How To Create Resume Online now From Mobile

How To Create Resume Online now From Mobile

Hello friends, in today’s post we are going to get detailed information about what is Resume and how to make Resume. In today’s time unemployment is increasing very much in our country, due to which many youths are wandering here and there in search of jobs.

And if you go to interview for a job in any company in the private sector, then there is a good understanding of your education and skills, so that whether you are eligible to work in that company or not or you can work for that company with your hard work. It is checked about what benefit you can get.

But if you collect information related to yourself and your skills and education by making a resume, then your chances of getting a job increase even more because it has a positive effect on the mind of the interviewer.

And nowadays, it is necessary to have your resume to give any job interview, otherwise even if you are capable of doing that work without seeing your skills, you are refused a job from there. Therefore, in today’s post, we are going to give you all the information related to Resume in detail.

So read the post till the end. So let us first know about what is Resume. After this you will learn to create Resume.

What is Resume

Resume is a formal document that is created by a person to represent his career, background, skills and achievements.

In a good resume, all the personal and professional information of a person is written in short such as his education qualification, his skill, experience etc.

Resume plays an important role to get any job, a good resume makes a good impression on the interviewer and compels the HR department of the company to make you for the interview.

Because there is only such a way in the resume by which the interviewer finds out about your Skills, Work Efficiency, Experience, your Hard Work.

Because of this, the interviewer is impressed with you and you are more likely to get a job, so friends, this was the Brief Introduction about Resume. So let us now know about what to write in it before making a resume.

what to write in resume

While making a good resume, you have to write about your personal, educational and professional information in it, below we have explained in detail how you will write the information in the resume.

  • Personal Details – First of all you have to write your personal information i.e. personal details in the resume. In this, you will enter your name, address, mobile number, email address. Along with this, you will also have to upload a latest photo of yourself here.
  • About Me- After this you have to write about you in Resume, many people are in a dilemma about what to write in this section. Friends, in this section you can write about yourself, in which field you are good, what is your strength and what are your hobbies etc.
  • Educational Qualification – Now you have to tell about your educational qualification, in this section you will tell about where and how much education you have received.
  • Skills- In this section you have to tell about your skill, like you have technical work, your writing and speaking skills, time management etc. This shows whether you are eligible for the job you have applied for or not.
  • Work Experience – Now you have to give information about the job you are applying for, whether you have worked anywhere else before. If work experience is added to your resume, it strengthens your claim for the job. If you are Fresher then you do not need to write Work Experience.
  • Goals – Now you have to write about the purpose here why you want to do job and what you want to become in life. You can also provide information about what you can do to move the company forward.
  • Achievements Resume – In this section you have to write about your achievements like any award, certificate you have won can tell about yourself.
  • Reference – If you are going for that job from someone’s reference, then you have to write about it, this tells the officials of the HR department that by whom you have got information about this job.

How to Create a Resume

You can easily create your resume in both computer and mobile phone, if you want to know about how to create resume in computer, then for this you should have MS Word software in your computer.

How to Create Resume in Ms Word

First, we will give you information about how to create a resume in MS Word on the computer here. After that we will learn to create resume in mobile, so that you can create resume using any device as per your convenience.

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1. Open MS Word

First of all, you have to open MS Word software in your computer, now the home page will open in front of you, in which you have to click on the New button.

2. Search by typing resume

As soon as you click on the button with New, a search box opens in front of you, in this box you have to search by typing in Resume. As soon as you search, now many resume templates will come in front of you.

3. Select Template and click on Create

As we have told you that many Resume Templates will come in front of you, you will click on whatever template you like.

After clicking on the template, now you will see the Create button at the bottom, you have to click on it to create a resume.

4. Edit

Now the Resume Template chosen by you will be downloaded and will come for editing in the textarea of ​​your MS Word, you can edit it by giving your own information.

5. Enter your name, address and number

Now you have to enter your contact information in your resume like your name, your address, your address, your mobile number etc. After that you will click on the next button.

