How to earn money from Pocket FM?

How to earn money from Pocket FM? [2 ways]


Some like to listen to the story, some like to write the story and some like to watch it in video format. 

And that is why people are using the same thing in different ways in different places. 

Pocket FM

Somebody is watching Rich Dad Poor DAD Book on Youtube, then someone is reading only after buying a book. 

So someone is listening to its summary on an app like Pocket FM. 

That is, the choice of as many types of people as those types of people. 

By the way, what was the first thing you heard on Pocket FM? 

Any Romantic Story, Novel, Music, Fm radio, Radio shows, or podcasts etc. 

You must have enjoyed it a lot. 

But you know that along with listening to these things, you can also earn money from Pocket FM. 

How to earn money from Pocket FM in Hindi?

 So at present there are 2 ways to earn money from Pocket FM- 

  1. Pocket FM Writer Benefit Program 
  2. Refer & Earn Program 

So first of all let’s talk about the first method-

What is Pocket FM’s Writer Benefit Program?

Think of it in such a way that all the novels or stories you have heard so far have not been created by the team that manages the Pocket FM App by themselves. 

So who made it? 

So it was made by some talented person like you. And in return, Pocket FM pays these writers according to their Term & Condition. This is just the Writer Benefit Program of Pocket FM. 

If you also have a story that you can tell in words, then you are welcome to Pocket FM’s Writer Benefit Program. 

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The Pocket FM team says that by joining the Writer Benefit Program, a person can earn Rs 10 lakh annually. 

How you can make money using Pocket FM by Joining Writer Benefit Program?

If you want to earn money from Pocket FM, then for this Pocket FM team has divided the earning into 3 stages. As your stage increases, your earnings will also increase. 

So what are the processes you have to go through for Pocket FM Se Paise Kaise Kamaye by joining the Writer Benefit Program?

This is what you are going to know next-

Pocket FM Writer Benefit Programme 3 Stage Process

Stage-1: Rs.5,000 earning of

This is the most beginner stage for any writer – to earn money from Pocket FM.  

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The term and condition of earning money from this stage is that you have to write a story or any story of at least 50,000 words. 

And you have to write every chapter of this story in 1,500 words.  

If you met both the above conditions and after reviewing your story or content by the editor team, they felt that the user of Pocket FM would definitely like it. 

So your story or content will be made live in the related category of Pocket FM App like Horror, Romantic or Thrill. 

And in return, Rs 5,000 will be transferred to your account. 

Stage-1:  Summary 

Word Limit Earning 
50,000 Rs 5,000 

Important Tip- 

You will write your story Charters. 

Stage-2: Rs.5,000 8,000 earning from

After clearing Stage 1, you will be selected for the second stage.  

And increasing your stage means that now both your earnings and work will increase. 

If we talk about work, then after reaching this stage, you will have to do extra work-

  • One, you have to update your story daily. 
  • And second, you have to be engaged in the work of Content Writing for 28 days out of 30 days of the month. You can get only 2 days to leave during this period. 
  • In Stage 1, you had to write the content of 50,000 words only, but now here you have to write content of more than 70,000 words within 1 month. 

If you wrote the story properly in Stage 2 like Stage 1 and the team liked it after reviewing it, then this story of yours will also be made live. 

And Rs 8,000 will be transferred to your account. 

But if for some reason you are not able to achieve this goal and your story is less than 70,000 words, then you can add a new chapter to it and republish it. 

Stage-2: Summary 

Time Limit Word Limit Earning 
1 Month Over 70,000 Words Rs.8,000 
50,000-70,000 Word  Rs 5,000

Stage-3: Rs.2,500 to Rs.5,000 Of Extra Earning / VIP Royality Program 

This is the last but most important stage of Pocket FM’s Writer Benefit Program. 

This stage is also called VIP Royalty program. 

If you write a story in more than 2,50,000 words and your story is passed in the review, then you will be included in the VIP Royalty program along with living your story. Pocket FM says that with this your annual income will be up to 10 lakh rupees. 

Stage-3 Summary 

Time Limit Word Limit Earning 
——-1,50,000 Word Rs.2,500 Extra 
——-2,50,000  Word Rs.5,000 Extra 
——-Over 2,50,000 Words  VIP Royality Programme Membership 

Tips to Clear Different Stages of Pocket FM Writer Benefit Program 

Tip No.-1 First but the most important thing is that – even if you know a little bit of English, you cannot write in any other language as much as you can write in your own language. So use your mother tongue only.  

Tip No.2- Second thing that you have to avoid writing Hinglish 

For example- Most of people do Google search that- 

Pocket FM Se Paise Kaise Kamaye? 

This is Hinglish. That is, by looking at the words of English, but on reading it comes to know that its Pronunciation is like Hindi. 

