Never used Google Search Tricks in 2022

Never used Google Search Tricks in 2023


Hello friends, Google is not an Internet Search Engine for us. It seems that there is a wise man, who knows about everything. We often do, ask Google or ask Google Baba, everyone will get the answer. Today we will know about such  Never used Google Search Tricks. Which can help us to search more easily on Google.

One more thing we often hear about Google Search Engine,

“Just you should come to Google search, you will get the solution of every problem”

On Google, we generally search by entering the name of simple keywords. for example.

“Best Phone 2023”

“Digital Marketing Kaise Seekhe”

“Paisa Kaise Kamaye”

“Education Loan”

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This is the most basic way to search any product, service or tips on Google or any search engine, which is used by 95% of the people. But apart from this, there are many other Unknown Google Searches Tricks. Which can reach us to the best result in the least and we can easily get the service, product or tips we want.

Unknown Google Search Tricks:

I have told about some Google Internet Facts and Chrome Tricks before. But all of them were not related to Internet Search. But this time tricks are important for all of us because we do some search on Google daily, so if we have been aware of all these Unknown Google Searches Tricks, then we can make searches easier. Is.

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1 . Minus (-) Tricks:

Very few people know about this search trick, if we do some search from Google search engine and put Minus (-) sign in front of any word, then that word does not come in our search. for example…

If we are searching “Best Phone 2023” and we want that no Sumsang Smartphone should come in our search result, then we just have to modify our search keywords a bit, something like this,

Best Phone 2023-Samsung

Now by searching this keyword on the Internet, we will not find Samsung word anywhere. As you can see in the result or you can try it yourself.

Google Search Tricks

2 . Asterisk(*) Tricks:

Asterisk(*) Search tricks are very important for us. Because this often happens to us, we forget the full name of any movie, song, product. We either remember some of its first words or remember the later words. In such a situation, if we do a normal search on the Internet, then there is a problem in reaching the correct result.

In Asterisk (*) Search, Google automatically shows us the search result by adding such words. Whose name we know incompletely. for example…

If we have to search Ham Apke hain Kaun Movies. But we cannot remember the name of the movie after Hum Apke, so we can search on Google like this and we will get to see all the popular words related to Ham Apke.

Ham Apke *

3 . Site(:) Tricks:

Sometimes we have to search something from only one website. But due to lack of proper navigation on the website, we are not able to reach that product, service or post. In such a situation, if we write the name of a keyword and put Site (:) in front of it, write the name of that website. So we get to see the content of that website only on Google. for example…

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If we want to search about “Sensor” Keyword from TechYukti website and we want. All the results found on Google should be from TechYukti website only. So in such a situation, we have to search on Google in this way.


We can see in the result, only TechYukti Website Show is happening on the result page.

Google Search Tricks

4 . Related Tricks:

Often we all keep doing an alternative search for any premium Internet service. We also have a lot of problem in searching alternatives. But if we know about related Internet Search tricks, then we can get information about all related alternatives in a second. as an example

If we want information about other websites like TechYukti Website i.e. alternative website, then we just have to write on google.

After this we will get information about all such websites which post related to Mobile, Internet, Technology, Computer.

Google Search Tricks

6 . Google Search Tool Tricks:

Nowadays, every student wants to prepare about SSC Scam because there is some daily update related to it. In such a situation, if we only do SSC Scam search on the internet, then we will get the result about the new update as well as the old update, which will not be useful for us, maybe the old result is shown on the first page.

In such a situation, if we have information about Google search tool, then we can search according to time. just for us,

Before doing any keyword search, you have to search on google. Then after that click on the tool option given below the search bar.

From here we can select Region and Time, which date we want to update. With this we will get information only about the latest update and no old update will come in the search.

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Friends, these are the top 6 Unknown Google Searches Tricks , by using which we can save our time while doing some search on google and reach the right result. Many of us may already know about all these cool Internet search tools, but then many people do not know about these tricks. In such a situation, I have told about some special services and updates of Google earlier. for example..

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