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75 interesting facts and information about Norway read now

Friends, in this post we are sharing interesting facts about Norway (Norway ) . Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. It is called the ”  Land of Midnight Sun  “, because the sun never sets in the summer season in the northern part of here. The natural beauty of Norway is made to be seen. Two-thirds of it is mountainous, with more than 50,000 islands, more than 450,000 lakes and more than 1000 fjords (long sea passages between steep cliffs). Norway always ranks among the top happiest countries in the world. Today in this article we are sharing 75 interesting facts about Norway . Read 75 interesting facts and information about Norway (Interesting Facts And Information About Norway ) :


Amazing Facts About Norway

Short Description Of Norway

 Country Norway
Norway Capital  Oslo
Norway Largest City Oslo
Norway  Area 385,207 km
Norway  Population 5,367,580
Norway  Currency Norwegian Krone
Norway National Language Norwegian

Top 10 Fun Facts About Norway

  1. Two names are kept the most for men in Norway – Odd and Even.
  2. The name of a city in Norway is “hell”.
  3. To die in the Norwegian city of Longyearbyen.
  4. If you have a home television in Norway, you will have to pay an annual license fee of $480.66.
  5. In the year 2008, a penguin named Nils Olav was awarded the title of ‘Knight’ by King Harald V in Norway.
  6. The late King Olav V of Norway used public transport and always took tickets.
  7. Alcohol in Norway can only be bought from the shops of the state-owned retailer ‘Vinmonopolet’.
  8. Norway’s Laerdal tunnel is the longest road tunnel in the world. This 15.23 miles (24.51 km) long tunnel connects the capital Oslo with the city of Bergen.
  9. Eiksund Tunnel is Norway’s deepest undersea tunnel.
  10. Halden Prison of Norway has the status of the most compassionate prison in the world. In this jail, the prisoners get hotel-like facilities.

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01-10 Interesting Facts About Norway

1. Norway ‘s formal name is ‘ Kongeriket Norge ‘ , which means ‘ Kingdom of Norway ‘ .

2. Norway was originally called ‘Nordweg’ , which means – ‘Northern Way  .

3. Norway is a very long country. The total length of its land borders is 2566 km, of which 709 km touches Finland, 1,666 km touches Sweden and 191 km touches Russia.

4. The 5 major cities of Norway are Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Troms.

5. Norway has a total area of ​​125,021 square miles (323,802 sq km), which includes Bouvet, Jan Mayen, and the Svalbard Islands.

6. Norway and Sweden were one country from 1814 to 1905. Sweden broke away from Norway in 1905.

7. Monarchy tradition is going on in Norway since 872 AD. Currently, the King of Norway is Harald V , who became king on 17 January 1991 after the death of his father King Olav-V.

8. The Constitution of Norway was made on 17 May 1814. Since then this day is celebrated as ‘National Day’ of Norway .

9. The National Symbol of Norway is a lion holding an ax.

10. May 17 is celebrated as Children’s Day in Norway.

11-20 Interesting Information About Norway

11. According to the World Happiness Report of the year 2020, Norway is the 5th happiest country in the world. Norway was ranked third in the year 2019.

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12. Norway also had an important role in the establishment of the United Nations after the Second World War . The first Secretary-General of the United Nations was Trygve Lie of Norway .

13. The countries of Dublin and Ireland were established by Norway in 836 AD.

14. About 5 million Norwegian Americans lives in.

15. Minnesota is the unofficial capital of Norway for the United States of America . Minnesota has more populations than any other state in Norway.

16. Two different versions of the Norwegian language are used. The commonly used version is called “Bokmal” and the other version is called “Nynorsk”.

17. The sun never rises during the winter season in northern Norway and there are polar nights . Whereas in this area the sun never sets in the summer season ( Midnight Sun ).

25. Norway’s fjord (long sea route between steep cliffs) is famous all over the world and every year tourists from all over the world come here to see it. There are more than 1000 fjords in different parts of Norway, which is the highest in the world. The most famous fjords are: Geiranger fjord, Lysefjord, Hardanger fjord, Naeroyfjord and Sognefjorden.

26. Sognefjorden is Norway’s largest fjord and the world’s third largest fjord (long sea route between steep cliffs). It is also the longest ice-free fjord in the world and extends up to 127 miles (205 km) under the sea.

27. Beerenberg is Norway’s only active volcano on Jan Mayen Island in the Norwegian Sea .

28. The largest plateau of Europe is ‘ Hardanger Plateau ‘ of Norway. In 1981, its 3500 square kilometer area was converted into a national park. Here reindeer are found in large numbers.

29. There are more than 450,000 lakes in Norway . If we look at the population of Norway, then there is one lake for every 12th person.

30. Norway is famous for reindeer, polar bear, whale meat, waffles, trolls, fish, Vikings etc.

31-40 Interesting Facts About Norway

31. The national animal of Norway is Elk . It is one of the largest species of deer family Cervidae in the world.

32. Svalbard , located between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole, has more bears than the population.

33. Norway is the first country in the world to shut down FM radio. Since the year 2017, ‘Digital Audio Broadcasting’ (DAB) technology is being used in Norway by shutting down FM.

34. Alcohol in Norway can only be bought from the shops of the state-owned retailer Vinmonopolet . There are only two Vinmonopolet in every Norwegian city. There is not a single Vinomopolate in the rural areas.

