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Who is the owner of PUBG Game Now?

There has been a ban in PUBG India, but there are many questions related to it that we need to know like who is the owner of PUBG Game? That is, who is the owner of PUBG? And in which country was it first made? Today we will get detailed information about the history of this popular mobile game and will also know about the main reason behind the ban.

Often you must have seen on news and YouTube that PUBG is going to come back and soon you can download it from play store. But still there is no confirm update about PUBG game, so you will have to wait a bit for confirm update about it, but we all know that PUBG game has been banned due to Chinese stamp but Who is its original owner? know about it.

PUBG Game ka malik kaun hai

Who is the Real Owner of PUBG Game?

Anyone can buy the ownership, but it is important to know who first got the idea of ​​PUBG game and who made the first version of it and the same is its original owner. The concept of PUBG game first came to the mind of Brendan Greene and it has already made a popular game ARMA 2 mod DayZ: Battle Royale.

Although Brendan Greene is a graphics and web designer by profession, his interest in royal battle games helped us to give the idea of ​​the world’s most popular game. Brendan Greene hails from Ireland but he has also spent some time in Brazil and that is where he got the idea of ​​making a PUBG game and then he learned programming and launched PUBG 1st version with his team.

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PubG Team

But before that Brendan Greene has worked with many gaming companies and he worked with Sony online entertainment until he got a call from South Korea’s gaming company Bluehole (Krafton) and this is where the journey of PUBG Corporation started. .

Three companies Lightspeed & Quantum, Krofton and PUBG Corporation together created a stable version of PUBG, then published it all over the world by China’s company Tencent and VNG Games and Brendan Greene is associated with it as a director.

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Now the question comes in your mind that who is the owner of PUBG? Brendan Greene created its concept but who is its main owner.

So the answer to your question is Chang Han Kim and he is also the CEO of PUBG corporation at this time.

That is, the two owners of this game are Brendan Greene who first created the concept of PUBG game and Chang Han Kim who made this game the most popular in the whole world and earned crores of rupees from it.

When was the PUBG Release?

The first beta version of the PUBG game came in March 2017 and after that different versions were launched for Computer, Mobile and Console, meaning first PUBG was released in 2017 and only then its entire version came in the market.


Bluehole first released the PUBG game on March 2017 for computer with 80000 users, then in view of its popularity, it was released with more people and also live stream has been added to it and some servers for live gaming. dug up for.

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PUBG was first launched on the console i.e. gaming console with Xbox One at the end of 2017 Green team and Microsoft together made it compatible for xbox and released its improvement version after 2017 and PUBG corporation made it Sony Play station 4. But released it.


PUBG corporation and Tencent games together first released two mobile versions PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield and PUBG: Army Attack and it was released for free gaming in 2018 and first 75 million people pre-registered on it and everyone knows. It is the most popular PUBG mobile in India.


Friends, hope you have understood who is the owner of PUBG? (PUBG owner) And when this game was launched, at this time this game has been banned in India because of Tencent games because it is a Chinese company and the Indian government is banning all Chinese mobile apps from India. What do you think about this, do tell in the comment.

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