Top 3 Way To Send Money Using PhonePe Mobile Wallet Now

Top 3 Way To Send Money Using PhonePe Mobile Wallet Now

Hello friends, recently the Indian government has instructed all mobile wallets to do KYC verification. Paytm, PhonePe, Tez, almost all popular mobile wallets have also completed KYC verification from their customers. Here we are going to talk about  Send Money Using PhonePe ? That is, how can you send money from PhonePe to Account Number, Mobile Number and UPI?

Because ever since Paytm Payment Bank Service has come, then many of us users are having problem in transferring money from Paytm and those who do not have KYC verification cannot send money either.

I am using both Paytm and PhonePe continuously. When Paytm was launched in the beginning, then who used to add money to transfer money in it. But gradually everything is over, now at this time we do not get any cashback on money transfer on Paytm.

Whereas ever since PhonePe has been launched, we are getting Cashback Offer on Mobile Recharge, Bill Payment, Money Transfer. Even if we add a new account in this, we get money. PhonePe Se Paise Kaise Transfer Kare? Before getting information about this, we know how to add your bank account in PhonePe. Because many people have issues regarding this.

How to Add New Bank Account?

It is very easy to add PhonePe Bank Account , just for this we should have a phone number that is attached to our bank account and we have to create a phone account with the same number. Once the PhonePe Account is created,

We have to go to My Account Option and click on Bank Account Option. After that we have to search the name of our bank and connect it. After connecting the bank, we can setup UPI PIN. You can read about it from here “ How to Setup UPI PIN in PhonePe? ,

Add PhonePe Bank

After setting up the account, we are ready to send money from PhonePe. At this time we can transfer money from one PhonePe account to another PhonePe account or bank account along with Mobile recharge, Bill recharge, DTH recharge, Wallet To-pup & Withdrawal.

  • You can send money to PhonePe Registered Phone Number.
  • You can transfer money from UPI Address.
  • You can send money to the bank account.
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After linking Bank Account , we can transfer money from PhonePe using these three methods. We often have problems in transferring money, so we know about all these methods in detail.

PhonePe Mobile Number Par Paisa transfer Kaise kare?

The easiest and best way to transfer money from any Smartphone Wallet , today Paytm is so popular, so only because of this method and now Google Tez Mobile Wallet is also popular for some similar services.

If a person has a PhonePe registered account, then we can directly transfer money to him with the help of his mobile number and receive money from him if needed, with the help of his PhonePe mobile number,

All we have to do is open our PhonePe App and click on the “To Contact” option to send money to someone’s mobile number.

As we click on To Contact, all the Contact list saved in the phone comes in front of us. We just have to select that contact from here.

After selecting the contact, which amount we have to send from our PhonePe account to the mobile number. That much amount has to be entered and click on send. After that instant money transfer will happen.

send PhonePe Money

How to Transfer Money using PhonePe UPI

The way to transfer PhonePe to Paisa through UPI address is almost the same. But in this we have to select UPI address instead of mobile number.

UPI i.e. Unified Payment Interface is a secure way to do online transactions, through this we can send or receive money by hiding our bank details. We get this feature in PhonePe, just for this,

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After going to the PhonePe Mobile App, you have to click on the To contact option. As we do to send money on mobile number. But here we have to select UPI Option instead of “Contact” from Contact Option.

After this we have to select that UPI address. Where you want to send money and then click on Add UPI.

Add UPI Address

After adding the UPI address, again we have to do the same process as we have done while transferring money from PhonePe Mobile Number. We have to add the amount of money we send and transfer the money.

How to Transfer Money using PhonePe to your Bank Account

If we have to send money from PhonePe to any person who has a bank account but does not have a PhonePe wallet account or does not have a registered phone number in the bank. So in such a situation, we can transfer money to that person’s bank account using PhonePe Payment System.

But for that we should have some details,

  • Account number of the person to whom we want to send money.
  • The name of the person who is registered on the Bank Passbook.
  • IFSC Code of the Bank Branch from which the Bank Account has been opened.

If all these things are there then we can send money to anyone’s bank account using PhonePe wallet. Just for this, we have to open PhonePe and click on the “To Contact” option like the process mentioned above.

After clicking, “Bank Account” option has to be selected and click on Add Bank Account. After that we have to enter the IFSC Code, Name and Account Number of that person.

After entering the bank detail, we have to enter the amount as much as we want to transfer to that person’s bank account. After that, you have to send money by clicking on Send.


Friends,  How to Transfer Money using PhonePe  This question might have asked you a little problem earlier. But after knowing the PhonePe money transfer methods mentioned here, it must be all easy for you like me. I think now everyone can easily send money from phonePe. If you have any question then do comment.

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