Earn Money By Making Videos How To Make Money With Moj App Now? mskearnings.com

Earn Money By Making Videos How To Make Money With Moj App Now?

How To Make Money With Moz App In 11+ Ways? What Is Moj App And How To Earn Money From Moj App?

If You Are Very Much Interested In Making Short Videos Like Other People And For This You Are Using Moj App And Want To Earn Money Using Moj App Then You Should Read This Article Completely.

Since Moj Is A Very Popular Video Sharing Platform In Terms Of Short Videos, You Can Earn Money By Making Short Videos On Topics Related To Motivation, Cooking, Hacks, Education, Dance, Entertainment Etc. 


Although Many People Also Have A Lot Of Followers On Moj And Also Get Good Views On Their Videos, But Most Of You Do Not Know How To Earn Money From Moj App? 

If You Are Also Interested In Earning Money From Moj App, Then In This Article 11 Ways To Earn Money From Moj App Have Been Told. You May Know Them, But How To Earn Money From Moj App ? Before Giving Information About That, We Want To Give You Some Brief Information About Moj App.

What is Moz App? 

If You Do Not Know, Then For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That Moj Is Also A Shorts Videos Sharing Platform Like Instagram Reels And YouTube Shorts . 

Which Was Made Keeping In Mind The Users Of Tiktok After The Ban Of Tik Tok In India. However, Very Soon The Moj App Became Very Popular Among Tiktok Users And Here You Can Create Videos Of 15 Seconds To 1 Minute Related To Your Favorite Topic And Share It Among Moj Users. 

Once Your Video Starts Going Viral Among People, After That You Can Start Earning Money With The Help Of Moj App. Information About Earning Money From Moj App Is Given Below.

How To Earn Money With Moj App

If You Want To Earn Money From Moj App From The Very Beginning, Then In This Article We Have Given Information About Creating An Account On Moj App, From Growing Your Moj Account And Earning Money From It. 

So Keep Reading The Article Till The End To Know The Complete Information. We Are Sure That After Reading This Article, You Will Not Need To Read Any Other Article To Know Information About Earning Money From Moj App .

For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That There Is No Official Way To Earn Money From Moj App, Because Moj Does Not Give You Money Itself. 

But You Do Not Need To Be Disappointed, Because Further In This Article We Will Tell You 10 Ways To Earn Money From Moj App , With The Help Of Which You Can Use Moj To Earn Money.

How To Earn Money From Moj App? (Brief Information)

Sr. WellSteps To Earn Money From Moj App
1.Install Moj App In Your Mobile Phone
2.Create Your Account Now On Moj App
3.Grow Your Moj Account And Increase Your Followers
4.Use The Ways To Earn Money With Moj App And Start Earning Money

Let Us Now Give You Detailed Information About All These Things Related To Earning Money From Moj.

Note: If You Have Already Installed Moj App In Your Mobile Phone And You Also Have A Good Number Of Followers. Then You Can Move On To Learn How To Earn Money From Moj App .

Most important thing to earn money from Moj App 

We Want To Tell You One Most Important Thing, Which If You Follow, Your Chances Of Earning Money From Moj App Will Increase Manifold.

The Most Important Thing To Earn Money From Moj App Is That If You Are Starting Afresh, Then You Should Create And Upload Videos Related To Any One Topic On Moj, This Will Give You The Following Benefits.

  • More And More People Interested In The Same Topic Will Follow You
  • Your Followers’ Trust In You Will Increase
  • It Will Be Easy For You To Get Sponsorship
  • User Engagement Rate Will Increase On Your Account
  • The Product/Services Recommended By You Will Sell More.

Apart From This, There Are Many Benefits, Which You Will Get From Making Videos On The Same Topic.

How to Install Moj App? 

Let Us Know How To Install Moj App ? For This You Can Follow The Tips Given Below.

  • First Of All Open Google Play Store On Your Mobile Phone
  • Now Search By Typing Moj In The Search Bar
  • Moj App Will Appear In Front Of You , Click On It
  • Now You Will See The Install Now Button, Click On It To Install.
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How to Create Account on Moj App? 