6. Provide information about yourself

To make the resume effective, now you have to write about yourself here, here you can write about your good things. In this section you can also tell about your hobbies.

7. Upload your photo

Now you have to upload a good photo of yourself, keep in mind that the background of your photo should be blue or white and you can edit your photo to make it good.

8. Write About Work Experience

If you have ever done a job before or if you have a little knowledge about that job before, then definitely give information about it. But if you are fresher then you can also skip this part.

9. Write your educational details

In this part of the resume, you can enter information related to your education, such as how far you have received education and from which institute you have received education.

10. Write about your skills and achievements

Give information here about whatever skill you get, if you have ever received any reward or award in return for work, then you can also tell about it here.

11. Resume Download करे

Now your resume is ready, you can save it, for this, when you click on File, you will see the option of Save As . You have to click here, now you have to click on the document, as soon as you click, you will get the option of Word Documents .

When you will scroll down by clicking on this option, then there you will see the option of PDF, all you have to do is click on it. In this way your resume will be converted into PDF and saved in your computer .

Friends, by following these easy methods, you can prepare resume using MS Word in your computer.

How To Create Resume From Mobile

Now you have learned to create resume using MS word software in computer, there are many readers who do not have computer, but nowadays almost everyone has mobile and you can also create resume from mobile, for this tell below Follow the step.

  • First of all, go to your mobile’s Google Play Store and search there by typing Resume Builder .
  • Now you will come across the general information related to this application, while at the bottom you will download this app in your mobile by clicking on the install button.
Resume Online
  • After installing, now you have to open this application, first of all it will ask you to choose the language, you should leave it by default English language.
  • After opening the application, a new interface will come in front of you where you will see two options Create and Download at the bottom, you have to click on the option of Create.
Resume Online
  • As soon as you click on this option, a new page will open in front of you in which you have to enter your information one by one.
Resume Online
  • Now we give you information here one by one that how you have to enter your information here.
  • Personal Details In this section, first you will enter your name, after that you will enter your address, email address and mobile number. You will also upload photos from your gallery here by clicking on the photo icon below.
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Resume Online
  • After entering all the information correctly, you will now proceed by clicking on the Save button.
  • Education Now you will give information about your education here, as shown in the image, you will give information in exactly the same way and click on the Save button.
Resume Online
  • If you have any additional qualification then you can add the same by clicking on the Add button.
  • Experience Now you have to give information about your work experience, for this also you will give information in exactly the same way as shown in the image.
Resume Online


  • If you have worked in more than one company, then you can tell about all by clicking on the Add button appearing on the left side.
  • Skills : Whatever skill you come across, you will tell below here, in case of more than one skill, you can tell them by clicking on Add given on the left side.
Resume Online
  • Here you can also select the level in which the skill level comes to you.
  • Objective You will write Objective to grow that company in whichever company you are preparing a resume to work. You can tell here about what you can do for the company to grow.
What is Resume What to write in Resume How to create Resume How to create Resume
  • After this, now you will click on the Save button appearing on the right side and will go to the next page.
  • Reference You have to give information about the person from whose context you are applying for a job in that company on the basis of the image given below.
Resume Online
  • Here you will enter the referee name, job title, company name, email address and phone number and click on the Save button.
  • In this way you can prepare your resume after entering all the information, after that you will click on the button with View CV.
Resume Online
  • If you want, you can also enter more information here by clicking on the button with Add More Section.
  • As soon as you click on View CV, now many templates appear in front of you, click on whatever template you like.
  • Now you will reach the next interface where you will see the template which you have selected, you will see the download option at the bottom of it.
  • You can download the resume as PDF to your mobile phone by clicking on the download button.

So friends how easy it is to prepare resume through app in your mobile. In this way you can easily create resume from your mobile. So let us now know about the next way to make your resume.

how to make resume online

Friends, although you can prepare online resume for yourself in both these ways, but if you want to know any other way to create resume, then here we have told about another platform through which you can prepare resume online.

