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What is monopoly color prediction game?

Make money using Monopoly app This is a prediction game in which you can earn money by doing color prediction. We are going to give you proof that thousands of people are printing thousands of rupees from this game. Let’s understand this game well.


You must have heard about your Dream 11 or Rummy or any other monopoly game where money is earned by betting money. Just you should know how to make predictions. 

But if I tell you that you need to do something new, we will tell you a Telegram group that will give you 100% profit, just you have to strictly follow the rules of that group. So first let’s see how to join it.


How to Join Monopoly Game

To join you monopoly Jewelery app, you will be given a link below, click on it and download the app, first download the aap and then move on. Then how to earn from monopoly app know this.

Step 1: After downloading the aap, create an account in it, set mobile, OTP verification, and password.

Step 2: After setting the password, login with the same mobile number and password.

Step 3: Recharge at least Rs 500 through UPI or Card. 

Step 4: After paying through UPI, you have to submit the 12 digit transaction ID by entering the block below.

Screen Shot

Step 5: Now your balance will start showing in your wallet. 

Step 6: Now before you trade, join the prediction telegram group where you will be given 3 predictions every day.

Step 7 : Prediction Time You will get alerts on Telegram group thrice a day at 12 o’clock, 6:30 pm, 8:30 pm.

prediction monopoly game

Monopoly Benefits

  1. With the monopoly app, you can earn from 500 to 2000 rupees by bets of 100 rupees daily.
  2. By referring this app, you get one time rewards from 150 to 1100 rupees.
  3. By making a team of yours, you can also earn 30%, 20%, 10% commission of the trading done by them.
  4. If you keep 500 to 100k (1 lack) in this monopoly aap, then daily you get 0.8% interest. That is, 800 rupees daily on 1 lakh.
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You have joined telegram group from this link, now you will get an alert on telegram at 12 o’clock in which you will be given color prediction, you have to bet only on the color mentioned. This group has made some rules with its hard work, with the help of which it helps you to win. We are giving you the screen shot of these rules.

Basic Rules

How to earn money from Monopoly App Prediction.

There are some basic rules of prediction given in Telegram group which this group follows. You also have to follow the same rules.

This group advises you to invest 3 times money and you should have enough balance so that you do not lose, if you have less balance then you cannot earn profit. We are giving you a chart of how to invest money, which you can follow.

Remember you have to make your bet amount 3x , 9x ,27x ,81x times when you lose the bet. The more you keep losing, the more you get a chance to earn more profit. Because the bets you win in the last, your loss is also covered in it and you come out with more profits.

Chart image

With the help of this chart, you should keep your basic balance in your wallet like if you want to play bet of Rs 10 then you have to keep the amount of 3640 in your wallet and when the bet pulls sometimes long then emergency fund is needed which is 7290 or 21870 should be Rs.


How to earn money by selecting Color Types

There are three colors in it and there are also numbers on which trade is done. But all you have to do is trade on the color.

  • Green color
  • Red color
  • Purple color

Note: Out of the three, you have to trade only on two colors, purple color comes very less, so it will not be right to trade on it.

How to bets in monopoly app

How to trade bets, first of all, it is necessary to have sufficient balance in your wallet, if you want to start with bets of Rs 10, then you have to recharge at least Rs 500 or you can recharge the basic balance up to Rs 3640. So that you can extract more profits.

After recharge, you get 4 options below, out of which you have to go to the option with WIN and you get to join 3 colors and some numbers on it like

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1. Join Green

2 . Join Red

3. Join Violet

You will be given color on telegram group, you have to click on that color from their prediction, then a pop up window will open, in which you have to choose contract money – 10, 100, 1000, 10000 rupees then click on confirm button By placing your bet, after 3 minutes you will get the result.

If you had put 100 rupees in the puzzle bar but you lose, then immediately 3 times the amount has to be reapplied i.e. 300 rupees so that your previous loss can be covered. But if you lose even a bet of 300, then you have to apply 3 times of 300 immediately i.e. 900 rupees, but in the end you will be given profits because this group gives you profit, just follow its rules.

To multiply the amount 3 times or 9 times, press on the number – 1 + i.e. plus like – 2 + , – 3 + then your amount will be 3 times.

Note: Prediction of this Telegram group is not 100% correct as the owner of the group himself says but it proves to be correct up to 80%.

Note: There is financial risk in this game, so we do not promote it, just giving you all the information for education, you have to avoid being addicted. (There is financial risk in this game, so we do not promote it, just giving you all the information for education, you have to avoid being addicted.)

How to make moeny using Monopoly app example

Example: Let’s say you recharged your 500 rupees and placed a bet of 10 rupees on your green color and if you win then you get 19 rupees. Because it charges fees up to Rs.

If you spend 100 rupees then you will get 200 rupees 2000 on 1000, similarly you can earn 3x money by playing 3 times.

If Red color comes instead of Green, then you have lost 10 rupees but now you have to put 10 x 3 = 30 rupees. Similarly, till you win, you have to multiply this last lost amount by 3 eg 30x 3 = 90, or 90 x 3 = 270 . But you will end up with profits.

Balance daily interest

In this, if you maintain the balance, then you get 0.8% interest every day, like after recharging the balance of 100000 in the wallet, then you will get 800 rupees interest at the rate of 0.8% on 100000 daily.

Note: You have to trade with 10 rupees in the beginning, you do not have to invest much amount. When you trust completely then you can increase your amount.

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Earn Money With Commission Referral Program

You must have known the referral program , if you know new then understand, in this you will have to share this app to any friends through your promotion link and if your friend first recharges 500 rupees then you will get 150 rupees. I am giving you a chart of referral below. The more you refer people, the more you will get a one time commission.

Promotion option

Step 1- Open monopoly aap and go to MY option

Step 2 – After that you will see 11 options from the line, click on the third option Promotion from the top

Step 3 – Remove the pop up, after that you will see your code and link will appear below it

Step 4 – Copy that link and send it to your friends.

Step 5 – After their registration, you will get 150 on recharge 500 and you will get 30% on trade.

Referral Program

When people associated with your referral trade, you will get 30% commission for their trade amount. And if your friends refer any of their friends, then they do trade by recharge, then you will get 20% commission from them too. It has 3 levels from which you get commission.

Level 1 – In this, if someone joins your referral, then you get 30% commission on one time commission and trade.

Level 2 – In this, when the members of level 1 add someone below you, then you get 20% commission of their trade.

Level 3- In this, if the members of level 2 add someone below you, then you get 10% commission.

So you can make more money than you think, if you have understood this make money using Monopoly app well, then you build your own team. So join today. Link is below.

Earning Proof 

In this we are going to give you the screen shot of earning proof because most of the people believe only after seeing the income. You will find below screen shot of bets, earning, balance, and withdrwal. 

Earning & Withdrawing

Balance Proof

Balance 60801

Is this monopoly aap available in play store?

Monopoly app is not available in play store, no satta app is available in play store.

Is the monopoly app legal?

No satta app is legal but in which TDS is deducted it is legal.

Is monopoly secure?

Yes monopoly is secure, but my advice to you is that you keep on taking your profit.

What is monopoly app and many other names?

Monopoly app exists under many names like -mantri app,lulu app etc.

where to download monopoly aap

You can download monopoly aap through the link?

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