Mantrimalls App - How to login in Mantrimall app now

Mantrimalls App – How to earn using Mantrimall app now

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Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about Mantrimalls app. How to earn money with Mantrimalls app?

Mantrimalls is a color betting game which you can earn real money, there are three different colors RED, GREEN and VIOLET, RED color consist of even numbers (0,2,4,6 & 8) GREEN are odd numbers of 1,3,5,7& 9. Note: numbers 0 & 5 is considered as VIOLET. There are 480 periods to bet, 24/7, each period give you 2 minutes and half to bet any color or number, and the results will display in full 3 minutes. Experts are predicting 4 times everyday, but their prediction is not 100% correct. To win here is you should have enough balance. Its not easy, there are only few predictors who are good which I personally follow. If you do it for time past, then its ok, otherwise a big chance to lose money.

Register in Mantrimalls  –  click here

In today’s article, we are going to know all this about Mantrimalls app – 1. How to Register in Mantrimalls App? 2. Mantrimalls App Download 3. How to Earn Money with Mantrimalls App? 4. How to recharge in Mantrimalls App? 5. ConclusionLet us now know about the Mantrimalls app very well.


1. How to Register in Mantrimalls App?

Register in Mantrimalls –  click here

* To register in Mantrimalls app, you have to first click on the link given above.* Now you will come to the register page of Mantrimal App.* Now you have to set your mobile number and password here.* Now you have to enter your otp by clicking on the option of otp.* Now you have to register in Mantrimalls app by clicking on Register.

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 2. App Download

To download Mantrimalls app, you have to first login to Mantrimall app and go to my section.Now you will get the option of App Download below here. You have to download the Mantrimalls app by clicking on it.

 3. How to Earn Money with Mantrimalls App?

In Mantrimalls app, you can earn money in both these ways by doing color prediction and referring.In Mantrimalls app, you get Rs 138 for a valid refer. So you can also earn good money by referring this app.

4. How to recharge in Mantrimalls App?

In Mantrimalls app, you should do your first recharge of at least Rs.300. On first recharge of Rs.300, you get a bonus of Rs.100.

To recharge you have to first login to mantrimall app.Now you will get the recharge option at the top. By clicking on it, you will have to do a minimum recharge of Rs 100 in this app through any of your upi apps.

 5. Conclusion

So friends today in this article we have told you about mantrimalls app. How to register in Mantrimalls? How to recharge in Mantrimalls app? We have given all this information to you through this post.

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