How to participate in the Olympics ,and how to prepare

How to participate in the Olympics , and how to prepare now

How to Participate in Olympic Games, How to Prepare, Here’s the Answer to Every Question
How to Participate In Olympics

Perhaps the Tokyo Olympics 2020 has seen millions of spectators and everyone was hoping that this time our country will definitely bring a gold medal and bring it too, but imagine if you were getting the same gold medal, that is, you were a member of your country. How would it feel if you were winning a gold medal in the Olympics? But then it comes to the mind of many people that it is impossible for us, except some people, everyone else thinks that we cannot participate in the Olympics. You will be surprised to know that no matter how old you are or how fat you are, if you work hard from today itself, you can be selected for the next Summer Olympics.

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If you choose the right sport for you, then you can truly fulfill your dream of participating in the Summer Olympics All those people who are dreaming of becoming an Olympic player can be encouraged to learn today, they can choose any sport for themselves from dozens of sports. Some sports require more “mental” skills than “physical” skills, and financial support is also provided by the government to learn these sports.

This time you may not have done any preparation, but you will be surprised to know that if you start preparing soon, then you can be a part of the next Olympic competition. You are not too old to fulfill your dream and neither are you overweight. If you still feel like this, then let me tell you for your information, the oldest Olympic medalist was 72 years old .


With these 10 steps, you can move towards becoming a good Olympic player. 10 Steps for participant in Summer Olympics

1. Physical Condition Assessment

First of all, you have to see how your size or weight is. This will help you choose the sport that is right for you, as well as what training you want to join.

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If you are 35 years old and you like sitting on the couch with a six pack and a pack of chips, you are probably not ready to be an Olympic gymnast. However, if you make changes in your lifestyle, there are many sports in which you can participate successfully. For this, you can reduce on your fitness by consulting your local trainers.

2. Choose a Sport

Many players choose their game based on what they enjoy doing and what they are good at. If you already have a passion for a sport, such as target shooting or teraki, judo, then you are already one step ahead of others. If you are starting from scratch and need help choosing which sport you should choose, you can visit the Olympic Games website to see a list of Olympic Games.

If you are an older athlete, you can choose a sport that requires mental skill rather than physical strength, then you are more likely to succeed. Some examples of mental sports include: archery, canoe/kayak, horse riding, fencing, sailing, shooting and table tennis.


3. Choose the Right Place for Training

Once you have chosen your game, then you have to think about how to develop yourself in that game. For this, you have to join the local athletic club related to your sport so that there you can practice that sport properly and learn the qualities of that sport. Sometimes you can find classes related to your sport and a good training place at your local school or university.

4. Join the National Governing Body

This is an important step that takes you to the next level in your game, that of joining the National Governing Body (NGB). The NGB organizes national championships, forms its own national team, and organizes various development programs for athletes. you are in the US The NGB website can be accessed through the Olympic website .

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5. Start the Competition

After doing all this, if you haven’t started competing at the club level yet, now is the time to do it. Your NGB hosts various tournaments that start locally. Therefore, it is important to make a rating at the national level by participating in many sports and their competitions. Your NGB will tell you when and where and in which contests you want to participate.


6. Set up a mentor or coach for your game

You have to take this step only when you start preparing for any competition. A coach helps you develop your skills in the game, so that you can take your game to the next level. You can find a good coach only where you start your training. Some gurus will find you taking classes as per your convenience, they can train you themselves and they can also recommend someone else to train you.

7. Visualize Your Success

Even great athletes use this training technique, which is called ” visualization” . One theory says that, seeing an exact golf swing 1,000 times in your mind is actually considered a better practice than swinging a golf club 10,000 times.

If you are a diver, you can repeat the whole sequence over and over again to make a precise dive in your mind. Think, “You are propelling yourself up a ladder, every step you take towards the end of your platform, release yourself into the air and you are doing each of your twists and flips with perfect precision, now you Entering the water like wax without any splashes”.


Then watch yourself rise out of the water, take off your towels, and pop flashbulbs to the echo of millions of spectators. Add as much detail as you can to your visualization, including any sounds, smells and physical sensations you can imagine. Your visualization will prepare you to get the result you want.

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8. Becoming Financially Strong

Now it is a matter of money or financial things. There is a need to take full time training at a time, then you have to find a way to improve yourself financially. Elite level athletes have many options, including college athletic scholarships , becoming a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center, or obtaining corporate sponsorship. Your NGB can give you information on how to become a resident athlete.

9. Participate in National Championships

Most NGBs run their national championships in the format of the Olympic Games, so this can be a good Olympic Games practice for you. Often, national team coaches are present during national championships, so they can tell you what you need to do to make your Olympic team.

A lot of individual sports also open the door to a national championship for any competitor, even if you have achieved some minimum qualification at the local or regional level, it can give you a better chance to compete.


10. Qualify for the Olympics

Each sport has a different process to qualify for the US Olympic Team . In team sports (such as basketball or soccer), athletes are selected by the national coaching team based on their national reputation, national ranking, or results from past competitions. Olympic tryouts are also performed in some team sports.

Individual sports (such as track and field or tennis) require athletes to participate in different qualifying tournaments to be placed on the Olympic team, with national rankings also a part of this competition. Once you have made it to the Olympics, you have achieved the dream of a lifetime, for which you worked so hard, now experience that joy and try your best to win the gold medal.

“ When you chase your dreams in your career, you will be a winner in life”.

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