How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Videos and Photos Now

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Videos and Photos Now ?

Hello friends, sometimes it happens with us that Accidentally WhatsApp Video or Photo gets deleted. Some of these videos and photos are of no use to us, but some are important. Today we will talk about  How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Videos and Photos ?

WhatsApp is an essential tool for us for Daily Message, Photo, Document, Map, Video Sharing and we do share some video, photo on WhatsApp daily. With this, ever since WhatsApp Encryption Service has come. Since then we all share our important documents, photos and videos as well. Because after enabling WhatsApp Encryption, no one can see our Messages, Files, says WhatsApp.

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By keeping in mind the security of WhatsApp, we share our important photos and videos. Sometimes while clearing Unwanted Space, or due to some other reason, we are unable to recover important photos and videos due to not knowing any proper way. If this happened to me too, I got information about it from WhatsApp help on the Internet, today I am going to tell about the same WhatsApp Recovery Tips.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Videos and Photos ?

WhatsApp already has the option of BackUp, about which I have already told that WhatsApp Backup Kaise Kare?

We can save WhatsApp backup on Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis on our Google Drive, but for this we have to

You have to setup your Gmail address.

Whenever we setup WhatsApp account, it asks about setting up our local backup. I had setup my Gmail while creating WhatsApp account here. If you haven’t done it yet, then you can do it by looking at these steps.

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How to back up to Local drive?

  • First of all open WhatsApp Account.
  • Go to Settings by clicking on the Menu Button given on the top right side corner.
  • After going to Settings, go to Chat Option and then from Chat Option to Chat backup option.
  • If you have not setup your Backup Account, then enter your Gmail account by clicking on Add Account.
  • Then by clicking on the backup, you can save the backup of all the messages, videos and photos of the current time.

With this, a backup file is created in our local storage and all the WhatsApp content is saved. But we cannot recover it till then. As long as um does not connect it to any drive. When we connect it to Google Drive, then our local backup becomes active.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Videos

Step to Recover WhatsApp Images & video:

How to Recover deleted WhatsApp Videos and Photos easily? There are many answers to this question. But we will talk about only those which are easy and working.

If someone sent a photo or video to us on WhatsApp Group, Personal Chat and it has been deleted from us. So the best way to restore is, that we can take back that photo or video by requesting that person again.

If that person is refusing to give us the video, image again or he does not even have it. So in this way we have to take help of technology and we will have to recover Deleted Whatsapp Videos and Photos by ourselves.

I have used Free WhatsApp Recover Software, its name is How Dr. Phone is WhatsApp recovery. This is a Windows Application which we can install in our system and recover Deleted Whatsapp Videos and Photos.

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If you want to recover WhatsApp Video or Photo, then for this you can download Dr. Download and install Fone Software .

Dr. After installing Fone Software, we can very easily recover any WhatsApp Attachment if it has been deleted due to some reason. Just for this, we have to open Seiko and connect our device to the computer through data cable.

After that we can start scanning our deleted video and photo by selecting WhatsApp & Attachment option and clicking on Start Scan and download whatever file we want to restore or recover.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Videos
Image Credit: Dr. Fone

Note: Dr. Fone is a Paid Software but we get to use some of its features for free. In such a situation, many of its features are available only after buying the full version.

Friends, this is the best option to recover Deleted Whatsapp Videos and Photos. With this, we can save photos and videos backup with the help of many apps and can recover them even after they are deleted whenever we need them in future. In which there is some popular Android App,

Dr. Fone: This is an Android App from Wondershare through which we can recover all WhatsApp Attachments deleted from the phone.

DigDeep Image Recovery: This is what Dr. It is also better than Fone, because in this we can get back deleted WhatsApp video and photos in both external and internal storage.

Friends, according to me, the best way is to be prepared in advance and save all our WhatsApp Images and Videos on Local Backup External Drive or Online Drive, so there will be no problem in restoring. If you have any such method then you must comment.

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