Pranav Mistry, inspiration for all indian youth

Pranav Mistry, inspiration for all,read now?

We are talking about Pranav Mistry, a resident of Gujarat. After all, what has been done by Pranav Mistry, due to which today he has started being called the role model of the youth. 

Pranav Mistry Career

Pranav Mistry is a computer scientist and inventor Pranav was born on 14 May 1981 in Palanpur, Gujarat. Currently, Pranav is Samsung’s Global Vice President of Research and also the head of Samsung’s think tank. Prior to this, Pranav has also worked for Google, Microsoft and NASA.

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Pranav Mistry

Studied in Gujarati medium, Pranav was like a normal student, after schooling, he enrolled in Nirma Institute of Technology in Ahmedabad and then completed his master’s degree from IIT Mumbai. After this the journey started for an invention that would change the times to come. An invention that does not require any special hardware devices. Without keyboard, mouse and LCD, you will be able to do all the work of the computer.

Pranav discovered the Sixth Sense technology by living in India but later to take it to the big level, he did his PhD from MIT (Massachusett Institute of Technology), the world’s most famous college. And then together with MIT Media Lab gave birth to this wonderful invention.

Pranav is one of the top inventors in the world whose age is less than 35 years. He is known in the world for his Sixth Sense technology and Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch.

Pranav, the inventor of Sixth Sense technology and smart watch, explains that you can take photos through smart watch and can also make calls and messages. Sixth Sense Technique works on the basis of your body expressions. Learn Sixth Sense Technique in the video

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Pranav Mistry Biography

Pranav was born on May 14, 1981 in Palanpur City, North Gujarat. The family also has two sisters Jigna and Shweta. 
Pranav took computer science and engineering degree from Nirma Institute of Technology University, Ahmedabad and master’s degree from Industrial Design Center in Mumbai. 
After this, he remained on the post of Research Assistant of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of America for a few years.
– Pranav joined Samsung Company in 2012 as Director of Research. Now he is the Vice President of the company and also the head of the think team.
– Samsung’s latest gadgets i.e. Galaxy-7, Galaxy Gear (Samsung’s smart watch) is the gift of Pranav’s think team.

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