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Teen Patti Yes APK :- Friends, in today’s article we are going to talk about a very best Rummy App which is giving you a bonus from Rs.60 to Rs.1555 on creating an account and this application is currently running. It is one of the Top Best Application in India at the time , so after that you can get an idea of ​​how much demanding this application is and how much people are also liking this application, and if you guys are also interested in this application. If you want to get complete information about it, then definitely read this article completely.

About Teen Pati Yes App

Teen Patti Yes

App Name :Teen Patti Yes
Game Type :Casino
Sign-Up Bonus :Rs.60 – Rs.1555
Min. WithdrawRs.100/-
Total Game :22
Download :

Like friends, you will be able to see all the programs present inside this application inside this Info Table given above, and apart from this, there are many programs available in this application, to know about which you have to read this article completely, only then you People will also be able to get more in-depth information about this application.

How to Get Bonus ₹60 in Teen Patti Yes APK

If you want to get the bonus inside this application, then for this you have to create an account inside this application, after which you are given a sign-up bonus of ₹ 60 from this company, which can be used. By doing this, you can also play the game present in it and you can earn even more money from them.

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How to Sign-Up in Teen Patti Yes ?

Teen Patti Yes Sign-Up

Account Register

If you guys create an account inside this application, then you get a bonus of 60 to 1555 inside it, for which you will have to create an account in it, and if you are having any problem in creating an account then you can follow the following steps. –

  1. First of all you have to download this app and install it in your Smartphone.
  2. After that, on opening, you will go to the home page, then click on Profile.
  3. After that, by clicking on the Bind button, fill the given details and confirm.
  4. With which your account will be created inside this application, you will get Rs.60.

Supported Games in Teen Patti Yes App

Game List - Teen Patti Yes

All Game List

Like in the table above, we told you that there are 22 different types of games inside Teen Patti Yes , in which you can experience a lot of different types of gaming, and if you guys all these games If you want to go about it, then see in the list given below –

  1. LUDO
  2. CRASH
  4. 7 UP DOWN
  6. RUMMY
  10. I WILL MAKE IT 20-20
  16. POKER
  20. 10 cards
  21. 3 CARD POKER

Note:- Friends, there is a financial risk involved in all these games given above, so before investing any of your money, you must keep in mind that you may also lose your people and alert from all these things. Stay tuned and play wisely.

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How to Refer in Teen Patti Yes ?

Refer & Earn - Teen Patti Yes

Refer & Earn

If you ask people that which can be the best program to earn money inside this application? So the answer will be, Refer & Earn program, because there is such a great Refer program inside this application that you can not even guess, because so far many people are earning unlimited rupees per day inside this application and you guys You can also earn if you people promote this application.

  1. To refer in this, you have to first click on the Refer & Earn button located on the home page.
  2. Then you have to copy the Referral Link and share it with your friends by clicking on the SHARE button.
  3. And if you guys want to get your commission, then click on the Claim button for this.
  4. To get Weekly Bonus in this, click on the option of Weekly
  5. And to get the Progress Bonus, click on the Progress option.

Add Cash Program in Teen Patti Yes ?

Add Cash Program - Teen Patti Yes

Add Cash Program

If you people want to add money inside this application, then quite easily you can add your money by playing Shankar from people, for which you will have to add at least ₹ 11 because inside this application This program is available, with the help of which you can add ₹ 11 minimum, if you want to add your money inside it, then follow the following steps –

  1. After clicking on the button with Add Cash, you have to select the amount you want,
  2. After this click on the option with Add Cash, after clicking on the button with Add Cash,
  3. Under the guise of that you will go to a new page,
  4. On which you will see all the methods of payment, pay with any payment method
  5. Your Add Cash amount is added to your game account as soon as the payment is successful.
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How to Withdraw Cash in Teen Patti Yes ?

Withdraw Cash - Teen Patti Yes

Withdraw Cash

If you guys want to withdraw the money earned inside this application i.e. if you have deposited or earned any kind of amount inside Teen Patti Yes , then if you want to send that amount to your bank account. If so, with the help of the Withdraw program, you can send this amount, for which you have to follow the following steps.

  1. First of all, you click on the Withdraw button given on the Home Page.
  2. After that you add your bank account information
  3. Then enter your withdrawal amount in the Amount box and click on Withdraw.
  4. Due to which your withdrawal will be successful successfully.


Q.1. What is the Sign-Up Bonus in Teen Patti Yes?

Get down On creating an account in this, you get a bonus of Rs.60.

Q.2. Minimum Withdraw of how much rupees has been given under Teen Patti Yes?

Get down In this, you have been given a minimum withdrawal of Rs.100 for the first time and then Rs.500 to withdraw.

Q.3. How many types of games are available to play inside Yes Teen Patti?

Get down Now after the new update, 22 different types of game support have been given inside this application.

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