How to Check Your PAN Card Status Online

How to Check Your PAN Card Status Online Now

How to apply online for New Pan Card? You all will know about this because there are many Videos & Articles on the Internet. But how to check Pan Card Status online ? Very few people know about this and there are hardly any tricks available to track Pan Card Status on the Internet , if you have also applied for online Pan Card and you want to know this. That your Pan Card is not made or not, by when the Pan Card will be delivered (will reach home) . So you are in the right place and from here you can track Pan Card Status on Mobile/Computer sitting at home.

Why should have a PAN card?

An Indian person has an identity card (ID) in many ways such as Voter ID, Aadhaar, and Driving license. All these are used in different ways in different places and all have their own importance. Every person of India is aware that driving license is required to run a bike, car or any big vehicle and these three IDs also come in handy for work like school, bank, etc. But why is PAN card necessary for an Indian person? What is its importance?

Tax Deduction: The most important use of PAN card is for taxation, if a person has not linked PAN with his bank account, then he will have to pay 30% TDS instead of 10% in many conditions.

Buying Four Wheeler Vehicle: If you want to buy any 4 wheeler vehicle like Car, then PAN is one of the most important documents for this.

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Loan: If you want to take any type of loan such as home loan, car loan, then for this also you must have a PAN card or else the bank will not give you the loan.

Opening Bank Account – If you want to open an offline or online bank account, then you must have a PAN card along with all the documents for this.

Starting Business: If you have any type of business idea and you want to start a business, then you must have PAN card for business registration.

How to apply for PAN card online?

If your age is 18 or above, then it is mandatory for you to make a Pan Card and if you do not know how to make a Pan Card?. So with these things you can apply for Pan Card online.

  • Aadhaar Card Number (Earlier Aadhar card required Domicile Certificate, Bank Account, Birth Certificate. But now you can apply for New Pan card only through Aadhaar Card )
  • ATM, Net Banking or UPI with 107 rupees (New Pan Card Charge is 107 rupees, if you want to apply online then you have to pay 107 rupees from internet)
  • Online Application For New Pan Card (When you have Aadhaar Card Number and Rs 107, you can fill Online Pan Card Application Form )

After submitting the application form, its process starts and in a week it reaches your permanent address through Indian post. In such a situation, if for some reason you have not been able to get a PAN card or you want to know how long you will get your PAN card, then for this you can track on online mobile whether PAN card is made or not and when will it reach home. I have explained this method in detail with some easy steps.

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How to Track Online Pan Card Status (Check)?

New PAN is applied only from the official website of Nation Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and after submitting the Pan Card Application, according to the NSDL terms, the Pan Card will be delivered to your specified address in 10 days.

But like all other government services, NSDL always delays in making and delivering Pan Card. But there is one good thing in its service. Whoever applies for making a PAN card through NSDL. He gets an Acknowledgment Number along with the Pan Card Number.

Pan Card Status

With the help of which you can track Pan Card Status and know how long your Pan Card will reach you. For how to track Pan Card Status, you can see these steps.

pan card Status form
  • Select PAN New/Change Request Option in Application Type and enter Aknowledge Number. After this, enter the Captcha Code and click on Submit and from here you will know whether your Pan Card has been processed or not, how long will the delivery process take place and by which date it will reach you.
track Pan card status

Friends, if you have applied for your New Pan Card and you want to know. How long will your Pan Card come in the process, for this  you can track Pan Card Status , you can check online that by when your PAN card will reach home, apart from this there is no other way by which you will get Pan Card Detail. information can be found. Hope all of you have understood that how to track online free New Pan Card , if you have any question related to it, then you must tell in the comment.

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