35. In Norway, two names of men are kept the most – Odd and Even.

36. If you have a home television in Norway , you will have to pay an annual license fee of $480.66.

37. The people of Norway read more books than the people of other countries of the world. They spend an average of 500 kronor ($76) a year on books. More than 2,000 books are published annually in Norway.

38. Whenever a book is published in Norway, the government buys 1000 copies of it and distributes it to libraries in the country, so that people can have access to those books without paying.

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39. 30% of Norway’s population has higher education. Norwegian universities and state universities colleges do not charge international students any tuition fees.

40. Norwegian children do not start schooling until they are 6 years old.

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41-50 Interesting Norway Facts

41. It is illegal in Norway to show children under the age of 12 in advertisements. The same rule applies in Sweden as well.

42. Driving under the influence of alcohol is punishable by 30 days in prison in Norway.

43. Gay marriage has been legal in Norway since 2008.

44. From the year 2015, military service is compulsory for women like men in Norway. Norway is a NATO member and the first European country to do so.

45. Death penalty cannot be given in Norway. Here the Death Penalty was completely abolished in 1979. The maximum punishment in Norway is 21 years in prison.

46. ​​Internet facility is provided to the prisoners in the prisons of Norway.

47. Halden Prison of Norway has the status of the most compassionate prison in the world. In this jail, the prisoners get hotel-like facilities. Here the prisoners have been provided with video games, TV, music record room, basketball court and gym facilities. The purpose of the prison is to make the prisoners a better human being.

48. There are more English speaking people in Norway than in Canada. English is spoken by 76% of the population of Canada, while 86% of the population of Norway use the English language.

49. If you want to know about the income of any person or company in Norway, you can easily find out by looking at their income tax return. Because the tax returns of all citizens in Norway are made public on the website for inspection.

50. Taxis in Norway are cheaper than private cars for the same distance. This is done to encourage the use of public transport.

51-60 Interesting Information About Norway

51. The late King Olav V of Norway used to use public transport and always took tickets. By doing this, he encouraged the general public to use public transport instead of private vehicles, so that pollution and traffic could be reduced.

52. Taxes are full of taxes in Norway. They have to pay TV tax, fuel tax, plastic bottle tax, sugar tax etc.

53. Norway has a very low unemployment rate, around 3.5%.

54. Easter and Christmas are the major holidays in Norway.

55. Norwegians enjoy a four-week vacation during the summer season, thus they have plenty of time to fish and relax.

56. Norway is also famous for its Grandiosa Frozen Pizza . It is the largest selling pizza brand in Norway and is the official national dish of Norway. According to some estimates, around twenty-four million units of Grandiosa frozen pizza are produced in Norway every year.

57. Japan is known worldwide for salmon sushi, a dish made from salmon fish. But actually salmon sushi originated in Norway and introduced it to the Japanese in the eighties.

58. Norway has a butter crisis since 2011. The cost of 250 grams of butter in the country is around $ 50.

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59. Aerosol spray was invented in 1920 by Erik Rotheim of Norway.

60. Cheese slicer was invented in 1925 by Thor Bjrklund of Norway.

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61-70 Norway Ke Bare Mein Rochak Jankari

61. Since 1946, the official Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square in London comes from Norway every year.

62. The city of Trondheim in Norway was one of the first wireless cities in Europe.

63. Norway has won more medals in the Winter Olympics than any other country . Norway has won 368 medals since the first Winter Olympic Games were held in 1932.

 64. Norway is the largest producer of salmon fish in the world.

65. After Finland, Norway has the highest per capita consumption of coffee. Here every person drinks about 9.9 Kg of coffee in a year.

66. Half of all new cars sold in Norway are hybrid or electric cars. Norway places greater emphasis on the use of renewable sources of energy.

67. 98-99% of Norway’s electricity is generated from hydroelectric power.

68. The highest gasoline price in the world is $7.32 per gallon in Norway.

69. The first well was drilled in Norway in the summer of 1966, but it was dry. Offshore oil and gas was discovered in Norway in the late 1960s. Production from this field started on 15 June 1971.

70. Skateboards were banned in Norway between 1978 and 1989.

71-75 Norway Ke Bare Mein Rochak Tathy

71. Only 10 Norwegian police personnel died in World War II.

72. Longyearbyen city located in Spitsbergen Island of Norway is considered to be the northernmost city in the world. In this village with a population of about 2000, no dead have been buried for the last 70 years. If someone is sick or old, he is sent to another city. It can be said that people are not allowed to die in this village. This is because there is always snow on the land here. Hence the buried corpses do not decompose and are preserved.

73. In the Norwegian city of Longyearbyen , it is a rule to carry a gun while going out of the house. There is a possibility of being killed by a polar bear without having a gun.

74. In the first plane hijacking in Norway, the hijacker surrendered his weapon in exchange for alcohol. On 21 June 1985, Braathen SAFE Flight 139 was hijacked by a drunk man named Stein Arvid Huseby. After the plane was completely drunk, he demanded more alcohol and handed over his weapons in return. Liquor was delivered by the local police to the plane that landed in Fornebu, and the hijacker was apprehended shortly after.

75. In the year 2008, a penguin named Nils Olav was awarded the title of ‘Knight’ by King Harald V in Norway. This penguin was the mascot of King Harald V’s guard since 1972. In the past also it was awarded with many titles from time to time. It was designated Corporal in 1982, sergeant in 1987, regimental sergeant major in 1993, honorable regimental sergeant major in 2001 and colonel-in-chief in 2005.

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