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What is Siply App, how to earn money from it 2022?

Hello friends, if you want to earn money by investing in Mutual Fund and Gold, then this post Siply App Review in Hindi can be a better option for you, in which we will tell you what is Siply App, how it works, how to create an account with I will give complete information about how to earn money from Siply App .

Friends, in today’s time, investment has become a very big way to earn  money, where you invest your money and earn money from money, whether it is a matter of stock market or gold, mutual fund, FD, these are the ways where You can earn money without doing anything by investing your money sitting at home.


By the way, a way of investment is also a business where you do some business by investing some money but you have to work in business or you get this work done by others where you have to pay money but Stock Market, Gold, Mutual Fund, FD those ways Which you can do alone without much hard work and without anyone’s help.

There are many websites and apps on the Internet to invest in Stock Market, Gold, Mutual Fund, FD, in which Groww App and Upstox are quite popular , in the same way it is also a Siply App so that you can invest in Mutual Fund, Digital Gold and many things. You can earn money by doing it.

Here, apart from investment, there are many ways to earn money by which Refer and Earn , Reward etc., from which you can earn money without investment i.e. without investing any money, that too without doing much hard work.

So if you want complete information about Siply App, what is Siply App, how it works, then definitely read this post till the end . So let’s know first.

What is Siply App – What is Siply App in Hindi 2022?

Friends , Siply App is an investment platform that has an app on Playstore and a website on Google, with the help of which you can invest your money in Mutual Fund, FD, LIC and Gold sitting at home and earn good returns from it.

This Siply App is the best to invest mostly in Gold, hence it is also known as Siply Gold App where you can buy gold for at least one rupee and start your investment.

For this you do not even need any special document because in Siply App your gold guarantee is directly linked to your savings scheme with your mobile number  , even you just have to digitally sign to invest in Mutual Fund from Siply App. You have to do your E-KYC through the process.

This Siply App is also almost the same investment platform as Upstox App and Groww App but both of them require a strong KYC and there is no scheme to invest in Gold in Groww App while Siply App is in Gold. Best for investment .

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This Siply App was started in 2020 which was started for total gold investment, later many schemes like Mutual Fund, LIC have been added to it, which today range from small stock to Mutual Fund, Gold, LIC etc. Allows you to invest in the scheme.

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This Siply App is a Services Private Limited Company headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, in which you can start your Micro Saving or Micro Investment with minimum money and earn money from it.

Apart from investing in this, there are many ways to earn money, whose complete information has been given below in How to earn money from Siply App, so in this way you must have understood what is Siply App and how it works, so let’s now Siply Know about how to download the app and earn money by using it.

How to Download Siply App?

Friends, it is quite simple to download Siply App because it is available on Play Store which you can download easily, for this you just have to go to Playstore and search by typing Siply App where you will get this App which you can download. Is.

What is Siply App, how to earn money from it

But by downloading this Siply App from direct playstore, you will not get referral commission, if you want to earn Rs.100 Sinn Up commission by creating an account of Siply App, then this Siply App has to be downloaded by someone’s referral link and by using its referral code. An account has to be created for Siply App.

For this, if you want, you can download this app from this Siply App referral link and while creating the account, you can use this referral code HQGPZ3D and get your 100 rupees gold commission.

So in this way you have understood how to download this Siply App, let us now know how to create its account, then we will learn about how to earn money from Siply App.

How to create account in Siply App? (How to Sign Up)

Friends, signing up in Siply App means creating an account is very easy, especially compared to Upstox or Groww App because no KYC is required here, just by entering mobile number and entering its Otp, you can easily sign up in this Siply App.

Here you will need KYC when you will open a demat account or you will need to withdraw the money earned from this app and there is also a normal KYC, so let’s know what is the process of creating an account.

Step 1. First of all you have to download Siply App as I have mentioned above or if you want, you can also do this Sign Up process from the website of Siply App but the process with App is much easier so I will tell you the same.

Step 2. After downloading the Siply App, you have to open it, as soon as this App will open, you will see an option of Start Saving, on which you have to click.

Step 3. As soon as you click on the option of Start Saving, you will see the option to enter the mobile number, then enter your 10 digit mobile number here and click on the Continue option below.

Step 4. On clicking on the Continue option here, an Otp is sent to the mobile number, now you have to enter that Otp and click on Verify Otp by ticking the term and condition of this Siply App given below.

Step 5. On the next page after otp verification, you have to fill some simple information, here you will see three boxes, enter your full name in the first box, select your state in the second and in the third you have to enter the referral code, then enter this HQGPZ3D referral code And click on the option Complete Registration given below.

