List of Best WhatsApp Marketing Software and Tools Guide Try Now

List of Best WhatsApp Marketing Software and Tools Guide Try Now


WhatsApp marketing software may sound a bit strange to hear this. But nowadays it is one of the most trending marketing tools which are being used by big companies for customer support, product sales, promotion and lead generation. That’s why on Techyukti you will get information about India’s top WhatsApp marketing software which can be helpful for you and your business.

WhatsApp was created in 2009 and since then it has become the world’s top personal messaging application, leaving behind all the messaging apps like Line, WeChat and today it has 1.2 billion i.e. 120 crore monthly active users. Until the last few years, it was only used to share and receive text, photos and videos like a personal messaging app.

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But ever since the WhatsApp Business App has come, the inclination of the marketers, developers is big towards it and they created a way through which the seller can reach the buyer and generate WhatsApp income.

The businessman, customer, buyer, seller all use it for their personal message. So advertising is the best technique for this, by which you can earn money by selling the product and also by doing promotion, today it has a higher conversion rate than email marketing software and this software given below is the best in Whatsapp advertising.

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Best Software For WhatsApp Marketing:

Whatever tips are mentioned about the Make money from WhatsApp guide, this List of Top Free and Paid WhatsApp marketing software, will quadruple your daily income.

Whappend Bulk Messaging Tool:

This is a paid tool using which you can send text, phone, PDF and emojis anywhere in the whole world. It can send your advertising post to many contact numbers at once, with just one click of yours, if you send message using this WhatsApp marketing tool then you will have to pay 0.0021 USD per message charge.

To use this tool, you just have to login with email and then you can connect to Whapped dashboard with the help of QR code. After that you can use this tool, yes! If you use it then you should know about some terms & condition which I have told in pros & cons section of WhatsApp marketing software.

WhatsApp Bulk Sender:

This is a complete mobile marketing tool, in which you will get all the necessary features which are needed for mobile advertising and also get 2 days free access for every new user so that users can understand this functionality and take decision.

whatsapp bulk sender
  • You can filter all the active phone numbers and know which user is active and which is not.
  • Can send 1000 messages simultaneously.
  • You can reply to all the channels one by one and together you can create a personalized message for all the incoming messages.
  • Video, Audio, Text, Image or vCard can send messages in any format.
  • This is a desktop application that you can download for Windows 7,8 and 10.
  • You can create many advertising campaigns at once.
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Webxion Mobile Advertising:

This is a mobile marketing service provider that is WhatsApp marketing services, if you are searching about it for business purpose then this can be a best place for you, here you will get phone number database, support and better according to user interest. The conversion rate can be found.

whatsapp user
  • It provides all types of advertising solutions such as TV Ads, Radio Ads, Voice Ads and paper ads.
  • It targets the mass audience so that maximum lead can be generated for the advertiser.

WhatsApp Software:

This is also a Windows based WhatsApp marketing software which is the most popular tool in the world and its features are like bulk sender and you can send it to 1000 active users with any kind of advertising campaign and your You can track the message.

  • In this, you can create your contact list and divide them into different groups according to user interest so that you can send the right message to the right place.
  • If you can set different automatic reply message send for a group.
  • You can attach any kind of multimedia file with the message, including vCard.

Whatsapp Dominator Bulk Sender Marketing Software:

This is a desktop application that can be downloaded from 7 to windows 8.1, it is a paid tool whose price is about $ 97 and if you want to take its demo, you can download it for free trial for 2 days and its Can video guide.

  • In this tool you can create multiple sender id and for this you will get full support and technical help.
  • It will get real time send and delivery notification as well as message tracking feature so that you can track all the campaigns and know the conversion rate.
  • Can manage many WhatsApp marketing campaigns simultaneously.
  • You can control message, contact, id from Admin Setting.
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Blaster bulk sender:

This is a kind of free and paid web application which is available at this time, with this you can send messages to unlimited contacts, manage many campaigns simultaneously. If you are looking for a tool for sales, then this can prove to be the best tool for you.

WhatsApp marketing software pros & cons:

WhatsApp has not officially created any tool that can be used for marketing work. Ha! It is used as a business by WhatsApp Business API. But still, it has very little to do with the purpose of marketing, in such a situation, if you use this method, then it is beneficial for you as well as harmful.

  • Using this tool you can send all your bulk messages which will be very beneficial for you.
  • There are chances of getting the sender ID or number banned due to repeated use.

Friends, here is the best WhatsApp marketing software that you can use for sales, promotion and lead generation. Since this is a personal messaging application on which 99% of the people open the incoming message, you can get the most conversion from here. If you like these tips, then you must share it and share your thoughts about it in the comments.

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