How to become Paytm Agent and earn money now

How to become Paytm Agent and earn money now

Do you also want to become a Paytm Agent, but you do not know  how to become a Paytm Agent , then friends, now you do not have to worry, because today we will tell you in detail about becoming a Paytm Agent through this article. Giving information.

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If you want to work together with Paytm company, then the company has brought a very golden opportunity for you. Now you can work together with Paytm while sitting at home. To work in Paytm company, you  have to become a Paytm agent  .

In this article, we are going to tell you in detail about all the information related to  Paytm Agent, what is Paytm Agent, how to become Paytm Agent, what are  the benefits of becoming a Paytm Agent. So read this article step by step carefully..

What is Paytm Agent

Due to the increase in the number of online users, the  Paytm company  has started needing people to access the services to all its users. In such a situation, if the company employs a person in every village and town of India, then it will have to hire lakhs of people. Due to which a lot of its money will go towards paying salaries to these people.

Therefore, for less expenses, the Paytm company found a way to make people  Paytm agents  . First of all, the company verifies those people who want to become Paytm agents. After that the company pays commission  to the  Paytm agent to reach its  services to the people  .

What is the work of Paytm Agent

As we have already told you that the job of Paytm Agent is to help people in various services of Paytm like: Booking Movies Tickets, Making Fast Tags, Recharging Mobiles, Paying Electricity Bills, Booking Train Tickets. Is. For this, on every service, you get some commission by Paytm.

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The main job of Paytm Agent is to do KYC of those  Paytm users  whose KYC is not completed. Because due to the change in the old rules of Paytm, now if a user’s  KYC  is not complete, then he cannot transfer money from Paytm. Therefore, getting KYC done to all Paytm users has become a very important task.

How to become Paytm Agent

Friends, after knowing the work of Paytm Agent, now we are going to give you step by step information about becoming a Paytm Agent. So that you too can earn money online by becoming a Paytm agent.

You can apply online to become a Paytm Agent. For this you do not need to give interview anywhere or go for any work. Along with this, if you are less educated, but know how to operate a smartphone, then you can apply for it.

So let us now know the complete process that how to apply to  become a Paytm Agent .

  • First of all, you have to open any one browser in your phone or laptop.
  • Now you have to search by typing Paytm Bca Registration in its search box.
  • Now you have to go to the first website that appears in the search result.
  • You can also go to that website by clicking on the link given here , after that follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Fill in your correct information

Paytm Agent

Now as soon as you reach the Paytm Agent Registration official link, a new page will appear in front of you, in which you have to fill your basic information like  name, mobile number, address  correctly.

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After filling all the information, once you must check whether all the information entered by you is correct or not. Because if you fill wrong information, your application is canceled. So once you have checked the information click on the submit button.

2. Paytm Agent Registration Last Step

Paytm company will get all your information as soon as you click the submit button. After 2-3 days, another Paytm agent will come to your house, who will verify all your details. If all your details are proved correct, then your application will be successful.

After that a Login ID and Password will be given to you through Paytm. Using which you can login to your Paytm agent account and do the work of others.

What is the salary

If you want to know that how much salary Paytm company pays to all its Paytm agents per month, then let us tell you that the salary of any Paytm agent is not fixed. Because the earning of Paytm Agents depends on his work. According to the number of people you provide Paytm’s services, you get commission.

Still, if we talk about how much a Paytm agent earns every month, then it can be from 20 to 30 thousand rupees. Sometimes Paytm agents also earn money by charging people for providing services.


Following are the benefits of becoming a Paytm agent.

  • You can also do this job part time.
  • You can earn money sitting at home by becoming a Paytm agent.
  • If you run a cyber cafe, then you can increase your income by becoming a Paytm agent.
  • You can also earn extra money from the customer by charging something in return for the service.
  • You can do this work from anywhere, for this you do not need anything.
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How to earn money from Paytm Agent?

A Paytm agent earns money in the form of commission by providing service to the people. According to the number of people you provide Paytm’s services, you get commission.

How much money can I earn from Paytm Agent?

Probably a Paytm agent earns 20 to 30 thousand rupees a month, but if more customers come to a Paytm agent then his income can also increase.

What is the salary of Paytm Agent?

Paytm Company does not give any fixed salary to any Paytm Agent   . The salary of Paytm Agents depends on their work.


Friends, in this article we  have told you about how to become a Paytm Agent . By reading this article you too can become a Paytm Agent. Do share this article with your family and friends, so that those people can also know  what documents are required to become a Paytm Agent  .

After reading this article, if you have any question related to this article, then definitely tell us in comment. We will try our best to answer your questions and if you liked the information, then do share it with your friends on social media.

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