How to take Ultratech Cement Agency

How to take Ultratech Cement Agency? Apply Online Now in 4 Easy Steps

I know that you want to take ultratech cement dealership or agency but you do not know how to get ultratech cement dealership .

So now you don’t need to worry because in this post, I will tell you how you can apply online in 4 simple steps to take ultratech cement dealership or agency.


And with this, you will know that what are the doucuments, how much will be the cost and profit to take the agency or dealership of UltraTech Cement. So let’s get started.


Ultratech cement has become a very big brand today. The cement of this company is so strong that with it being the number one cement company in India, it ranks fourth in the world.  

Today the agency of ultratech cement company is open inside 80% city of India. The demand for cement of this company is so much that to meet this demand, the number of dealerships of the company has increased to more than 80,000. 

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And ever since the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana has come in urban and rural, its demand has increased a lot, although even before that the demand for cement has become a bit more now. 

In such a situation, if you want to make profit from this business by taking dealership of cement of a big brand like Ultratech to fulfill this demand, then this can be a great opportunity for you.

Information about UltraTech Cement (Company Profile)

Company nameUltraTech Cement Limited
Contact number1800 210 3311
FounderKumar Mangalam Birla
Founded (Foundation Year)1983
Revenue (Annual Income)42,772.6 crores INR (US$6.0 billion, 2020)
Parent organizationsAditya Birla Group, Grasim Industries
Subsidiaries (Others)Birla White Ltd., Narmada Cement Co. Ltd.
production capacity116.75 million tonnes of cement per year

Why hire a dealership or agency for UltraTech Cement?

Here are some such reasons because of which you should take a cement agency of ultratech. 

1. India’s no.1 cement company –  Ultratech cement is India’s no.1 cement company, in such a situation, if you take the agency of no.1 cement company, then your business will also run at number 1. 

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2. Operated by Aditya Birla Group –  The ultratech cement company is operated by Aditya Birla Group. 

3. Largest manufacturer- This company is the largest producer of grey, ready mix concrete and white cement. 

4. Less investment – ​​You can take ultratech cement dealership in less investment. 

5. Business in other country  – Today this company does its business not only in India but outside India in countries like UAE, Bahrain and Sri Lanka. 

6. Business network – Ultratech cement company has a network of more than 80,000 dealers in All India, from this you can guess that the company which has so many dealer network cannot be a top-notch company.  

Now I will give you step by step information that how you can take Ultratech Cement Dealership. So that there should not be any problem in taking ultratech cement agency. 

How To Get UltraTech Cement Agency – 4 Steps [Apply online]

The process to apply online for UltraTech Cement Dealership is very simple. Anyone can apply for this very easily. Here is an overview of how to apply online for ultratech cement agency 

  1. Go to ultratech official website.
  2. Click on “Get In Touch”.
  3. After this the form of “Get In Touch” will open.
  4. Fill up the form and submit it.  

Further step by step information on how to apply ultratech cement dealership online is being given-

Step 1: Go to ultratech official website 

If you want to take ultratech cement agency you have to apply from their official website. For this you have to go to .

Step 2: Click on Get In Touch

When you come to the official site of ultratech cement company, you will see the button of “Get In Touch” below. You have to click on this.

Step 3: Get In Touch Form

As soon as you click on the “Get In Touch” button, a scene like this will open in front of you.

Step 4 : Fill up form & submit 

This is the form you can fill and apply for UltraTech Cement Dealership for free.

In this form, you have to fill your name, mobile number and pin code.

After this, you have to select “Request For Dealership/Retailership” in the “choose your category” option and select “Cement” in the “choose your subcategory” option.

After filling all the information properly, check once whether all the information is filled correctly or not. After confirming submit it by pressing the submit button. 

In this way 50% of the process is completed. 

On the location of the information filled by you, if the company feels that there is no ultratech cement dealer at this place, then you will be contacted to complete the remaining 50% process. 

Documents Required to take UltraTech Cement Dealership

Before taking agency, check if you have the following documents? It should not happen that after getting selected for taking ultratech cement agency, it is found that you do not have the relevant documents. In such a situation, the dream of opening an ultratech cement dealership will remain a dream. Therefore, make sure that the following documents are not there so that they can be made in time-

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Personal Document (PD): – Many documents come under Personal Document- such as:

Address Proof :

  • Ration Card
  •  Electricity Bill,

ID Proof : 

  • aadhar card, 
  • pan card,
  • Voter Card

Bank Account With Passbook

Other Documents 

  • TIN No. & GST No.
  • Photograph Email ID 
  • phone number 

Terms & Conditions of UltraTech Company for Cement Dealership 

Before joining hands with any company, information about the terms and conditions of the company must be taken. Every company has its own terms and conditions. Similarly, ultratech cement company also has some terms & conditions which are as follows-

1. Age –  If you want to take ultratech cement dealership then your age should be more than 21 years. 

2. Educational Qualification –  Your educational qualification should be 10th / 12th pass. 

3. Without Criminal Case – You should not have any type of criminal case. 

4. Business Information – You should have basic knowledge of cement business. 

Other terms & conditions

  • Like other cement companies, Ultratech also offers two types of dealerships, an individual dealership and a unit dealership. The company deposits separate security money for both.  
  • If you want to take dealership of ultratech cement company, then for this you have to attach your personal documents with the application form. 
  • Usually cement company does not offer two dealerships in the same area. Still, you can try it once and see. 

