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Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is a country located in Central Europe. It is divided into 16 administrative subdivisions, covering an area of ​​312,696 square kilometers and largely having a temperate seasonal climate.

With a population of approximately 38.5 million people, Poland is the fifth most populous state in the European Union. Warsaw is the capital and largest metropolis of Poland. Other major cities include Krakow, Wrocaw, Pozna, Gdask, and Szczecin.

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Poland is bordered by the Baltic Sea, Lithuania and Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast to the north, Belarus and Ukraine to the east, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the south, and Germany to the west.

CountryRepublic of Poland
Official LanguagePolish
Area3`12`696 km²
Population3 Crore 81 Lakh (October 2018)
Population Density123/km²
Phone Code+48
CurrencyPLN (PLN)
Internet TLD.pl

Amazing And Interesting Facts About Poland

1. Poland as a nation is believed to have been established in 933 AD , when its king Mieszko declared Christianity as the national religion. The size of Poland at that time was similar to that of present-day Poland.

2. The area of ​​Poland is almost as much as Maharashtra . This country is divided into 16 states.

3. Poland is the 69th largest country in the world and the 9th largest country in Europe in terms of area .

4. The Second World War started only after Hitler attacked Poland.

5. More than 6 million Polish civilians were killed in World War II.

6. After the Second World War, there was communist rule in Poland till 1989, after which a referendum of all citizens was held here and it became a democracy.

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7. In the Second World War, Hitler’s Nazi army opened many torture cells in Poland . Jews, eunuchs and political opponents were tortured to death in these cells.

8. Goes to the right side in Poland, if you walk the left side then you can be challaned.

9. 33% of Poland is covered with forests and almost half of its land is cultivated.

10. Due to the large part of the country being covered by forests, this country is also called Super Green Country . There are 23 National Parks and 1200 Natural Reserves in this country. Apart from this, there are more than 9300 lakes in this country.

11. The famous female scientist Marie Curie was originally from Poland, although she lived most of her life in France.

12. The word ‘ Poland ‘ is derived from ‘ Polanie ‘ which means ‘ people who live on open plains ‘. Here people were called Polish and also the language.

13. There are 32 letters in the Polish language.

14. 17 people of Polish origin have won Nobel Prizes. Out of these, 4 awards have been received for peace and 5 for literature.

15. Poland shares its border with 7 countries. These countries are Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Germany.

16. More than 90% of the people of Poland have completed secondary education.

17. Most winners of the World’s Strongest Man competition are from Poland. World’s Strongest Man is a competition organized by a private company since 1977.

18. The main industries in Poland are chemicals, food processing, shipbuilding, coal mining, glass, textiles and beverages.

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19. There are many historical forts present in Poland.

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