Let Us Now Know How To Create An Account On Moj App ? For This You Can Follow The Steps Given Below.

  • First Of All Open Moj App
  • Now You Have To Select Your Language
  • After Selecting Your Language, Now You Will See The Option Of Create Account
  • You Have To Click On That Option.
  • Here You Can Create Your Account In 3 Ways, In Which The Facility Of Creating An Account Is Available Through Mobile Number, Facebook And Google.
  • Now To Register On Moj App, You Now Have To Enter Your Mobile Number.
  • After Signing Up With Mobile Number, An OTP Will Come On Your Mobile Number.
  • You Have To Verify Your Mobile Number Using That OTP.
  • After Doing All This, Your Moj Account Will Be Ready. 
  • If You Want, You Can Edit Your Profile, Where You Can Enter Information About Your Age, Bio, Date Of Birth, Gender, Etc.
  • Now You Can Start Uploading Videos On It.

You Can Easily Create Your Account On Moj By Following The Simple Steps Mentioned Above. But If You Still Do Not Understand The Process Of Creating Your Account On Moj, Then You Can Watch The Video Below.

How to make video on Moj App? 

After Creating Your Account On Moj App, You Should Now Know The Information About Making Videos On It. 

So Let’s Know How To Make Videos On Moj App With The Help Of Photo Se Video Banane Wala Apps ? So That You Can Grow Your Account Quickly. The Process Of Making A Video On Moj App Is Explained Below, You Can Follow It.

  • First Of All Open Moj App
  • + Icon Will Appear In Front Of You, Click On It.
  • Now Your Camera Will Be On 
  • Now You Can Make Videos.
  • After Creating A Video, You Can Share It On Moj App.
  • If You Want, You Can Use The Filters To Make The Video As Attractive As You Want.
  • If You Want, You Can Also Upload The Already Made Video From Here.
  • You Make Videos Daily And Grow Your Moj Account.

How To Earn Money With Video Bana Kar Paise Kamane Wala Moj App

After Doing All This, It Comes To Earning Money From Moj App. So Let’s Know In Which Ways Money Can Be Earned On Moj ?

1. Earn Money on Moj with Brand Collaboration 

For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That The Best And Best Way To Earn Money From Moj Is Brand Collaboration . 

In This, You Can Associate With Any Brand Or Business And Promote Those Brands Or Business And For This You Can Be Paid A Lot Of Money On Their Behalf In The Form Of Recurring Commission Every Month Or Every Year.

If You Want That You Get A Chance To Earn Money By Doing Brand Collaboration, Then Try To Make Videos For A Specific Micro Niche Audience And Gain Followers. 

For Example, If You Make Music Related Videos And You Get A Lot Of Followers. Then There Will Be A High Chance That The Brands Making Music Related Products Would Like To Associate With You.

2. Earn money from Moj by getting sponsorship 

The Second Best And Best Way To Earn Money On Moj Is To Get Sponsorship For Another Brand Or Business , Because In This Too You Are Paid A Lot Of Money.

Important Points: Some Of You Consider Sponsorship And Brand Collaboration To Be The Same Thing. 

Therefore, For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That In Sponsorship , You Are Given Money Only Once For A Sponsorship. Rather , In Brand Collaboration , You Get Money Continuously From Time To Time. 

If You Want That You Also Get Maximum Sponsorships , Then The Same Tips That We Have Mentioned Above To Earn Money Through Brand Collaboration Are Also Applicable For This Too. 

This Means That Make Videos Related To A Single Niche And Grow Your Moj Account.

Once You Become A Famous Creator On Moj’s Platform, After That You Can Start Getting Offers For Sponsorship And For This You Should Add Your Contact Details To Your Moj Profile .

3. Earn Money from Moj by Affiliate Marketing 

The Third Best Way To Earn The Most Money On Moj App Is To Promote Good Products While Doing Affiliate Marketing. 

The Best Thing About Making Money On Moj Through Affiliate Marketing Is That You Do Not Need To Have Too Many Followers.

