How to take Parle distributorship? Apply online today in just [3 steps] sitting at home.

How to take Parle distributorship? Apply online today in just [3 steps] sitting at home.

Parle company is very famous for its products like parle g biscuit, thumbs up and frooti. This is the reason that today Parle-G has become the world’s best-selling biscuit.

If you are thinking of taking parle distributorship then you are thinking right. By joining hands with parle company, you can earn quite well. In this article, I am going to share information about essential qualification, online apply process, investment, profit-margin and required documents under parle distributorship kaise le.

For complete information about parle distributorship kaise le, read this article carefully and carefully till the end.

 Parle company profile 

Company  Name:Parle 
Founded Year:1929
Founder:Chauhan family, Mohanlal Dayal Chauhan
Headquarters: Mumbai
Contact number:022-6713 0300
websiteParleproduct. com 

Parle distributorship kaise le?

If you want to take parle distributorship, then for this you should have the following qualification-

1 You must be above 21 years of age. 

2 Applicants should have minimum educational qualification up to 10th standard. 

3 The applicant should have knowledge about FMCG Distributorship business.

4 The applicant should have the required investment and space.  

5 To do retailing work in the market, the applicant should have vehicle and staff. 

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How to get parle distributorship Parle Distributorship Cost:

How much will it cost to take Parle Distributorship, it completely depends on whether the land is your own or not, if you do not have your own land then you will have to buy land, which will increase the investment in starting this business. 

If the land is your own, then to start this business you will have to invest 15-16 lakh rupees. The details of investment are as follows-

  • You will have to invest 10 lakh rupees for the initial stock. 
  • At least Rs 2 lakh for security fees 
  • Will have to invest in shop cost and godown cost (Rent cost depends on your area)
  • Staff cost at least 3-5 lakhs 
  • vehicle (can be your own or you can take on rent.)
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parle distributorship kaise le? Land for Parle Distributorship 

For Parle Distributorship, you will need at least 800-1000 square feet of land. If you want to do this business on small level then less land will be required whereas if you want to do it on big level then more land will be needed for this. If you are thinking of taking FMCG products distributorship with parle then more space will be required for this. The details of the required space are as follows-

Office:- 150 sq ft to 200 sq ft 

Godown:- 1000 sq ft to 1500 sq ft 

Other space:- 200 sq ft to 400 sq ft 

Documents Required to take Parle Distributorship

If you want to take Parle Distributorship , then for this you must have personal documents, property documents and business documents. 

Under personal document, you should have the following documents-

ID Proof :-

  •  aadhar card, 
  • Pan Card , Voter Card

Address Proof :-

  •  Ration Card , 
  • Electricity Bill ,

Bank Account With Passbook

Photograph Email ID , Phone Number ,

Talking about the property document, you should have the following documents under it-

  • Rent agreement 
  • Shop agreement 
  • NOC 

The following documents come under business documents. To take pepsico agency, you must also have the following documents-

  • GST Number
  • Outlet Trade licence
  • Food Licence

Parle Distributorship Profit & Margin

The parle company gives the franchise of many types of product so the profit depends on what kind of product you are taking the franchise. The company gives a profit margin of 8%-8.5% on parle-g buiscuit.

Along with this, the profit margin in this business depends on your sales. If you sell more then you can earn good profit from this business. 

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In the initial month, you will not be given any target by the company. With which you will be able to become your customer by becoming tension free with ease. 

 As soon as it will be 5-6 months while doing this business, the company will give you a selling target, on completion of which you will be offered many schemes so that you can earn more profit. 

How to apply for Parle distributorship? How to apply for the Parle Distributorship?

If you want to apply for parle distributorship then step by step guide is being given for this. You can take parle distributorship by following these steps-

Step -1 Today is the age of google. You have to search in google

 And have to come to the official site of the company. The website of the company will look something like this. 

Step-2 After reaching the official site of the company, three lines will appear in the corner of the home page, you have to click on it. After this you will see the option of contact us. You have to click on it. 

On clicking Step-3 , a form like this will open in front of you.

If you want to take Parle distributorship then you can apply online for Parle distributorship by filling this form. After entering all the information, make sure to check once before submitting whether the information entered is correct or not. 

After 2 days of filling this form, the agent of the company will contact you himself through call or email. 

If the company’s call does not come even after 2 days, then you can contact the company through the number or email given below-

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Call: 02267130300

Another way to take Parle Distributorship 

If you are not able to contact the company for taking Parle Distributorship in both the above mentioned methods, then adopt this method-

  • Meet the parle local area manager of your area. 
  • They will survey your area and prepare a chart for you. 
  • If you are ready to take distributorship, then after a few days they will take this process forward. 
  • The area manager will help you in setting up your business. 
  • They will also get you training. 
  • In this way you can start your business within a few weeks.

Some questions related to parle distributorship kaise le which are commonly asked-

Q : How much will the parle distributorship cost come?

Ans: The parle distributorship cost will be around Rs 15-16 lakh.

Q : What is parle distributorship contact number?

Ans: You can contact for parle distributorship on these numbers- 022-67130300

How to get parle distributorship  (conclusion )

In this article, I have given you information about essential qualification, online apply process, investment, profit-margin and required documents under parle distributorship kaise le.

On the basis of this information, you can easily apply for parle distributorship.

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