Top Interesting Facts About Mexico read now

Top Interesting Facts About Mexico read now

CountryUnited Mexican States
CapitalMexico City
Official LanguageNone (68 native language)
Recognised LanguageSpanish
Area19`72`500 km²
Population12 Crore
Population Density362/km²
Phone Code+52
CurrencyWeight (MXN)

20 Interesting Facts About Mexico – Mexico

1. Mexico has 68 official languages, but Spanish is recognized for official work.

2. Mexico is at number one in terms of salt production, this country produces an average of 7.5 million tonnes of salt every year.

3. Mexico is the world’s fourth largest country by area and the tenth largest country by population.

4. Mexico has the largest number of Spanish speaking people in the world.

5. Chocolate, corn and chili were introduced from Mexico itself.

6. Popcorn was eaten by the aborigines of Mexico 9,000 years ago.

7. More than 1 lakh taxi cars run every day in Mexico City , the capital of Mexico.

8. In the year 1913, there were three different presidents of Mexico within an hour. After the 33rd President Madeiro was removed, Pedro Lascurean became the 34th President , but he was removed after 26 minutes and was followed by Cureta , the 35th President of Mexico .

In this way, the name of the 34th President Pedro Lascurean holds the record for being the President for the shortest time (26 minutes) in the world.

9. The oldest tree in Mexico is about 2 thousand years old, whose height is 40 feet.

10. There is only one arms store in Mexico.

11. The first civilization of Mexico was the Olmec between about 1500 BC to 400 BC.


12. Cuexcomate , the world’s smallest volcano , is located in Mexico, the height of this volcano is only 13 meters and the width is just 23 meters. This volcano is now in a dormant state and is open for tourists to visit.

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13. Mexico shares a 3201 km long border with America, due to which illegal infiltration into America is mostly from Mexico, which is a reason for dispute between the two countries.

14. Yucatan is a state of Mexico, it got its name due to a misunderstanding. In fact, when some Spanish sailors came here, they asked the people here, “What is the name of this place?” To this a person replied – ‘Yucatan’. Yucatan means, ” I don’t understand you. ,

15. Until 1845 AD, the Texas state of America used to be a part of Mexico.

16. Mexico got independence from Spain on 15 September 1810 .

17. There are 31 states in Mexico.

18. The most popular sport here is football. This country has also hosted the Football World Cup in the years 1970 and 1986 .

19. Currency of Mexico is slightly stronger than that of India. At present, the cost of 1 Mexican peso is equal to Rs 3.60 in India.

20. 89% percent of the population of Mexico believes in Christianity. At the same time, about 10.9 percent people do not believe in any religion. People following other religions like Islam, Hinduism etc. are only 0.2%

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