What is RecoverHosting? Free Review about RecoverHosting – Hosting Company mskearnings.com

What is RecoverHosting? Free Review about RecoverHosting – Hosting Company

What is RecoverHosting? Free Review about RecoverHosting – Best Hosting Company. Hello Friends! How are you? Welcome again to mskearnings.com blog. Friends, as you all know what is hosting? And if you want to create your own blog or website, then you need hosting, but when new bloggers create blogs, they have a lot of confusion that the blog will not do well on Blogger, etcetera.

I have already told why Blogger is good for blogging?   But those who want to make their blog on WordPress platform, then they need a hosting to host the blog, but those who are new bloggers are not able to spend much money, so they want from somewhere. Also get cheap hosting where they can create their own blog.

What is RecoverHosting?

As you must be knowing from the name itself that this will be any company or website related to hosting. Yes friends, RecoverHosting is a Hosting and Domain Provider Indian Company that provides hosting at very cheap rates.

It is a hosting company that provides various types of hosting services such as Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Server etc. Along with this, it also provides domain.

What are the benefits of taking hosting from it?

Friends! We tell this in all our posts that whenever we buy anything, first of all we know about its benefits. If we see the benefit of that thing, then we take that thing. If you take hosting from this hosting company then you will get many benefits. So let’s see what are the benefits:

  • You can buy hosting at very cheap rates. It is very beneficial for the new blogger because they do not want to invest much money in the beginning.
  • You also get the option of Monthly payment here, for those who do not want to pay for the whole year at once, this hosting company is the best for them.
  • 24 x 7 hours service is available, friends, whenever we buy something in which we need service, that is, if we need help, then we first see about its service hour. This hosting company provides you 24 x 7 hours service, but some service is available late in the night but you can take help anytime through calling.
  • The founders of this hosting company help you completely in setting up your blog, even they will help you to set up your blog completely with remote access software.
  • Friends! SEO is the most important point of any blog or website , as long as the blog or website is not SEO, the search engine will not rank it in a good position. The team of this hosting company will help you completely in setting up SEO, which no hosting company does.
  • Here you can also make payments through Paytm. Many new bloggers do not have debit card or credit card so that they are not able to purchase hosting but now you can get hosting by paying through Paytm.
  • Server Response Time is the best. Friends, the loading time of any blog or website depends on its server response time, the loading time of all the blogs hosted on the hosting company whose server response time is not good becomes very high so that they do not rank in the search engine. find | But the server response time of this hosting company is very good.
  • This company also provides service in Hindi language.
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There are many other benefits of taking hosting from this company, but I have described the important advantages here. Let me tell you that my blog is also hosted on this hosting.

How did I approach to get hosting on RecoverHosting?

Friends, when I used to run my blog on blogger platform, I also thought that my blog should be on WordPress, but due to more expensive hosting, we could not transfer our blog to WordPress. But I asked many people where to get cheap hosting, then they tell about many Indian hosting company, one of which was RecoverHosting, but I took a month’s hosting from another hosting company and I made my WordPress blog on it. . After two or three days of creating my blog, I got a little problem, for which I called on their number, then the call did not even come and there was no reply to the message.

Then after that I thought of taking hosting from some other hosting company. Then on the same day a friend of mine told about RecoverHosting that it is the best hosting company which is always ready to help. So I wanted to know about the service of this hosting company by taking a month’s hosting here, and I hosted the blog on it for 1 month, after that I got my hosting renewed again on this hosting company because I got the support of this hosting company. Loved the founder’s way of talking and helping.

If you take hosting from this hosting company, then you can also take help from them through Facebook and I liked the way of helping them more when they gave me 4 hours continuous time to setup my blog and all that I was doing the setting myself but through remote access software, from which I also learned a lot. First of all, I would like to say thank you to the founder of this hosting company.

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How to buy hosting from RecoverHosting?

To buy hosting from this company, you have to follow the steps given below  RecoverHosting

Hosting buying process:

Step 1: First of all you go to the website given above. RecoverHosting

RecoverHosting Hosting type

Step 2: Now after that you will see different types of hosting, select whatever hosting you want to take i.e.click on Choose Plan .

Add To Cart

Step 3: Now after this there will be different different price and different different features show of that hosting category, select the features and price you like ieclick on Add to Cart .

Step 4: Now you will have three options show for the domain. Let’s see who is who:

  • Register a New Domain: If you do not have a domain, then you can buy a domain by entering your domain name in it.
  • Transfer your domain from another registrar: If you have taken domain from another company and you want to transfer to this company, then you can transfer through this option.
  • I will use my existing domain and update my name servers: If you already have a domain, you can select this option and enter your domain name.
Checkout option

Step 5: Now you will have Billing cycle show, you can choose billing cycle from here i.e. for how many days you want to purchase hosting, select it from here.

Step 6: Now in the right side you will be shown the Order Summary in which the total amount will be shown, click on Continue below it.

Add Promo Code

Step 7: Now you will get option to enter promo code (coupon code) , if you have coupon code then enter it, you will get some % discount. Right now it is getting 50% discount on 15th and 16th August 2018 whose promo code is “Freedom” .

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Step 8: And finallyclick on Checkout . After that you have to fill your details and then the process will be completed.

Conclusion and Final Words

RecoverHosting is an Indian hosting provider that provides the best service compared to all hosting companies. This hosting company is by far the most favorite hosting company. My blog is currently hosted on this hosting company. Friends, I have indicated cheap hosting in the image given in this post, but if you have a lot of visitors to your blog, then you will have to take an expensive hosting plan.

Friends, I told a lot about RecoverHosting in this post. This was a free review. You tell me by commenting how did you like this post and if you liked this post and if you want to buy hosting, then definitely check once to buy hosting from here. Thanks for visiting our blog.

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