Even If You Have Zero Followers And A Lot Of Views Come On Your Videos, Then You Can Earn Money On Moj With Its Help.

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To Make Money On Moj With The Help Of Affiliate Marketing, You Can Make A Review Video Of A Product. And Through The Video, You Can Ask Your Audience To Buy That Product.

For This You Should Follow The Following Procedure.

  • Join An Affiliate Network
  • Choose A Good Product, Which Is Available To Promote On That Affiliate Network
  • Now You Have To Create An Affiliate Link Of That Product.
  • Affiliate Link Has To Be Put In The Description Or Title Of The Moj Video.
  • If Someone Clicks On That Link, Goes To Your Affiliate Network’s Website And Buys That Product.
  • Then You Will Be Paid The Commission.

#4. earn money from moj by selling your own products 

If You Make Great Videos On Moj And People Believe You, Then You Can Sell A Digital Product Or Course That You Create. 

You Need To Have Your Own Website For This; So That You Can Send Your Audience To Your Website Through Moj And Earn Money By Selling Your Own Product From There.

#5. By promoting the accounts of the creators 

If You Have A Lot Of Followers On Moj And You’re Very Popular On Moj, Then You Can Promote The Accounts Of Smaller Creators And Charge Them Some Money In Return.


Apart From This, You Can Also Promote Other Creators’ Instagram, Facebook Etc. Accounts Through Moj And Charge Money For This Too.

#6. Earn money from Moj by sending traffic to the blog 

If You Know A Little Bit About Blogging, Then For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That You Can Send Your Moj Audience To Your Blog By Making A Video On The Moj App And From There Monetizing Your Blog With Google AdSense. Can Earn Money.

For Example, If You Make Motivational Videos On Moj, Then You Can Also Create A Blog And Monetize Your Blog With Google AdSense By Publishing Articles Related To Motivation There.

When Many People Will Visit Your Blog, Then You Will Earn With The Help Of Google Adsense .

Overall, This Way To Earn Money By Promoting Your Blog On The Moj App Is Great.

#7. Earn money from moj by participating in Contest Video 

If You Are A Daily User Of Moj App , Then You Would Know That Contests Keep Running From Time To Time On Moj App. In Which You Can Take Part, And If You Win That Contest. Then You Are Also Given A Gift From Moj And Money Can Also Be Given.

For This Moj Gives You Mobile, Video Making Accessories And Money Etc. As A Reward.

For Proof, You Can Watch The Video Below, In Which Moj Has Sent A Free Gift To One Of Its Users.

#8. By Promoting Your Other Social Media Accounts 

However, It Is Not Necessary That You Promote Another Person Or Business To Earn Money On Moj. If You Want, You Can Also Earn Money From Your Social Media Account By Promoting Your Other Social Media Account.

When You Do This, Then Your Followers On Your Social Media Accounts Will Increase And You Can Generate Revenue From There As Well. 

#9. Increase Subscribers on YouTube Channel 

Because YouTube Is The Best Way To Earn Money In The Internet World. However, To Earn Money From YouTube, You First Need To Increase Trustworthy Subscribers On Your YouTube Channel.

And If You Get A Lot Of Views On Moj, Then You Can Do This Work Through Your Moj Account. 

We Have Seen Many Such Tiktok Creators Who Shifted To YouTube After Tik Tok Was Banned In India And Today They Have A Lot Of Subscribers In YouTube. With The Help Of Which They Earn Lakhs Of Rupees Per Month.

So You Have A Golden Opportunity, Which You Can Take Advantage Of. For This, You Can Also Upload Useful And Long Videos Related To The Same Topic On YouTube By Making Videos Related To The Topic On Moj. 

#10. Sell ​​your service to people on Moj 

Another Great Way To Make Money On Moj Is When You Make Videos On Moj And Become Popular With People, Then You Can Sell One Of Your Services To Your Audience. 

Selling A Service Means That If You Know How To Make A Studio Or Have Video Editing Or Any Other Skills, Then You Can Earn Money By Doing Work Related To Your Skill For Other People.

For Example, We Have Seen Many Such Creators Who Know Very Good Photo Editing And They Tell Their Audience That If Someone Wants To Get Their Image Edited. 