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So its pure Hindi will be like this- 

how to earn money from pocket FM

I hope you understand what I want to say.

Tip No.3 If you want to become famous quickly, then for this you have to write a story according to your audience. Like in today’s time, love and love being talked about at a young age, so these people like to listen to stories, etc. on such things.

Apart from this, there are many other things like Motivational Story, etc. So you can start writing something related to this, which people will listen to.  

This is the point of Pocket FM Se Paise Kaise kamaye. Let’s also know with this- How To Join Pocket FM Writer Benefit Program In Hindi i.e.- 

How to Join Pocket FM’s Writer Benefit Program?

 Introducing you – Step-by-Step Information to Join Pocket FM’s Writer Benefit Program 

Step-1: If you have not downloaded or uninstalled Pocket FM yet, then download it from Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

You can also join Write Benefit Program by visiting this link-

Step-2 Now you have to enter your Valid Mobile Number here. 

Step-3 Within a few seconds, an OTP will come on your number. In this step you have to enter the same OPT. 

Step-4 After this you will be asked for your name, email id, and language details. Here you should select the same language on which you have a stronghold because in the future you will write the story on this language.  

Step-5 After giving your Basic Detail, the Writing Dashboard will open in front of you. Here you have to write the title of your story. 

If someone doesn’t understand a good title, then write XYZ anything. You can repair it later. 

Step-6 After this you have to click on the “Create Novel & Go To First Chapter” button. 

Step-7 Finally this is the page on which you have to write the first chapter of your story. You have to give some name to this chapter of yours. 

And if you have already written a story in a Notebook or Dairy, then you will find many such apps on the Google Play Store, with the help of which you can take a photo of the particular page of your notebook or Dairy and convert the handwritten text to the text of Mobile. Can write in digital text. 

How and how much can you earn by joining the rest of Pocket FM’s Writer Benefit Program? You have already got information about all these.  

And with this we have come to another way to earn money from Pocket FM. So let’s know  

How to earn money with Pocket FM Refer & Earn? 

If you want to earn money from Pocket FM’s Referral Program, then first you have to register yourself with Pocket FM App.

Step To Register On Pocket FM App

The process of registration is like this – 

  • 1) First of all download Pocket FM by clicking on this link .  
  • 2) After this open this app and select your language. ,
  • 3) Enter your phone number and verify it with the coming OTP.  
  • 5) Complete your Pocket FM Profile by entering your Name and Date of Birth.  
  • 5) After the verification is done, go to the Profile section, but before that, you have to upload any 2 Voice or Mp3.  
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Note – You will not see the option of Wallet until you upload any Mp3. Upload any 2 Voice/Video to activate Wallet.  

  • 6) After this go to the Record Icon appearing on the Dashboard.  
  • 7) After this upload or record any 2 Mp3. So that your Wallet or Referral Link can be activated.  
  • 8) After the voice is successfully uploaded, go to the Profile Icon.  
  • 9) Now you will start seeing the section of Wallet here. You have to click on this. All you have to do is refer it and you will start earning money from Pocket FM.    

How to refer Pocket FM App?

It is very easy to refer to this app and earn money from it. Let us tell you that you will get 10 rupees on every referral.  

  • 1) First of all go to the Wallet section by clicking on   Profile Icon.
  • 2) Here you will see the Referral link. Share this with your friends.  
  • 3) As soon as one of your friends signs up in Pocket FM App from your Referral Link, then 10 rupees will be added to your Wallet. 
  • 4) You can redeem you’re earning through Paytm. 

How to Redeem Earning from Pocket FM Referral?  

  • 1) You can Withdraw, Withdraw You’re Earning from your Wallet.  
  • 2) Your money will be added to your Paytm Wallet within 2 days.  
  • 3) But yes you can redeem this money only when you have 200 rupees in your Pocket FM app. That is, for this you have to refer at least 20 people. 
  • 4) This Offer is for Limited Time, so start referring as soon as possible to earn   

So in this way you can also earn money from Pocket FM through Referral Program. 

FAQ: Often people ask such questions- 

Q: What will you do if your story is not successful and cannot reach the next stage? 

Ans: So to clear that stage try one more time. This time add some extra things too. 

Q: In this, the story has to be written in writing, or does it have to be written? 

Ans: In this, you have to write the story i.e. in text format, if you have a story but there is a problem in writing, then you can write your story in text format by using any Speech to Text app. Huh. 


If you have something to write and want to share your thoughts with the world, then Pocket FM is the best for you. 

Because not only can you earn a lot from this. Rather, by this, you will get Name-Fame i.e. respect and respect. People will know you and will also appreciate your story or novel.    

Anyway, apart from Pocket FM’s Writer Benefit Program, you can also earn money from Refer & Earn. 

So how to earn money from Pocket FM how did you like this post? 

Will definitely tell you in the comment box. 

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