absolutely correct that Wikipedia does not have any business model of its own. But its parent organization “ Wikimedia ” which manages it and many other free encyclopedia sites like it has a business model.

Wikimedia is a nonprofit organization and it earns money from the public fund model. Like Charity, Donation etc. and this is how the Wikipedia business model works.

wikipedia business model

How does Wikipedia earns money?

The free encyclopedia organization does not earn a single rupee from its website, it neither provides any kind of service, nor uses ads and affiliates, nor does any product sell on Wikipedia.

In such a situation, the Wikipedia support company follows the donation-based revenue generation technique, because any website that wants to stay online on the Internet whether it earns money or not, but to remain online on the Internet, it will have to pay.

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Similarly, Wikipedia also pays Wikimedia for Hosting, Domain, Security to stay online and every year Wikimedia pays $3 million to $8 million to keep Wikipedia online i.e. around Rs 21,744,0000.

In such a situation, Wikimedia organizations earn money for Wikipedia using donation-based revenue generation technique and keep it online for us. In 2017, a donation of about $ 80 million was received in the name of Wikipedia and the company follows 2 based techniques for this to earn money from Wikipedia.

  1. By selling products
  2. Direct Donation

By selling products (Merchandise):

The Wikimedia organization makes many products in the name of Wikipedia and sells them online. Such as Men Fashion, Women Fashion, Kids, Bags, Mug, Nootbook etc. Or understand that money is earned by using Wikipedia as a brand, whatever income it generates is used to run Wikipedia properly.

wikipedia product

Direct Donation:

The option of donate is available on the Wikimedia website, from where anyone can go and give donation through Credit / Debit card. It is a popular website of Wikipedia and it is known as Internet cop, so many people give donations for it and the Donation Totals by Continent of 2017 is something like this.

wikipedia fundraising
Image credit : wikipedia

Friends, Wikipedia is a non-profit organization which is run with the help of many people. You must have understood how Wikipedia earns money, if its facts are seen, it generates less revenue according to its popularity because it is run on the basis of contributors not on the basis of money, thousands of people write their article every day. Share and make it better. If you have any suggestion then you must comment.

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