How To Start Travel Agency Business [7 Steps]

How To Start Travel Agency Business [7 Steps] 

Everyone likes to travel. Taking time out of their busy schedule, sometimes on a solo trip, sometimes with friends and sometimes with family, people often go on domestic or international holiday. 

Visiting religious places like Vaishno Devi, Kedarnath Banaras etc also comes under tourism.

Nowadays travel vlogging and fulfilling your hobbies has become a means of earning along with traveling and due to all these things opening a travel agency can also be a good business module.

In such a situation, if you are looking for the way of travel agency kholne, then your search ends here because in this article I am going to give you information about how to open a travel agency.

so let’s start  

what is travel agency 

The agency providing services related to travel such as bus booking, train booking honeymoon booking etc. is called travel agency. 

Works as a travel agency as a middle man

According to the data of Word travel and tourism council (WTTC), in the year 2018, Indian tourism had done business of 16.91 lakh crore which was 9.1% of the Indian GDP. 

And it is estimated that this business of Indian tourism will become a business of 32 lakh crores by 2028. You can get an idea from this that how much potential is there in the Indian travel agency. 

You can also earn your share of this treasury by opening a travel agency. 

Why open travel agency

Some of the reasons why a travel agency should be opened and why it is profitable are as follows-

1. Increase in income of the people 

The income of people around the world has started increasing gradually and people are also increasing their lifestyle and standard of living which includes moving around.  

Things like honeymoon are becoming famous among rich people as well as middle class people.  

People going on family trips now prefer to take things like flight, train and hotel booking in the package.

2. Foreign trip scheme by the company

 Apart from this, many companies send the employees who achieve business meetings and targets on foreign trips. 

3. social media का craze 

Simultaneously, due to social media and youtube, the craze of putting videos on travel vlogging and vlogging has increased and people are going on solotrip. 

 For all these things, the travel agency makes these things easy even for visa, flying ticket hotel booking and going to the tourist place. 

How to open a travel agency? How to start tours and travels business in india

You can do the business of travel agency in two ways, one is by starting your own company and the other by taking the franchise of a good company 

The first method is more beneficial, so its information is being given here. 

Follow the below steps to open your own travel agency- needed 

You will need an office for your travel agency where people can talk face-to-face with you about how they want travel packages and share their other needs. For this you can rent a room which you can give the shape of your office. 

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However, you can start this business from your home also. 

2. Where to take office 

You should take your office at a place where internet and other needs can be easily met such as electricity, water, landline phone etc. With this, the location of your office should be in such a place where there is a crowd of people, such as a market / mall, so that more and more people can contact you and your business continues to grow. 

3. Decide the name of your travel agency

The identity of anything is made when it has a name, you can decide a unique name to open your travel agency. Name something that points to your business. If you are not able to find a good name, then there are many sites with the help of which you can choose a good name. 

4. Get Registered 

After the name is decided, it is the turn of registration. For this, you can register with the name of your company in the name of private limited company, llp or one person company.  

4.1 travel agency registration process 

If you search on google for registration for travel agency in india then you will get to see the website of government of india ministry of tourism . There the entire guide line is given to  become a travel agent or to open a travel agency .

  • First of all you have to give online application for approval on for approval. 
  • After that your process will proceed, now you have to decide the area to do your work.
  • As a travel agency, what facility will you give to your custemar, for this you have to choose your service like train, bus and flight ticket booking hotel booking, helicopter service if available. 
  • Ship service, passport and visa service, pre-wedding, honeymoon package and visiting religious places etc. 

Remember, as a travel agency, your success depends a lot on what facilities you will give to your customer. 

People can also go for traveling on their own, but if someone is taking the service of a travel agency, then it means that he needs something extra and should have some special feeling because he should get full enjoyment of the money he will pay. 

Because the more customer feedback you give, the more your business will grow and people will use your service again by becoming your loyal customer. 

5. Build a website 

Having a good website will increase your business standard. Get your business travel agency website built from day one 

It is very common to have a website in today’s time. How is your agency? What service does it provide? How is the policy? If you keep information about all these things on your site, then people will be able to understand things easily and business inquiry will also increase.

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6. Create a Business Partner 

As a new travel agency, when you are new in the market, you will need good partners to do this business.

For example, make your business partner for bus service, flight, train and hotel booking. Apart from this, you will also have to keep a tour guide, car driver in your agency. 

