How to open Reliance Petrol Pump? Start a business earning millions by applying online in these 4 steps today

How to open Reliance Petrol Pump? Start a business earning millions by applying online in these 4 steps today


According to the site, with the aim of opening new petrol pumps, Reliance Industries Limited and British Petrol Pump Company are going to open 5,500 petrol pumps in India.

It will be a Joint Venture Company company in which Reliance Industries Limited will hold 51% and British Petrol Pump Company will hold 49%. 

Reliance Petrol

All Entrepreneurs / Businessmen of India can apply for this. 

If you also want to open Reliance Petrol Pump, then for this you have to take its dealership.

And in today’s article I will tell you that how you can take reliance petrol pump ki dealership kaise by applying online from mobile sitting at home ?

So stay tuned till the end for complete information

Before joining any company, there should be some basic information about the company. Therefore, brief information about the company profile is being given below

Reliance company profile :

Company  Name:Reliance Petroleum Limited
Industry:Petroleum and Natural Gas
Founded Year:2008
Founder:Mr Mukesh Ambani
Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Parent Company:Reliance Industries Limited
Contact number:1800-223-023 (24×7 Services)
Revenue:5.78 lakh crores INR (US$81 billion)
Parent organization:Reliance Industries Limited
Retail outlets1300+ petroleum retail outlets across the country (as per 2018 stats) 

Why Take Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership?

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You should take Reliance Petrol Pump dealership for the following reasons-

1. India का biggest brand

Reliance Industries Limited is the first corporation in the country to have a market valuation of $100 billion. People from every corner of the country are aware of Reliance. And it has become a big brand among the general public.

2. Technical and Engineering Support

Reliance Industries Limited provide technical and engineering support as per the requirements of the petroleum industry.

3. Help with Branding

Reliance Industries Limited assists in the designing and branding of retail outlets.

4. Mobile App Facility

Reliance Industries Limited offers features like mobile app to help reach out to multiple customers.

5. Employees training

Reliance Industries Limited trains employees to handle customers and pumps.

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6. Help to build customers

If you take Reliance petrol pump dealership then Reliance Industries Limited helps you to get more customers.

7. Free Air service

According to, Reliance Industries Limited gives free air service to its customers. 

These are some of the reasons why you should go for a Reliance Petrol Pump dealership. Now it’s your turn to know that- 

Who can open Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership? Eligibility for Reliance petrol pump dealership 

If you want to take Reliance petrol pump dealership then you should have some qualifications which are as follows-

1. Age – Your age should be between 21 to 55. 

2. Indian Citizenship – You must be an Indian citizen to apply for Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership.

3. Educational Qualification – To do the business of fuel station, you must have at least 10th or 12th educational qualification.

How to open Reliance Petrol Pump?  

To open Reliance Petrol Pump, you will need a lot of things like investment, documents, land. These things are being given step by step-

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Investment | How much will the cost come?

If you want to take Reliance Petrol Pump dealership then you will need a huge amount for this-

To take Reliance Petrol Pump dealership , you will need around 70 lakh rupees. The cost of the land or the amount of rent has not been added to this investment. 

You have to deposit 23 lakh rupees as reliance petrol pump price (security money). Your this amount will be refundable. 

 Under the new guideline 2020, the security deposit / money regarding petrol pump dealership for sc category has been reduced. 33% reservation has also been arranged for women, while freedom fighters are given some relaxation.

Reliance Industries Limited gives a franchise of dealer owned and dealer operated type. The dealer is responsible for all kinds of civil works in the outlet. 

At the same time, the owner has to purchase funds and invest in the construction of the gas station. 

What are the things required to get Reliance Petrol Pump dealership?

If you want to take Reliance Petrol Pump dealership, then for this you will need the following things-

1. Area

If you want to take Reliance Petrol Pump dealership, then for this you will need at least 800 square feet of space. The petrol pump should be on the side of the highway outside the city. With this, you will get more and more customers passing through the highway. 

If you are thinking of opening a Reliance Petrol Pump outlet somewhere inside the city, then for this you should choose a place where there is no other petrol pump dealer. Otherwise your customers will be divided. 

2. Skills or experience needed 

Employees should have the knowledge of selling the product (petrol) so that they can give correct information to the customers.  

The petrol attendant should be responsible for wiping automobile windshields and collecting payments from customers, along with having the knowledge of activating the fuel pump to filling the vehicle fuel tank with diesel, petrol or gasoline to the correct level. 

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The employees of Reliance Petrol Pump outlets should be friendly with the customers. Also their communication skills should be good. 

3. Need to take training

The franchise owner will have to follow the law and regulations of the parent company. The owner will be given proper training which he will implement in his petrol pumps.    

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The station manager will be appointed by Reliance Industries Limited for the management and back-office training at the dealership franchise outlet. 

4. Staff Required 

Petrol Pump will be open for 24 hours so following staff will be required to –

  • 3 Gas Station Manager 
  • 8 Pump Attendants 
  • 2 air pressure attendants 

Land related rules and documents required for taking Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership 

1.   Land Documents- Land paper work should be completed with the property’s address and title written. 

2. Property map- You should have the property map of the land on which you want to open Reliance Petrol Pump. 

3. No Objection Certificate – If you do not have your own land, then you will have to take NOC (No Objection Certificate / No Objection Certificate) from the owner of the land. 

