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PxBee Review: A New Photography Website – Make Money Online

PxBee Review: A New Photography Website – A Storehouse of Photos. Nowadays, day by day new organizations, companies are opening in all the fields or rather new competitors are increasing and new websites or organizations are starting, they are providing new facility to their user, their customer. Due to which users are attracted towards them.

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Today we are going to talk about the world of photography, in this field also every day photographers are designing their own ideas or the photos drawn in their own way and making them available on the internet so that the whole world is there. You can buy images for designing your website, your shops.

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There are millions of different types of people in this whole world and everyone’s ideas are different, everyone’s way of thinking is different, everyone likes different designing etc. If in such a situation, only a little designing is available on the internet, then you can think for yourself that this world cannot be designed in different ways. In today’s day, new types of designing are coming in the market every day, which are many times better than the old designing, and today’s young generation likes only new designs, no matter in any field.

In this post we are reviewing a photography website and in this post we will tell you about all the features of this website. Let’s Start…

What is photography?

PxBee is an online marketplace where a stock of photos is available. If put in simple words, PxBee is a photography website where from small photos to big photos are available in different designs. By Fotor photography PxBee marks the place to “find the perfect picture for your creativity”.

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The art of making a photo, taking a photo with a camera, etc. is called photography. In today’s world, people have started forgetting the photographer, the main reason is that now the photo can be taken by using new technology which is called selfie but when big companies have to buy the image for their commercial purpose. So all those companies find such image stock where their favorite photo is available as well as photos are available in good price.

PxBee is such a marketplace of photography where you can also sell the best photos you have taken. A collection of high quality photos ranging from middle quality photos is available on this website, from where you can buy photos according to your need or according to your project.

Compared to other image stock websites available on the internet, PxBee provides good images at a lower price.

Some questions that are asked or can be done with PxBee?

Question: How to buy PxBee images?

Answer: If you want to buy image from PxBee then first of all you have to create your account on PxBee website i.e. you have to be registered user. If you are a registered user then you can select the image according to your work and then pay for that image and download the image from there.

Question: Can I download the same image again and again?

Answer: You have to download the image for which you have paid and keep it in your safe place within 24 hours because after 24 hours you will not be able to download the image.

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For more questions and answers click on the given link (click here for questions answers)

PxBee Categories

It provides many types of image categories, but here we are mentioning some categories which are more used or searched more.

Nature inspiration

Within this category you will find all kinds of pictures related to nature. You will get to see a lot of pictures related to nature, all of which are more than one in themselves.

Colourful World

Within this category, you will find pictures made with many types of colors.

City Shots

Within this category you will get to see very beautiful pictures of different cities. On this website you will find the picture of the city taken both during the day and night and that too very beautiful.

Pricing for PxBee images

Now let’s talk about image pricing, then in this you get two types of image pricing option: royalty-free licensing and subscription licensing.

Royalty free license is a standard license where once you buy any image and then keep using it for lifetime. Some of its pricing are as follows:

  • $ 2.99 dollar per image for Small images
  • $4.99 dollar per image for medium images
  • $9.99 dollar per image for Large images

In the subscription license, you get two types of options, one monthly and one annually (that means yearly), you can take any one subscription plan according to you.

  • In Monthly subscription, the pricing of the image starts from 0.34 dollar per image and in this you have to fix how much image you want to download in a month.
  • In Yearly / Annually subscription, the pricing of the image starts from 0.27 dollars per image and in this also you have to fix the number of image, how much image you want to download in a year.
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Compared to other image photography website, PxBee provides subscription price at a lower rate from where you can buy cheap images for your business, for your project. If you download the image for free, then there is a watermark of PxBee on it, which does not look good, so you can buy good images from PxBee at very cheap rates.

I have reviewed PxBee in this post. In fact it is such that we do not have that much knowledge in the field of photography, so we could not write much about it. Thank you for reading this post.

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