How to Earn Money using Rxce App now

How to Earn Money using Rxce App now

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Note – The name of Rxce app has been changed to Cooe app.

Hello friends, Rxce app is a color prediction game. Today we are going to give you all the information about Rxce app. Earlier we  have told you about color prediction apps like Mantrimalls and  Joymall .You can register in rxce app by clicking on the link given below.

Today we are going to know all this about Rxce app – 1. What is Rxce App? 2. How to earn money with Rxce app? 3. How to Withdraw Money from Rxce App? 4. How to deposit money in Rxce app? 5. ConclusionSo now let us discuss all the above mentioned topics in detail.

 1. What is Rxce App?

Rxce app is a color prediction app. On the Rxce app, you get to play the game of color prediction. You get three colors in the Rxce app. Out of these three colors red, green and violet, you have to predict which color will come in the coming period.If the color that you predict, the same color comes in the coming period. So you win double on red and green colors and up to four times on violet color.

2. How to earn money with Rxce app?

You can earn money in 2 ways on Rxce app – 1. By Playing the Color Prediction Game 2. By referring

Register in Rxce –  click here

1. By Playing the Color Prediction Game

Rxce app is a color prediction app. So in this you can earn money by predicting the color. You know how to play the game of color prediction. So you will not have much problem in earning money by predicting colors in this app. How to Predict Color in Color Prediction App? For this you can read this article –  

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2. Referral

In Rxce app you also get good commission for referring you. So you can earn good money by referring rxce app with your friends.

3. How to Withdraw Money?

To withdraw your money in Rxce app, you have to link your bank account. By adding your bank account to this app, you will be able to easily withdraw your money to your bank account.

4. How to deposit money

If you want to deposit money in rxce app then for that you have to go to deposit section in rxce app. After clicking on the deposit option, you can add as much amount as you want to your rxce account with the help of phone pe, google pe or any upi payment method.

5. Conclusion

So friends rxce app is a color prediction app. And you can earn money by predicting and referring colors in rxce app.So friends, I hope that whatever questions were in your mind regarding rxce app, after reading the article, it will be cleared now.How did you like this article, you must tell us by commenting below. And you must also share this article with your rxce app members.

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