4. Lease agreement- If you take land on lease then you should have a lease agreement. 

5. Registered Sale Deed- And if the land is purchased then you should have Registered Sale Deed. 

6. Get Affidavit- If the land is in the name of any of your family member, you can still apply for fuel pump. For this you have to submit an affidavit. will need to be done.

7. Availability of water and electricity- If you have water and electricity facility around your land then it will be good for you. 

8. Land without green belt-   If your land is in green belt then you cannot apply for Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership.

9. Agricultural land to non-agriculture land- If your land is currently being used for agriculture, you have to convert it to non-agriculture.

Documents Required To Take Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership  

To take Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership, you will need the following document.

Legal License and Permission Documents

  • NOC for a District Collector and a Police Commissioner.
  • CCOE License in its final form
  • A forest department NOC is required if the land is in the forest.

Photograph  Photograph of  the location where you want to open petrol pump. 

How to apply Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership? , Application process 

If you want to take Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership, then follow the following steps for this-

Step-1 First of all you have to search in and come to their official website. You can also access their site through this link . You will see their site like this. 

Step-2 You will see three lines in the left-hand corner of the home page. You have to click on it. On clicking, a screen like this will open in front of you. From these options, you have to click on the contact us option. 

Step-3 On clicking on the option of contact us, then a dropdown menu will open. To apply for Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership, you have to click on the option of Business query.  

Step-4 In this step you have to fill the Reliance Petrol Pump dealership online application form. After entering all the information in the Reliance Petrol Pump dealership form, check once again whether there has been any exemption and whether the information entered is correct or not. 

After checking, tick the option of I am not a robot and submit it. 

This information submitted by you went to the company. company as soon as possible 

Will contact you through email or mobile number. 

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Reliance Petrol Pump dealership commission | investment information 

Let us assume here that the total investment in opening a petrol pump = Rs 70 lakh.

Various monthly expenses incurred in opening a petrol pump-

  • Expenses of 10 employees = Rs 2 lakh 
  • Monthly rent of 1000 sq ft land = Rs 2 lakh
  • Monthly other expenses = 30 thousand rupees  

If 50 customers fill fuel in their vehicle from your petrol pump, then one day’s earnings = 15 thousand rupees (cost of one customer is 300 rupees)

Then Monthly Earnings 15,000 X 30 = Rs.4,50,000 per month 

If 30 customers fill diesel in their fuel tank daily, then daily earning = Rs.4,500 (cost of one customer is Rs.150)

Then total earning from diesel in a month = Rs 5,85,000 per month 

(5,85,000 – 4,30,000) = Rs 1,55,000 (Profit from doing this business ) 

Based on these figures, it can be said that you can cover your entire investment of 70 thousand rupees in 40-45 months.  

How successful the fuel pump franchise’s will be depends on many things such as-

  • Location of your petrol pump 
  • Distance of your petrol pump and other petrol pump located in your area 
  • the size of your fuel station 
  • offer discount to the customer or not 
  • and advertisement etc. 

How to avail loan from bank for Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership?

To start any business under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, you can apply for a loan in the bank. If you want to start this business but you do not have enough money to start then you can apply for loan in any bank to take Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership. Under this scheme you will get loan at very low interest rate. 

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Contact Number 

If you want to contact the company directly for taking Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership, then you can contact from this number-


FAQ- Often people ask such questions –

Q: Is it profitable to do petro pump business?

Ans: You are well aware that a petrol pump is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you can easily earn a profit of Rs 2 to 2.5 per liter of petrol and Rs 1.80 per liter of diesel. You can earn a profit of Rs 2.40. 

If seen in this way, you can easily earn from 1 to 2 of the month from this business.

Q:How to apply for Reliance Petrol Pump dealership 

Ans: Apply Online for Reliance Petrol Pump dealership To apply online   you can visit   Reliance petrol pump official website .

Q: How much money does a petrol pump owner from India earn from this business?

Ans: Opening a petrol pump is a high investing business idea. Still it is a very profitable business idea. The petrol pump owner makes a profit of Rs 3.5 lakh per month by selling 400000 liters of petrol at the rate of Rs 3.0 per liter commission.

Q:Who owns Reliance Petrol Pump? 

Ans: The owner of Reliance Petrol Pump (Reliance industry limited) is Mukesh Ambani. 

How to open Reliance Petrol Pump? (conclusion) 

In this article, I have given you information about how to apply online to take Reliance Petrol Pump dealership. With the help of this you can take Reliance Petrol Pump dealership. 

To take Reliance Petrol Pump dealership, how much investment you will have to invest for this and which documents are needed and how much profit margin you can earn from this business, I have given you all this information through this article. 

I hope this information has proved helpful to you. 

Share this information with your fans who need this information so that they too can start their own business. 

Tell me by commenting on your behalf, how did you like this information. 

good or very good?

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