How to take loan from Mobile Cash Loan App

How to take loan from Mobile Cash Loan App Now

Mobile Cash Loan App

Friends , with the help of Mobile Cash , you are going to be given an Instant Loan of up to 2,00,000 with the help of your mobile phone sitting at home. Whatever you apply for Instant Loan from here, you can get that Instant Loan without the help of any other person. So in today’s post, we will provide you only information about Mobile Cash, Mobile Cash is such an application, with the help of which you can take Personal Loan from your mobile phone.

Mobile Cash

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Now let us talk about how much amount you can get Instant Loan with the help of Mobile Cash Loan App .

Mobile Cash Loan Amount

From here you can get an Instant Personal Loan of at least ₹ 2,000. And if you want to get maximum instant loan from here, then you can do instant loan up to Rs 2,00,000 by this company.

At what percentage rate will you be charged interest rate through this app.

Interest Rate Of Mobile Cash

Here the interest rate charged to you is charged to you on a yearly basis of 32%. The same can be imposed on you less. And if you talk about it, then this interest rate is mainly charged according to the credit score.

Tenure Rate Of Mobile Cash

With the help of this application, you are given at least 3 months to repay the loan. And if you want to take a loan for a longer period from here, then you can also take those loans for about 24 months.

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Documents Required

  • Friends, you will not need any special documents here.
  • But you must give your phone number to Mobile Cash App because with the help of phone number this app will send you message and will give you some other information.
  • Second, you have to show your Aadhar card, with the help of which Mobile Cash App will identify you, where you live and many more information.
  • On the third number, you have to show your salary slip that how much is your monthly salary.

Eligibility Criteria

Friends, if you want a loan from Mobile Cash Loan App , then you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria given below.

  • The first eligibility criteria of this company is that your age should be 56 years.
  • To take a loan from Mobile Cash Loan App , you must have the citizenship of India.
  • You must be a permanent citizen of India.
  • If you are a citizen of any other country then you will not get loan from here.
  • You work somewhere with a salary, only then you were given an instant loan from Mobile Cash App.
  • That is, you have some business of your own,
  • So Instant Loan is not available for you here.
  • If you also work on these as salary, you work for money.
  • So for this your monthly income should be at least ₹ 10000.

Now let us know about the most important thing that how you can finally apply for this loan.

How to take loan from Mobile Cash Loan App?

  1. First of all you have to download this application from Google Play Store.
  2. Then you have to create a profile in this application after signing up with your mobile number.
  3. Then you have to fill some of your personal information in it, in which,
  4. Your age, your PAN card number, all these information will have to be filled, after which you will get to know.
  5. Whether you are eligible to take loan from this company or not.
  6. As soon as you will know whether you are eligible to take a loan from here or not.
  7. So you can apply for any loan of your choice from here.
  8. Then you have to upload your documents in it.
  9. Finally, after completing all the process, you will be given a personal loan.
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So with this method you can apply for Instant Loan with the help of Mobile Cash Loan App .

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