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After doing this, you will create an account on Siply App and you will be logged into this app where you will get Rs 100 as gold, remember that this amount is more or less.

In this way you have created an account of what is Siply App, so now let us know about how to earn money from Siply App, how to earn money from Siply App.

How to earn money from Siply App 2022?

Friends, you get many ways to earn money in Siply App because it is an investment platform where you can earn money by investing in Stock, Mutual Fund, Gold, LIC, FD etc.

But here we will learn about earning money from only three things, so that you will get information about how to earn money from Siply App from all these and those three things are as follows.

1. Earn Money with Sign Up Bonus
2. Earn Money by Investing in Siply App 3. Earn Money by

So let us know about these three in detail.

Earn Money With Sign Up Bonus?

Friends, with this Sign Up Bonus, you can earn money only once, as I have told you, when you sign up or create an account for the first time in Siply App, you get gold up to Rs 100, this amount can be more or less because The rules and conditions of these apps keep changing.

But even to get this 100 rupees gold, you have to download the Siply App from someone’s referral link and while creating the account, you have to use the same referral code as I have told you earlier and for this I have given my referral. Link and referral code is also given.

This is the first way how to earn money from Siply App, now let us know about the next way, how can you apply the second method in what is Siply App.

Earn money by investing in Siply App?

Friends, the main way of how to earn money in Siply App is that you can invest your money in Stock, Mutual Fund, Gold, LIC and FD through Siply App and earn money by taking good returns from it.

What is Siply App, how to earn money from it?

Friends, on this, many people know about schemes like FD and LIC, how to invest in it and how much return is received, but few people know about Stock and Mutual Fund.

So for your information, the way you deposit your money once in FD where bank gives you some % interest on your money, similarly it is also Mutual Fund and Stock but still very different from FB.

Because in FD you get a fixed interest, whereas in Stock and Mutual Fund, you get returns according to the stock market, here the stock market is up and down, according to that you get money.

For example, today you put some money in stocks and mutual funds and tomorrow if the stock market goes up, that means your money increases accordingly, but if the same decline happens, then your money decreases .

In a normal FD you can get 6 – 7% interest which is completely safe but in stock you can get 20% or more return but it is not as safe as FD, here there are both advantages and disadvantages.

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And so is gold, but you can consider gold to be safe to a great extent because the history of gold is that the price of gold always increases and does not decrease, which was five thousand five years ago, today its value is more than 1000.

If you have a good knowledge of all these investments, when to invest, how to do it so that you can benefit, then you can earn very good money by doing all these investments, that too without sitting at home without anyone’s help.

But I will still say that if you are not aware of all these things, then do not invest in all these things, otherwise there may be disadvantages instead of benefits, so let us now know about the next way of how to earn money from Siply App.

Earn money by Refer and Earn?

Friends, this method is best for everyone, in which there is no risk up to 1%, here you can earn up to three hundred rupees from every referral, for this you just have to join more and more people from your referral link.

Friends, once you create your account in Siply App, then you get a referral link and referral code in that account, this link and code is shared and joined by more and more people, in return for which you get from every referral. Up to three hundred rupees.

What is Siply App, how to earn money from it?

Here there is some condition to get this three hundred because you do not get this three hundred rupees in one go, when someone creates your account using your referral link and code, then you get 100 rupees then we will get 100 rupees from this app. If you buy some gold, you get 200 more.

So in this way you  can earn very well from this Siply App by just Refer and Earn , here it depends how many people you can join through your referral link or code.

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Conclusion – What is Siply App and how to earn money from it 2022

Friends, this was some special information about Siply App Review in which you know what is Siply App, how it works, how to download it and how to earn money from Siply App by creating its account.

I hope this information will be of great help to you, which you must have liked a lot where you would have got complete information about what is Siply App, with the help of which you can start your investment using this App and make money from this Siply App. How can you work to earn .

If you like this information, then share it with your friends on Facebook, Linkedin, Quora and other social media so that more and more people can get information about Siply App, if you still have any question, suggestion then comment I can ask you will definitely be helped.

FAQs – 

Q. What happens in Siply App?

Ans – Friends, your money is invested in Mutual Fund, FD, LIC and Gold etc. from Siply App and money is earned from money.

Q. How much money can I earn from Siply App?

Ans – Friends, there is no limit to earn money here, you can earn lakhs of rupees, which will depend on your investment, the more you invest, the more money you can earn.

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