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Then People Can Contact Them Through Their Moj Profile Or Through Instagram. And In Exchange For Editing Other People’s Photos, He Also Charges Money From His Audience.

Similarly, You Can Sell Any Service To Your Audience And Make Money On Moj.

#11. By joining the Refer and Earn Program 

Just Like Other Apps Have Their Own Refer And Earn Program , Similarly Moj Also Brings Its Own Refer And Earn Offer From Time To Time. By Joining Which You Can Refer Your Friends To Use Moj Application .

If Someone Else Signs Up On Moj Through The Link You Have Referred , Then For This You May Be Given Some Money As Referral Commission From Moj.

Bonus Tips: Apart From This, There Are Many Other Ways, With The Help Of Which You Can Earn Money On Moj. You Will Get Complete Information About All Those Ways To Earn Money On Our Blog.

How To Earn Money With Moj App Video 

You Can Get Additional Information By Watching The Video Below That Make Money using Moj App

Question related to how to earn money from Moj App 

Now We Will Give You Information About Such Questions And Their Answers Which Are Related To Make Money using Moj App nd Are Frequently Asked By Most Of You. That’s Why You Should Know About Them Too.

Q3. How does Moj App earn?  

The Question May Come In Your Mind That How Does Moj App Earn Money?, So For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That The Main Source Of Earning Of All Short Video Sharing Platforms Is Video Advertisement .

Q4. Does Moj app give us money? 

As We Have Mentioned About It In This Article That Money Can Be Earned From Moj, But Moj App Does Not Give You Money And You Have To Use Other Methods To Earn Money From Moj App, Which Is In This Article. Have Been Told.

Q5. How much money do you get in Moj? 

How Much Money Do You Get In Moj App? There Is No Fixed Amount As It Depends On You How You Are Earning Money From Moj? For Example, If You Do Sponsorship, Then You Can Earn More Money From Moj Than Other Ways To Earn Money.

Q6. How much money do you get for 1000 likes in Moj app? 

You Do Not Get Paid For Likes On Moj App, But In This You Can Earn Money Through Your Videos In Other Ways.

Q7. How many followers get paid on Moj App? 

For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That There Is No Need To Have A Certain Number Of Followers To Earn Money From Moj App. Although Still You Will Need To Grow Your Moj Account To Get More And More Followers. Because If You Have More Followers, Then Your Video Will Likely To Reach More People And Thus You Can Earn More Money.

Q8. Moj app belongs to which country? 

Moj App Is An Indigenous App Made In India. This Chinese Mobile App Has Been Made For Tiktok Users After Banning Tik Tok. Moj Is A Type Of Video Sharing Platform Where You Can Create Shirts And Creative Videos Ranging From 15 Seconds To 1 Minute.

Q9. Who made the Moj app? 

For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That Moj Has Been Created By Ankush Sachdev And Moj App Was Launched In India On 1st July 2020.

Q10. Who owns Moj?

Since Moj App Is Operated By Bangalore Based IT Company Mohalla Tech. And Because Of This The Owner Of Moj App Can Be Considered As Mohalla Tech Private Limited . The Best Part Is That Mohalla Tech Is Also An Indian Company And Due To This, The Chances Of Leaking Data Of Indian Users Are Also Less.


In The End, What We Suggest To You Is That Once You Have A Few Followers In Your Moj Account, Then You Should Start Earning Money Using The Methods Of Earning Money From Moj App Mentioned In This Article .

We Hope That You Have Liked This Article Based On How To Earn Money From Moj App And After Reading This Article You Must Have Come To Know That How To Earn Money From Moj App?

We Have Also Given Information About The Questions Related To Earning Money From Moj App In This Article And Also Told What Is Moj App? 

So If You Still Have Any Kind Of Question Related To Moj App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye , Or If You Know Any Other Way To Earn Money From Moj App , Then You Can Tell Us By Commenting.

If You Want To Know Information Related To Ways To Earn Money Sitting At Home , Then Keep Reading Other Articles Of Our Blog. Thank You!

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