How to make your Online Video Streaming Website

How to make your Online Video Streaming Website?


Some time ago it was such that creating a website was a very difficult task, but in the present time, creating a website is just like installing an app. Here I will tell today that How to make Online Video Streaming Website? Or how to make your own website like YouTube? If you have a YouTube Channel and you want to double Video Revenue, then you should know about it that How to Create Online Video Streaming Website ? Because with this you can earn money from YouTube as well as website.

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What is Online Video Streaming Website?

Websites that play videos through the Internet in the browser without downloading and we can watch those videos online without downloading. All such websites are called Online Video Streaming Websites. Although there are many sites for Online Movie, Shows, Sport Streaming such as Hotstar, Voot, DailyMotion, Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix etc.. But the most popular website for Online Video Streaming is YouTube. Because YouTube Slow plays videos smoothly without stopping even on the Internet and it is part of Google.

How To Make Online Video Streaming Website ?

To create and manage friends website, basically we need three important things which are basic requirements in any type of website.

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • CMS (Content Management System)
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Click on it for information about how you can get these three things from where. Now one more thing is needed Website Theme. Because the theme itself will decide whether your website is an online video streaming website . But there are 2 types of tips, about which it is very important for you to be aware.

 Online Video Streaming Website

Tips for Uploading Videos to Your Own Database Server:

  • If you want to upload your video on your own hosting server, then for this you should have a large size database server, which will cost in lakhs.
  • Your website should be optimized so that when Video Player does not crash and can play good videos even on Realtime 100,200.
  • If you upload a video on your own hosting server, then you will have to spend money for maintenance and security also for SSL and HTTPS because if you do not do this, then if your database is hacked then all your videos will be gone.

Tips for Embedding YouTube Channel Videos on the Website:

  • If you embed the uploaded videos on your YouTube channel from the website, then for this you will only need a Regular Hosting Server whose cost will be between 0 to 10000.
  • If you get realtime 100 or 1000 visitors on the website, then there will be no effect on your website or video streaming.
  • You will not have to spend much on Security or Maintenance. Because your video will be saved in the YouTube database, in such a situation, even if someone hacks your website hosting, then your videos will be safe.
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Many of you will know about Technical Guruji, it is the country’s highest subscriber Tech YouTuber. Their website is named Technical Guruji, here they embed their YouTube videos and they get views from that too. But he has not added Affiliate Link or Adsense to him or else he would get money along with views from YouTube as well as website. Here I have given a list of some themes in the description of this video, from that you can download Online Video Streaming Theme and install it on the website.

 Online Video Streaming Website

What will be the benefit of creating a website like YouTube,

If you are not a YouTuber, then you are not going to benefit from Live Online Video Streaming Website on Small Scale. But if you have a YouTube channel and you YouTube has become a little popular, then you can create your own website and embed YouTube videos there and earn more views & money. There are more benefits with this to make a website like Youtube, like ..

  • If you also write a description of 100 to 300 words in a video, then adsense will be approved on your website, after that you can earn money from the website along with YouTube views.
  • Creating a website will increase your chances of earning money from Affiliate Marketing . Because in India, people often watch YouTube videos on mobile, in such a situation, if you have given any affiliate link in the video description, then users do not open them because they have to change the app. But people click on the link of the website immediately because both the website and the link are open in the browser.
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Friends, it has been told here that  How to make Online Video Streaming Website? Or how to make your own website like YouTube?, I have not told about the basic way to create a website here. If you do not know how to make a website kaise banaye? So you can find out from here. If you create Live Streaming Sites or Online Video Streaming Website by embedding YouTube Video, then this will be the most secure way for you at low cost and it will not load much on your website and your site will be optimized. If you haven’t liked our Facebook page yet, then you must do so.

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