Play games and win money in these 5 apps Now

Play games and win money in these 5 apps Now

Yes man, you read it right Play games and win money in 2022. (Open Winzo App) Today I will tell 5 such apps in which you will earn money by playing games. You must have seen that there are many such money earning games on the play store. For those who say that you play games in our app, I will give you money.

But most of the fraud is done with you, you play the game in the app diligently and win money one by one and when it comes time to withdraw, this money winning game cheats with you and does not give you money. But today I will tell a game playing app in 5 such mobiles, which if you play well then you will definitely win some money.

Often people need money. And ever since the lockdown happened, more people became interested in money. People started playing games sitting at home so that they could earn money by playing games. Many people have become victims of fraud in the name of winning money. But you have to stay away from all these things. You have to play the game only in those apps, in which you can withdraw the money won with 100% guarantee.

Friends, we feel happy when we withdraw some money. All the apps you will get to see below will give you money if you play.


get mega game k

GetMega is an online real money gaming platform developed by Megashots Internet Pvt. Ltd. Owned and operated by. GetMega’s UI/UX is user friendly and there are no bets or frauds as there are 100% genuine and verified players. GetMega offers 100% money back on first deposit using coupon code LIST2ELQ .  

This android application has 24*7 running leader boards, giving users a chance to win INR 10,00,000 every month. GetMega is the most trusted and secure platform in India to play online games and earn money. GetMega provides 1 minute withdrawal facility. Sources including Bank Transfer, Paytm Yum, and UPI (Google Pay, PhonePe, etc.) are available at GetMega.

Chat support at GetMega has a 15 minute election time. ITEC Technology, the No. General Authenticator from Australia and membership of the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), make it India’s safest. 

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GetMega is India’s first RMG platform, in which users can play Rummy, players can video chat. You can play with your friends and family with real money, in a safe environment. GetMega’s Rummy offer has 12+ games in addition to 3 major categories i.e. card games ( Poker and Rummy ) casual games ( carrom, pool, etc. ) trivia (GK, 123, etc.). 

Play Rummy on GetMega and get 100% money back on 1 point deposit. 

Coupon Code: LIST2ELQ


  1. play cash games and 
  2. Hourly, Daily, and Weekly Leaderboards 
  3. free entry leader board 
  4. AIGF and RNG certified 
  5. live chat support 
  6. 1 minute return 
  7. videochat support 
  8. buy in less than 1 rupee 
  9. Minimum deposit starts from Rs.10

Unique Feature:

  1.  Play Rummy with Friends and Family on Videochat

Make Money using MPL

If you want to make money by playing games, then download MPL - in this game khelo aur paise jeeto

MPL, which you probably also know, in this app millions of people have earned money by playing games. There is a fantasy very popular game in this, when there is a match, you win money by making your team in fantasy.

But I will not tell you to make a team, apart from this there are many games, from which people are earning lakhs of rupees such as quiz, carrom, car racing game. Apart from this, there are many games, you can choose a game according to your interest and play it.

I found the best feature of mpl is that they withdraw money immediately. Meaning if you have earned even 1 rupee from the game khelo paise jeeto app mpl, then you will also be able to transfer it instantly to your paytm, bank account, upi app. Yes, you also have to invest money to play this game, but if you have the skill to play the game, then you will be able to win a lot of money easily.

Make money by playing games MPL app download :- MPL 

If you are fond of playing games then you must try mpl once. Below I will also tell you a game to win money without investing money. But if you want to earn a lot from the game then you can use this app.

Make Money online using MX Player by Playing Games

In mx player you can earn money by playing games for free - that's why it is a money earning game

Do you know about mx player. If you do not know then let me tell you in this you can watch videos, listen to audios as well as earn money by playing games from this app. First of all you have to download mx player by going to play store. Or you can also download mx player game from the link below.

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Make Money online by playing mx player game – download

Once you download this app, then log in with your mobile number. Then you will start earning money by playing the game of your choice. If you play well, you will be able to cover the whole day’s expenses.

This is not a fake app or game, it is a very big company. All the money you win will be able to transfer instantly to your paytm wallet. Its special thing is that you do not need to invest a single penny in it.

The more games you play, the more money you will win, but you have to play the game well. Otherwise, other people win, the higher your score, the more money you get in this app.

Make money by playing Paytm First Game

If you want to make money by playing games then download paytm first games - in this game khelo aur paise jeeto

paytm first games is also a good gaming platform from where you can earn money. This is a trusted app because it is made by paytm. And you already know that paytm is such a big company. Whatever money you win in this app, you will be able to send it to your paytm app.

Apart from fantasy, there are many apps in this app which offers the game play and win cash prizes. As you are seeing in this image also people are winning daily up to 10 crore rupees with the help of this app. Rarely do you get this much job, if you have the interest to play then you can download this money winning game.

Earn Money by Playing Games – download paytm first games

You have to download this money earning app from the link given above, after that log in with your mobile number, then you will get a bonus of Rs 50 immediately. You can use this bonus to play games.

Play winzo game and win cash prizes

If you want as much money then download winzo - in this game khelo aur paisa jeeto

Winzo is also a popular gaming platform from where you can win money by playing some games. This is an Indian game you can trust. In this app you will get to see many games like free fire, ludo carrom etc.

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download winzo for earnings app :- download winzo game

There is also fantasy in this, if you want, you can earn money even by playing. But if you do not have much knowledge of cricket, then it would be better if you do not play fantasy. Instead, you will be able to make a lot of money by playing another game. I mean, play the game in which you are interested, then your chances of winning increase.

Whatever money you win in this game, you will be able to withdraw your winning money in apps like paytm, upi, phone pay etc. At present, this app has more than 5Cr users who play games in it and win money.

Dream 11 Money Winning Game

You can win money by creating your own team in Dream11

You must also know this quite a bit because almost everyone’s mobile phone shows the ad of dream 11. Today there is a lot of such living proof that you will be completely convinced that if you open the game in this app, there will be no shortage of money. To win money from this game, you should have a lot of cricket knowledge because there is only option to play fantasy in it.

If you know anything about cricket, you know which player how to play, then you can go with Dream11, as I told you above, playing this game will change the lives of many people. Gone .

Money Winning Game Download :- Download dream 11 

When you download this app and sign up for the first time, you will also get a bonus so that you can earn a lot of money by participating in fantasy.

Conclusion :- Play Game Win Money

All the apps mentioned above are all game play and make money online , there is no fraud of any kind. If you play well in it you will definitely win money. But one thing that you have to keep in mind is that do not play any game for money. Meaning if you force someone to play the game, then maybe you will not win. That’s why you will definitely win the game in which you get more interest, play the game that you like.

How did you like this information, give us feedback through comments so that we can bring more knowladgable content for you.

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