7. Create a policy for your travel agency

To run a travel agency, you have to make your policy good. 

For example, if someone cancels his booking, then how much refund will be given to him. 

If the customer who went on a trip did not get any service and his money has been added, then give his money back to him etc. 

Do all these things at the time of booking and explain your policy as well as do not keep any hidden charges or costs.

If you explain all these things in advance, how much service charge, tax or GST will have to be paid, then the customer will not create any problem. 

And you too will be tension free. 

Remember that if you do not let your customers feel down, they will not have any complaints with you. 

There are many customers who can make extra demand from you only on the middle service like to upgrade the hotel facility, big car or something else. 

In such a situation, your reputation in the eyes of your partner, hotel or service provider should be such that it will increase the service quality at your request. 

This will make a good impression of your company. 

how to grow your business

If you want to spread your business, then for this follow the following strategy-

1. tour service fees low

You may have to face competition at the very beginning of business. So do not keep your rates so high which is not affordable for your custmar. 

If you do business with less margin, then your customer base will also increase and your experience in this field will also increase. 

2. Do Marketing 

If you have the budget for advertising then you can also do TV, radio, print or digital promotion.

For this you can take help of following things-   

  • social media marketing 
  • facebook ad 
  • influencer marketing

If your age is less and you want to do this business in future, then do a job in a travel agency. 

After a few years your knowlegde will increase and you will feel more confident to open your agency 

Course to make a career in tourism 

When it comes to making a career in the tourism industry, you can do the following courses-  

  • Bachelor of tourism administration 
  • BBA in tourism and travel management 
  • MBA in tourism and travel 
  • PG diploma in tourism and travel 

For Bachelor degree, if you have 50% or more marks from any stream in class 12th then you can apply. 

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For Master’s degree, one should have bachelor’s degree from any recognized college/university and have 45%-60% marks. 

Collage/university name 

You can study travel and tourism from the following institute-

  • IIHM kolkata 
  • SRM  institute of  hotel management chennai
  • Parul University Vadodara 
  • Chandigarh university, chandigarh
  • SIITAM Hyderabad 

If you have practical knowledge and want to take distance education then you can study diploma in tourism from IGNOU. 


If you talk about job after studies, then you can find job for profile of travel agent, tourist guide, ground staff, travel manager and travel consult in airline company. 


By doing a job, you can start your career with 20-25 thousand rupees. With increasing skill, knowledge and communication skills, you can get good package and job opportunity.

recruiting company 

Here are the names of some big recruiters who can offer you the job. 

  • Make my trip
  • Go there 
  • Yatra 
  • Cleartrip
  • Jet airways
  • India healthcare tourism 
  • Indian SOTC 

Q: What is meant by travel agency?

Ans: An agency that provides services related to travel such as ticket booking, bus ticket, train ticket hotel booking, honeymoon package etc. is called a travel agency.

Q: What is the type of travel agency?

Ans: There are two types of
travel agency- 1 retail travel agency 
2 wholesale travel agency 

Q: What are the functions of a travel agency?

Ans: The following are the functions of a travel agency –
To arrange travel for business customer and vocation customer.
Helping the client in making travel plans 
Booking reservations. e.t.c  

Q: What is the difference between a travel agency and a tour operator?

Ans: The tour operator himself makes the products and sells them. They do not sell packages made by someone else 
whereas a travel agency sells holiday packages purchased from various tour operators

Q: Is travel agency business a profitable business?

Ans: Yes, it is a profitable business. 

Q: How can I do travel agency business?

Ans: You can do this business in two ways, one is by starting your own company and secondly by taking the franchise of a good company .

Q: How to start travel agency business?

Ans: You can start this business by taking the above mentioned information. 

Q: How much does the travel agency business earn in the beginning?

Ans: From this business you can earn at least 1 lakh rupees per month. ,

Q: Which companies are famous for doing travel agency business in India?

Ans: Companies doing travel agency business like Yatra, MakeMyTrip, Kesari Tours, Club Mahindra Holiday, Expedia, Travelguru etc. are famous in India. 

How to open a travel agency (conclusion)

I hope you have got almost all the information related to opening a travel agency. On the basis of this information you can say that not only me but anyone can start this business. It just needs to have the right information. Due to lack of information, people keep wandering here and there.  

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