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Hello friends, in today’s post I have brought another great earning app for you. The name of this app is lulumall. Lulumall app is also a color prediction app like Mantrimalls app.

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In Lulumall app, you will get a bonus of Rs.100 on recharge of Rs.300.

In today’s post, we are going to know these things about Lulumalls game – 

1. What is Lulumall?

 2. How to Make Money with Lulumall App?

 3. Lulumall Color Prediction Trick 

4. How to withdraw money from Lulumall app?

 5. Conclusion

Let us now discuss all these topics one by one.

1. What is Lulumall?

The Lulumall app is a color prediction app/website. In LULUMALL app you have to do color prediction. For which you get money.

Register in lulumall –  Click here

You can read this article to know better about color prediction apps and how to earn money from them –  

2. How to Make Money with Lulumall App?

You can earn money in 2 ways with Lulumall app – 1. By Predicting Color 2. By referring

 2.1 By Predicting Color

 You can earn money by predicting colors on Lulumall app. In the Lulumales app, you have to predict the incoming color. If you predict the right color, then you get money up to 2 to 9 times of your invested amount. You can earn money from lulumall app by predicting colors.

2. Referal Earnings

You can also earn good money by referral on Lulumall app. Lulumall gives you Rs.108 on referral. And with this, Lulumall also gives you a good commission for playing the games of the people you refer. Whatever money you earn by referring, you can withdraw those money to your bank account without any problem.

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3. Color Prediction Trick

You can use the 2.5x trick when predicting colors on the Lulumall app. By using this trick, you can earn good money from Lulumall app. 2. In the 5x trick, you have to increase your bet amount by 2.5x when you lose.If you do not know how to do color prediction on the lulumall app. So you can also join the official Telegram channel of Lulumall app. You can earn money by predicting colors on Lulumall as mentioned on Telegram channel.

4. How to withdraw money?

To withdraw money from the LULUMALL app, you have to link your upi id or bank account. After linking your account, you can easily withdraw money from Lulumall app. With Lulumall app you get payment within 1 hour.

5. Conclusion

Lulumall app is a color prediction game app. In which you have to bet on the color. You can also earn good money by doing color prediction and referral through LULUMALL app.So friends, you can definitely try Lulumall app once. And how did you like this article of mine, you must tell me by commenting below.

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