How To Get Pan Masala Agency?

How To Start Pan Masala Agency? In 2023 [Know 4 Ways Now]

In today’s time, people of all ages eat pan masala. 

Because the older 18 boys are not behind in eating pan masala. 

And according to his choice, some Vimal eats pan masala, some like Kamala, while some like Rajshree is crazy about pan masala . 

pan masala

So why not try your hand at pan masala business? 

That is, to start the business of pan masala?

But how? 

So in today’s post, Earningmitra will tell you how to get Paan Masala Agency i.e. how to take the agency of Pan Masala?

So let’s start and know step by step what is the complete process? 

How to get pan masala agency? in 2023

Step-1 Decide which brand of pan masala do you want to take? 

Today many types of pan masala come in the market. And every brand of pan masala has its own customer base. 

It may be that the demand for pan masala in your area is high, you do not even ask for the same pan masala in other areas. 

So first you have to decide which pan masala agency you want to take – 

  • Rajshree Pan Masala 
  • caterpillar likes 
  • Or Vimal Pan Masala
  • or Rajni Gandha 
  • Or the accountant. 

Step-2 Select Location. 

When you fix that which company you want to take the agency of pan masala, now it is the turn – where will you open your agency to choose the location? 

Keep in mind that your agency should be accessible to the people? Or from where people keep coming and going. 

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For this, you can select a location around the market. 

Step-3 Arrange the Invesmtent. 

Now you have done two things that which company’s pan masala has to be taken and at which location the agency has to be opened. 

So to take Agecny and to open Agency at the selected place, you have to make investment arrangements. Because-

You will need land to build an office and build a Godown. 

If you have your own land then it is good, otherwise you will have to take the land on lease or buy it for a few years. 

After this, you will also have to build a good office on this land and godown to keep the goods.

How much land will be needed? 

Look, you can take the land on your own. If you want to do business on a large scale, then more space will be required. And if you want to work on a small level initially, then less space will be required. 

How much investment will come? 

To start this business, you may have to spend money on many things. 

such as-

Buying land 

  • Build Office and Godown. 
  • And depositing money in the company as security money. Which can be around 1-5 lakh rupees. 

By the way, these fees taken by each company are different. 

Which depends on how branded the company’s pan masala is. 

Total Investment – ​​If the cost of land, office-godown and security money is added, then it can sit around Rs.6-7 lakhs. 

Note- Total investment is an approximate amount of Rs.6-7 lakhs. It can be less or more. 

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Step-4 Create Documents

How to get pan masala agency? For this you will also need some important documents. such as-

  • Identity Proof Documents – Aadhar Card, PAN Card, or Driving License.
  • In Address Proof Documents – Ration Card, Electricity Bill or Water Bill.
  • Bank Account Detail
  • Trade License
  • GST Number
  • NOC Agreements (if land is taken on rent)

Step-5 How to Apply for Pan Masala Agency? 

When you complete all the four steps i.e. which company’s pan masala to take? Where to take agency and after checking investment, documents etc., now it is the turn to apply.

So how to get Pan Masala AJC? There are many ways to apply for. such as-

  • Method No.-1 to apply by visiting the official website of the company.
  • Method No.-2 Calling the company’s Toll Free Number and talking.
  • Method No.-3 By emailing the company, how to get pan masala agency? Apply for
  • Method No.-4 Contacting the Local Chief.

If you want to call toll free number of the company, then you can remove the number of that company from Google. And email address can also be found in the same way.

How to get pan masala agency? The company will give you further information.

Thank you…….

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