Profit in UltraTech Cement Dealership

The most important thing in any business is profit. If we talk about profit in this Ultratech Cement Agency business, then the profit margin depends on the company that how much profit it wants to give to its distributor so that the company also remains in profit. 

You can expect a profit of up to 3%-8% in UltraTech Cement Dealership business.

The profit margin available in the cement dealership business of any company largely depends on how much you are able to sell in a day.

If you sell more, then you are given extra offers and bonuses like the company, by taking advantage of which you can earn up to 8% profit in UltraTech Cement Dealership. 

Usually the company gives such offers to its new dealer after 6 months to 1 year. 

Cost to open Ultratech Cement Agency

The cost of taking an ultratech cement agency depends on many things, which I have already given you information. One information was left to be given that all the companies deposit some money in the form of security money before giving the agency, only then the agency gives approval to open.

Ultratech cement company is a branded company and hence you may have to pay a hefty amount to open its agency. This amount can range from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh.  

However, this amount is returned with interest and you get cement of so many rupees. For more information related to security money, you can contact the company’s toll free number (Ultratech Cement Dealership Contact Number) 1800 210 3311. 

The details of the expenses involved in UltraTech Cement Agency are as follows:

I assume that you have your own land and you have taken the vehicle on rent. 

So to start this business including security money and other expenses, you should have at least 8-10 lakhs of rupees.

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If you start doing business on a bigger scale, then the investment can be even more. 

Land Required for UltraTech Cement Dealership

If you want to open ultratech cement agency then for this you should have at least 1000 to 1500 square feet space in which you can open godown office. 

Even for unloading of cement in such a place, the truck can come and go comfortably. Keep in mind that the more space you have, the more stock you can keep and the more you can do this business at a higher level. 

According to the ultratech company, there should be enough space in the godown so that 5,000 bags can be easily stocked.

cost of land required 

To take an ultratech agency, you may have to spend at least 50 lakhs above the ground. If you have your own land then your money will be saved.

If you neither have land nor do not have enough money to buy land. But still there is a strong desire to do this business. 

So you can see a good warehouse and rent it. In this way you can do this business even with less investment. When you become a big businessman then you can even take your own land. 

Vehicle required for UltraTech Cement Agency 

After opening the cement agency, along with the employees, you will need a vehicle to provide the facility of home delivery of cement. However, you will get extra money from the customer for the cost of home delivery. 

Expenditure on Vehicle 

It may cost you 4-5 lakhs to buy a vehicle. This price depends on many things.     

If you do not have money to buy a vehicle then you can also rent it. Apart from this, if you want, you can start work from second hand vehicle in the beginning.

staff needed 

You will also need 2-4 employees to do this business. The staff will help you in transporting the goods. However, you will also have to spend on the salary of the employees. 

expenses on employees 

You can spend from 20,000 to 40,000 rupees monthly on the salary of the employees. 

States Available for UltraTech Cement Dealership or Agency

No. Location State 
1East India Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, West Bengal, Sikkim, Orissa 
2western india Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa 
3North India Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttaranchal 
4South India Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh
5Central India Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand 
6Union Territory Pondicherry, Chandigarh, Lakshadweep, Daman and Diu 

How many types of cement does UltraTech company produce?

If you want to take an agency of ultratech cement, then for your information, let me tell you that ultratech produces three types of cement –

  • gray cement
  • white cement 
  • Ready mix concrete 

Although there is more demand for gray cement in the market, but you can take dealership of any of the three. If you take a dealership of ready mix concrete, then you may have to invest more for this. 

Some commonly asked questions related to the agency of UltraTech Cement are-

Q1. How much space is required to take Ultratech cement dealership?

Ans. If you want to open an ultratech cement agency, then for this you will need at least 1000 to 1500 square feet, in such a place you can open godown, office comfortably. 

Q2. How much investment will come in opening Ultratech agency?

Ans. You will get at least 8-10 lakh investment in opening Ultratech agency. If you start doing business on a bigger scale, then the investment can be even more. 

Q3. Which is the largest cement company of India?

Ans. Ultratech is the largest cement company in India. 

Q4. How to contact Ultratech company?

Ans. If you want to contact ultratech company, then you can contact by calling the company’s phone number 1800 2100 3311.  

In this article, you have learned how to get ultratech cement dealership. If you want to open ultratech cement agency, then do not fall in the trap of any person who pretends to open you ultratech cement agency because that person is with you. can fraud. You can take ultratech cement dealership by directly contacting the company.

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