How to Open Medical Agency In 2023


Medical Agency-Whether it is a village or a city, whether the lockdown is imposed again, but the business of medicine is such a business that can never be closed.

Friends, the profit in this business is very high. This is a long time running business.   

In today’s article, we will tell you what documents will be required to start a medical agency business? How to get agency, how to contact with the company? That is, here you are going to give information about everything related to this topic.

So let’s start…..


If we friends talk about the papers that which license you will have to take- 

1. MSME Registration

Friends, if you get registered in MSME, then under this startup from the government, you would get loans from banks at low interest, it is a profit.

2. FSSAI Number

Friends, if you are keeping food products, then you will have to take this license number for the food product.

3 .Current Account

Companies have to pay checks to bring goods. That’s why you have to open a current account and you can also take online payment in it.  

other licenses 

  • wholesale drug license number 
  • GST Number   
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Things needed to open a medical agency

When you get all these documents made, after that you will have to prepare these things for your shop

Room for shop 

Your shop should not be less than 120 square feet. You can walk with 200 square feet of space. You will have to take stock in the commercial area. 

shop name 

You have to put a name for your shop. Have to name the shop. Not sure of All Lady by that name. You will notice that whatever name you are giving, there should not be any medical machine in that disk with that name. That’s why friends, you will have to run whatever degree you have with this name. With the same name, you will be taxed again. Everything is deposited in the name of your shop. 


Decoration and interior design 

After taking the room, all you have to do is do interior designing well inside it. 

laptops and printers 

You will need to have a laptop and printer. In the laptop, you will have to put some important software from this business.


Display to see if there is a medical agency


How much you will have to invest will depend on whether you want to take agency of one company or want to take agency of two or three companies.  

how to get medical agency  

Friends, when your shop is opened, you cannot get the agency directly. 

but why? 

Because before giving any company its medical agency, it sees that in which market you supply in the whole district, to which doctor you send the goods etc. 

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But right now you are brand new in the market and you don’t have any supply then it is difficult to get you agency. 

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That is, after a year or six months, when your shop gradually becomes old, only then you will be able to get the agency of branded companies or good companies. , 

Therefore, until you do not get the agency of the medical company, you should pick up the goods in bulk from the wholesaler or any other agency.  

2 Hire four boys and supply them to the doctors and make your own market. 

Gradually, when your product starts being supplied in the entire district, then the MR of different medical company , their manager will themselves contact with you. 

and this way you can get agency like

Well some franchise-based companies work. Their franchise can be found from the very first day of opening the shop, but you will not get the agency of good companies. 

Maybe a medical agency can be found like this  

If you still want to take an agency, then go and meet the agency people in your area and say that if there is any company in your knowledge that wants to give agency, then tell us about it, we also do the work of the medical agency. want to do.  

What was earlier that there would be only one agency in a district but now it is not so. Because many agencies are made to seal those people. 

If an empty company wants to give you an agency, then you will see your shop, and they will check all the documents mentioned above.  

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If everything is found to be correct then you will definitely give consent  

But the main thing to take agency is that when your shop is slowly getting old, only then you will be able to get agency. 

Although the medical agency of new companies can be found easily, for this you can go to the site of that company and take their toll-free number and call to get the agency.

But you will get the agency of good companies only if you have a market. 

Now you can take the agency of one company, two companies, or three companies because there is no foundation in it. 

And no matter how many companies you take, you will have to invest accordingly. 


So friends, hope that the information given in this post has been useful to you and that now you know how you can get a medical agency. 

If you have any doubt in your mind then feel free to ask we will try to clear your doubt as soon as possible. 

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