Sambal Yojana (Madhya Pradesh) scheme benefits apply now

Sambal Yojana (Madhya Pradesh) scheme benefits apply now

What is Madhya Pradesh Jan Kalyan (Sambal) Yojana and its benefits. Madhya Pradesh Sambal Yojana, 200 Rupee Bill Yojana, Bakaya Bijali Mafi Yojana, Dates and Required Documents.

Chief Minister Jan Kalyan (Sambal) Yojana, keeping in view the social security of the unorganized workers and all their interests, was implemented in the entire Madhya Pradesh from 1st April 2018. In this way, the following schemes are being operated to help the unorganized workers.


Saral Bijali Bill Yojana

Madhya Pradesh government has recently released M.P. Saral Electricity Scheme is launched. Under this scheme, the family of the laborer will get electricity at a monthly fee of Rs 200. To take advantage of this scheme, people of poor families can apply online to the councilor of their area or from, but under this scheme, the family must be below the poverty line and have bulbs, fans and other things. Together, 100 or less units of the month should be formed.

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This scheme has been brought to the people like Saubhagya scheme where no registrant will have to pay any fee for registration. This scheme has been implemented from July 1, 2018, under which the outstanding electricity charges for the month preceding the month of registration will be waived ( a part of the outstanding electricity bill waiver scheme ).

No. m.PointsInformation
1.Name of Schemesimple electricity bill scheme
2.Profitable classworking class
3.Executed Date1 July 2018
4.Duration of SchemeInitially 5 years (can be extended if the scheme is successful)
5.Last date of registrationnot decided yet
7.planning areaMadhya Pradesh

Scheme Registration, Terms and Conditions (Saral Bijali Bill Yojana and Terms and Conditions)

MP. Registration in Saral Electricity Bill Scheme 2018

  1. To register in Saral Bijli Yojana, register yourself with these documents.
  2. This scheme will be valid only for the family of registered laborers.
  3. Only those families will get the benefit of the scheme, whose household uses less than 1000 watts of electricity in a month.
  4. People whose homes have AC Or the heater is used, their family will not be included in this scheme.
  5. If a house has a metric connection, then the meter reading will be taken first, after that it will be seen whether the scheme should be implemented for that house or not, after that that house will get the benefit of the scheme.
  6. In villages or in rural areas, where the meter is not installed and the estimated electricity is used less than 500 watts, then their monthly electricity bill will be calculated by the Madhya Pradesh Vidyut Vimanaak Aayog.
  7. So far more than 1 crore 80 lakh people have joined the Saral Bijli Bill scheme from across the state.
  8. The time for registration was kept from July 1 to July 20, but now it has been extended.
  9. The Madhya Pradesh government has made a separate software for this scheme, so that it can be known how the work is being done in the state and how much is happening, with the help of this software, government officers can keep an eye on it daily.
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Documents Required for the Scheme (Saral Bijali Bill Yojana Required Documents)

What documents are required to register in Saral Electricity Bill?

For registration, you will get a form from the councilor’s office, take Aadhar card , photo copy of family ID and 2 photos, go to the councilor’s office and register.

Application Form for the Scheme (Saral Bijali Bill Application Form)


Anugrah Sahayata Yojana

This plan is divided into three parts. According to which variation has been kept in the amount of assistance.

Ex-gratia assistance scheme in case of normal death

On the death of registered unorganized workers, an ex-gratia amount of ₹ 200000 will be given to his successor.

Ex-gratia assistance scheme in case of accidental death

If the registered unorganized worker whose age is not more than 60 years, in case of accidental death, an ex-gratia amount of ₹ 400000 will be given to his successor.

Ex-gratia assistance scheme in case of permanent disability

An ex-gratia amount of ₹ 200000 will be paid to the registered unorganized worker, whose age is not more than 60 years, in case of permanent disability due to any accident or any reason.

Ex-gratia assistance scheme in case of partial permanent disability

An ex-gratia amount of ₹ 100000 will be paid to the registered unorganized worker, whose age is not more than 60 years, in case of partial permanent disablement due to any accident or any other reason.

Shiksha Protsahan Yojana

In order to provide free higher education to the children of registered unorganized workers, Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Shiksha Protsahan Yojana has been implemented from the session 2018-19 in place of Vikramaditya Free Education Scheme.

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Free Medical Scheme(Nishulka Chikitsa Yojana)

Registered unorganized workers and members of their families can get free treatment up to ₹ 200000 in critical diseases identified under the State Illness Assistance Scheme . Under the scheme, free medical aid can be obtained in case of treatment in government hospital and recognized and government hospital.

Prasuti Sahayata Yojana

During pregnancy, assistance will be given up to ₹ 4000 for prenatal check-up by the hospital ANM till the last trimester and up to ₹ 12000 for delivery in a government hospital.

Antyeshti Sahayata Yojana

On the death of a registered unorganized worker, an amount of ₹ 5000 is being given to the successor of the laborer for the funeral, by the Gram Panchayat Secretary in the rural area, the ward in-charge in the urban area.

Equipment Subsidy Scheme (Upkaran Anudan Yojana)

Registered unorganized workers who have obtained loan from bank for purchase of equipment for their business, then 10000 and 5000 whichever is less will be given as grant.

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