Top Recurring Affiliate Programs with Lifetime Income Now

Top Recurring Affiliate Programs with Lifetime Income Now

You all will know about Affiliate Marketing. Today, when it comes to earning money from the Internet, the name of Affiliate Marketing comes first and among them Recurring Affiliate Programs also comes at the top. I hope you all must know that what is affiliate marketing and how does it work ? , If you do not know, then an article is written on it in details, you can read it.

Today we are going to tell you about the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs , with the help of which you can earn for Lifetime. But before reading this article, it is very important for you to have a little knowledge about Affiliate Marketing. That is why you must first read the following article, later read this article. So that you can understand well who we are talking about.

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Apart from this, you will get to read articles related to all types of Affiliate Marketing on my blog. You must visit once. If you want to do affiliate marketing and you do not have a blog, then do not make excuses that I cannot do affiliate marketing without a blog and website. For this, you read this How to earn from Affiliate Marketing without website , with the help of this you will get a right path.

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Before knowing about recurring commission affiliate programs, it is very important to know what are these recurring commission programs? And why is its demand so high?

Recurring Commission ? What is Recurring Commission 

Recurring Commission Programs are also a kind of Affiliate programs but it gives you more benefits than Simple Affiliate Commission Programs that means you get more commission.

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Whenever you refer any product, you get some commission, in the same way, here too you get this commission but along with it, you get its commission every time.

Let me give you an example to understand this.

Example: – If you are associated with Affiliate Programs with any Recurring Commission, then whenever you share the referral link of your products at any place, you get commission for whatever you buy through that link. Not once, but every time he spends on that product, you will get his commission.

Meaning that if a person gets RS from your link. If he buys 1000’s of products, then you get his commission, but when he makes the subscription of the same products again, then you also get his commission. Every time it buys subscription, you will get its commission.

Hopefully now you have come to know what is Recurring Commission and how it works.

Let us now see how we can earn recurring commissions and which are the best recurring affiliate programs.

Best 10 Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

Although you will find many such Recurring Affiliate Programs, but here I am telling you about all the best Recurring Affiliate Programs. With the help of this, you will have good income till your life time.

1. SemRush

You must be aware that Affiliate Programs of SemRush are called BeRush. It is counted in the company giving the highest recurring commission to blogger in digital marketing .

If you have the right method then you can generate very good income with the help of Affiliate program of BeRush.

Here you get 40% Recurring Commission on any successful sale. BeRush has three plans.

  1. Pro Plan:- It costs one month $119.95. For this reason, if someone buys a pro plan from your link, then you get $ 47.98 every month as long as he keeps renewing his plan.
  2. Guru Plan:- Its price is around $230, which will have a monthly commission of about $92/month.
  3. Business Plan: – This plan is the most expensive, whose monthly price is $ 449.95, according to this, you get a commission of up to $179.98 every month.
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2. ConvertKit

Converkit is a very popular email marketing tool specially designed for blogger, vlogger and digital marketers. Today it is used by big bloggers from all over the world, that is why you can earn money by promoting it very easily.

Convertkit gives you 30% Recurring Commission on every successful sale. If you sell its 1 account, which has a plan with 1000 Subscribers, then you get $ 8.70 every month on it. As you make more sales, the more money you will get every month. If you sell 100 accounts every month, then every month you will get a commission of $ 870. This is considered a very good commission.

3. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a very popular premium theme of WordPress which has 750,000+ users. If we talk about its Recurring Commission, then according to me this is the best recurring affiliate program which gives you 50% commission on every sale which is very high.

4. GetResponse

GetResponse is also one of the best recurring affiliate programs that provides an email service. It has 2 types of Affiliate Program in which one is Recurring Commission Affiliate and the other is One Time Commission Affiliate Program.

In the program with One Time Commission, you get a commission of $100 on every sale, which is available only once, while on the other hand, in the Recurring Commission, you get a commission of 33% on every sale that you get every month.

5. InstaPage

InstaPage is a post-automation click platform that works to convert advertisements into conversations. Here you are given 50% Recurring Commission for the first year and after that 30% commission for Lifetime.

6. Shopify

Shopify is a very big eCommerce company in the world in which you get all kinds of products.

Here you get a commission of 20% on every successful sale, which you will get every month till its subscription starts.

7. Cloudways

You all must have heard the name of CloudWays . It manages the hosting of big CMS like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla .

In CloudWays, you get two types of Affiliate Programs which include Slab and Hybrid. If you want to earn Recurring Commission then you have to select Hybrid Affiliate Program. In this, you get $ 30 + 7% Lifetime Commission on every single sale.

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8. TubeBuddy

If you are a YouTuber then you must know about TubeBuddy . This is a great tool for Seo of your video, with the help of which you can bring more views on your video.

In TubeBuddy, you are given a commission of up to 50% on every sale and it is quite famous all over the world, that is why TubeBuddy is counted in the best recurring affiliate program.

9. Kinsta

If we talk about Kinsta, then it is a very popular WordPress hosting company that provides all types of hosting service. Its web hosting is very good, whose server is rarely down. It is powered by Google Cloud.

In Kinsta Affiliate , you get different types of hosting plans, in which you get a one time commission from $ 50 to $ 500 plus 10% Recurring Commission every month on every sale. Its commission depends on its hosting plans.

10. Snap

Snappa is a graphic design tool that is used by bloggers and freelancers to create different types of designs. Nowadays people also use Snappa to design the image for uploading on social media. For this reason, you can do Snappa marketing very easily.

Here you are given 30% Recurring Commission on every successful sale, that too every month.

Conclusion:- Top Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

If you search on the Internet, then you will get to see thousands of such Affiliate programs which give you Recurring Commission. If you want, you can definitely try all of them once.

Here we have told you about the 10 recurring commission affiliate programs that are all the best and many people earn in lakhs every month by using it. That is why if you are also serious in blogging, then you should pay more attention to Affiliate marketing instead of Adsense.

Hope you have liked the article Top Recurring Affiliate Programs with Lifetime Income. If you have any question related to this article, then definitely tell in the comment. If you have not subscribed to this blog yet, please do. This service is absolutely free.

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