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10 interesting facts about Ukraine read now

Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe. The area of ​​this country is about 603628 km. Therefore this country is the largest country in terms of area in the whole of Europe and the 46th largest country in the whole world.

The population of this country is up to 42 million. Therefore this country comes at number 9 in the whole of Europe, and in the whole world this country comes at number 32 in terms of population.

The largest city of this country is Kiev and this city is the capital of this country. The official language of this country is Ukrainian.

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Ukraine (Ukraine) is a country in the continent of Europe which was a state of Soviet Russia until 1991. Ukraine was also one of the 15 new countries formed by the breakup of Soviet Russia in 1991.

Let us tell you some interesting information about the country of Ukraine-


Interesting information about the country of Ukraine

1. Ukraine is the largest country in Europe in terms of area, which is completely located on this continent.

2. Kiev , the capital of Ukraine, is the country’s most populous city as well as the main center of the country’s politics, economy and culture. The city was founded 1600 years ago.

3. In World War II, millions of Jews took refuge in Ukraine to escape Hitler ‘s Nazi army. But when the Nazi army attacked Ukraine, they massacred many Jews here.

4. The worst nuclear plant accident was the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. This accident happened in Ukraine in 1986.

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5. The official language of the country is Ukrainian , but the common people speak and understand the Russian language very well.

6. In 1990, the population of Ukraine was about 514 million, which has now come down to around 439 million. The reason for this decline in population is the migration of citizens to other countries and the decrease in the birth rate.

7. 70% of Ukraine’s population lives in urban areas. The average age of the people of the country is 40.5 years.

8. Medical education in Ukraine is much cheaper than in countries like India and America. The cost of studying MBBS from a private medical college in India can be around 1 crore. In America, this expenditure can come up to 80 million, in Australia and Britain 4-40 million. In Ukraine, this education can be done for only 25 lakh Indian rupees.

9. The deepest metro railway station in the world is the Arsenalna metro station of Ukraine . This station is located 105.5 meters below the ground.

10. In most parts of the world, it is customary to wear a wedding ring on the left hand. But in Ukraine it is worn on the right hand.

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