26 interesting facts related to Sri Lanka read now mskearnings.com

26 interesting facts related to Sri Lanka read now

The country of Sri Lanka is an island situated in Asia. This country is surrounded by sea on all sides. On one side of it is the Arabian Ocean and on the other side is the Indian Ocean.

Colombo is the largest city of this country. This country is located at some distance from its country of India. This distance of India and Sri Lanka is about 1421 kilometers.

Meaning Sri Lanka is far from India up to 1421 kms. So let us know some interesting things about Sri Lanka in this article.

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Sri Lanka
CountrySri Lanka
CapitalSri Jayawardenepura Kotte (Sri Jayawardenepura-Kotti)
Official LanguageSinhala and Tamil
Area65`610 km²
Population2 Crore
Population Density323/km²
Phone Code+94
CurrencySri Lankan rupee (LKR)
Internet TLD.lk

Amazing And Interesting Facts About Sri Lanka

1. The distance of Sri Lanka from the south of India is only 31 kilometers .

2. Till the year 1972, the name of Sri Lanka was Ceylon which was changed to ‘ Lanka ‘ and in the year 1978 it was further changed to ‘Sri Lanka’ by adding the honorific word  Sri  .

3. Ramayana is the first book in which Sri Lanka is described, that too in detail.

Sri Lanka

4. Ram Setu , a bridge built by the Vanara Sena of Sri Rama between India and Sri Lanka, still exists today. According to temple inscriptions, Ram Sethu was situated entirely above the water of the ocean, destroyed by a cyclone in 1480 AD.

5. The national sport of Sri Lanka is volleyball , although the most popular sport here is cricket . Sri Lanka has also won the Cricket World Cup in 1996.

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6. From today, 2300 years ago, the entire population of Sri Lanka believed in Hinduism . In the 3rd century BC, Emperor Ashoka sent his son Mahendra to spread Buddhism to Sri Lanka, and the king there declared Buddhism the state religion .

The religiosity of the present Sri Lanka is as follows-

7. There are many ethnic groups living in Sri Lanka, of which Sinhala and Tamil are the main ones.

The ethnic groups of Sri Lanka are as follows-
ethnic grouppercentage
indian tamil4.6%

8. From 23 July 1983, Sri Lanka started a planetary war between majority Sinhalese and minority Tamils , which lasted for 25 years and ended in 2009. According to government figures, about 80 thousand people died in this planetary war.

9. During the planetary war in Sri Lanka, a terrorist organization of Tamils ​​formed LTTE (LTTE). It was the terrorist of LTTE terrorist organization who assassinated the former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi .

10. There are total 9 states of Sri Lanka which have 25 districts in total.

11. Sri Lanka is shaped like a pearl in the Indian Ocean, due to which it is also called ‘Pearl of Indian Ocean ‘.

12. The highest point of Sri Lanka is Mount Pedro (Mount Pedro) mountain, whose height is 2,524 meters. The local people call it as Pedurutalangala . It is forbidden to climb it, as it is used for military purposes.

13. Sri Lanka is the second richest country in South Asia after India in terms of per capita income .

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14. The people of Sri Lanka are the most educated in South Asia. The literacy rate here is 92%.

15. In 1800 AD, the British had taken over the sea areas of Sri Lanka and in 1818 AD, after the surrender of the Raja of Kandy , the whole of Sri Lanka was under British control.

16. Sri Lanka got independence from the British on 4 February 1948 after the Second World War.

17. Sri Lanka is the first country whose first prime minister was a woman. Srimavo Bandaranaike was the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

18. Water springs are very much found in Sri Lanka, most of the country’s electricity is generated from these springs.

19. Anuradhapura is an ancient city of Sri Lanka which was the capital of this country for about 1400 years. At that time it was known as Anuradhapura Kingdom.

20. The staple food of the people of Sri Lanka is rice which they eat with great fervor with curry all three times.

21. The golden lion in the flag of Sri Lanka with a sword in hand over red color represents the people of Sinhala race here. The four leaves and the golden border represent Buddhism. Two other green and saffron stripes in the flag represent the Muslim and Tamil people here. The Tamil people are Hindus, so saffron is depicted for them.

22. There is a Buddhist temple in Kandy city of Sri Lanka where the relic of a tooth of Lord Buddha is still preserved.

23. Sri Lanka suffered the most due to the severe tsunami in the Indian Ocean at the end of 2004. About 2 lakh people died due to this tsunami, of which 40 thousand were from Sri Lanka alone.

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24. The only international airport of Sri Lanka is in Colombo city.

25. In the beginning of the 20th century, there used to be about 10 to 15000 elephants in Sri Lanka but now their numbers have come down to around 6000.

26. The staple food of Sri Lanka is rice and curry. In the traditional thali here, you will find a variety of vegetables, salads, spicy meat and fish together with rice and curry. Here a special type of kadhi is made by boiling the flowers of hibiscus.

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