  • First of all go to the browser and search there by typing Canva .
  • Now you have to open the website.
  • On opening the website, you will reach its home page, where you have to click on the + icon at the bottom.
Resume Online
  • On clicking this option, a new page will open in front of you, where many options will come in front of you, you have to come down and choose the option of Resume.
Resume Online
  • Now many templates will appear in front of you, click on whatever you like.
  • Whatever template you have chosen, it will be in front of you for editing in the next interface.
Resume Online
  • For editing, on this website, you see many tools at the bottom, you can edit that template according to you and prepare a good resume for yourself.
  • After entering all the information correctly to create a resume, now you will click on the Up Arrow icon on the top right side.
Resume Online
  • After clicking on this option, now many options will appear in front of you, out of which you can download the resume in the form of PDF in your mobile by clicking on the download option.
Resume Online

Friends, in this way, you can follow the steps very easily and create a good resume for yourself using the Canva website, if you have trouble running the website, then you can also take the help of Canva App.

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How to Create a Simple Resume

How resumes are made, it depends on what work you want to do with the help of resume. For example, if you want to apply for a job in a private company, then for that you have to prepare your resume according to the requirement of that company.

On the other hand, if you want to prepare resume for some simple work like peon job in mall, security guard job etc. then you can make it in simple resume by following very simple steps.

There is no need to give information about your Skills, Work Efficiency, Experience Achievements in Simple Resume because in some jobs this kind of data is not required.

You can prepare a simple resume by just giving information about yourself like your name, address, mobile number, email id and educational qualification.

To create a simple resume, you can use the methods mentioned in this post, just you have to create a resume by giving your general information there.

How to Create a Resume for a Job

When you apply for the job of accountant, sales department or data entry in a company, then there you have to enter all the information in the resume which is necessary for that job.

While making a resume for a job, you need to describe in detail all the information in your resume that is necessary to get that job for you.

If you want to make a resume for the job, then you will give information about Personal Information, Educational Qualification, Skills, Work Efficiency, Experience, Hobbies, Achievements, Reference, Your Vision, Aim, Objective etc. in your resume.

When you enter all such information in your resume, then it is considered an ideal resume for the job and there are more chances that you will get the job.

To create Job Ke Liye Resume, you can use the methods mentioned in this post like, MS Word, Resume Builder, Canva etc.

Keep the following things in mind while creating a resume

  • For whichever job you are making a resume, read the job description carefully, this gives you an idea of ​​which Skills and Requirements have been sought from you. For this you can visit the website of the company if you want.
  • In the resume, you have to enter only those information which has been asked from you, do not enter unnecessary information at all.
  • Take special care of Font Size and Font Type The font type and size should be such that it looks good both for the interviewer to see and read.
  • While writing information in the resume, use Bullet Points, because it looks good and is also easy to read.
  • Try to enter the information in short paragraphs.
  • Do not write the Short Form of any word, the Short Form Interviewer may not know that word.
  • Never write anything negative about yourself or about Weakness in Resume.
  • While making a resume, do not copy paste from anywhere, if you do not know how to create a resume, then you can take an idea for it from anywhere.


1. How to make resume in mobile?

Resume Builder, Canva, Cv Maker are apps that allow you to create resumes from mobile.

2. How to Create Resume for Freshers?

The way a normal resume is made, in the same way you can make a resume for freshers, just you do not have to write work experience in it.

3. What do you write in the resume?

The resume should contain all the information that can present you as a strong contender for a job.

4. How to make Resume in PDF?

Whenever you create a resume with the help of mobile phone or computer, it gets downloaded and saved in the form of automatic PDF from your mobile to computer.

5. What is the difference between Resume and CV?

In the resume, your personal, professional and educational details are told in brief while in the CV they are told in detail.


We hope that through this post, you must have got good and complete information regarding creating Resume and you must have understood all the ways we have been told to create Resume.

If you have any doubt regarding this post, then definitely tell it by commenting and also if you have any suggestion, then definitely express it in the comment box too.

We hope that you will share this post as much as possible and those who are worried about how to create a resume will benefit from it.

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