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Loan Apps- Today In This Article We Will Discuss About 10 Best Loan App That You Can Download On Your Smartphone And Get Instant Personal Loan.

Digitalization Has Made It Possible To Get A Personal Loan In A Matter Of Minutes. Many Apps Allow You To Get Instant Loans Through Their Lending Partners. While The Interest Rates Charged By These Apps Are Usually High, The Best Part About Instant Personal Loans Is That Minimal Documentation Is Required And The Entire Application Process Can Be Done Online. 

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In Times Of Crisis When One Has A Short Term Financial Requirement, People Are Not Afraid To Take A Personal Loan. There Are No Collateral Restrictions And No End Use Restrictions If You Take A Loan Through The Instant Lender App. The Borrower Can Use The Money For Any Purpose, Making It A Very Comfortable Financial Cushion.

Online instant loan app on mobile

Now We Will Know One By One About The Instant Loan App Through Mobile, In Which We Will Also Know Their Good And Bad So That You Can Take Your Decision Properly Whether You Should Take A Loan Through The App Or Not.

If You Want To Take Loan Through Mobile Then You Have To Identify Good And Bad Apps Because There Are Some Bad Apps Which Give Loan And In Return You Are Charged A Huge Amount. Therefore, In Today’s Information, We Are Going To Refute All These Things.

1. Dhani

App NameRich
Company Dhani Service Limited
Rate Of Interest2%-3% Per Month
Loan Amount₹1000 To ₹1500000

Dhani Also Known As Instant Loan Dena App, Disburses Your Loan Amount Into Your Bank Account Instantly. You Can Apply For A Personal Loan Anytime And Anywhere. Loans Up To Rs 15 Lakh Can Be Availed Instantly With An Interest Rate Of 12%. 

Loan apps

Download Dhani App For Free, Enter Your Aadhaar Number And The Amount You Wish To Borrow And If Your Application Is Accepted The Amount Will Be Credited To Your Account Instantly.


  • You Can Take Loan From ₹ 1000 To ₹ 1500000 
  • You Can Repay The Loan Within 3 To 24 Months 
  • Salaried And Self-Employed Both Can Take Loan From Here
  • The Entire Application Process Is Online
  • Only Aadhar Card, Pan Card And Passbook Are Required To Apply 
  • Interest Rates Are 13.99% P.A. Which Is Subject To Change

2. Kredit Bee

App NameCreditby
CompanyFinovation Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd
Rate Of Interest 2%-3%
Loan Amount₹1000 To ₹200000

CreditBee Is One Such Lending App That Offers Instant Personal Loans For Young Professionals. Loan Up To Rs 1 Lakh Is Possible From Here. You Can Apply Online For A Loan Up To Rs 1 Lakh. The Entire Process Is Online And Takes Less Than 15 Minutes.

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Features Of This App

  • Loan From ₹ 1000 To ₹ 200000 Can Be Availed Instantly 
  • Interest Rate Starts From 1.02% May Vary Depending On Other Factors
  • Loan Repayment Tenure Is Up To 15 Months
  • The Entire Loan Process Is Online 

3. PaySense

App Name Pesence
CompanyPaysense Services India Private Limited
Rate Of Interest2%-3%
Loan Amount₹5000 To ₹500000

PaySense Is Instant Loan App Which Provides Online Instant Cash Loan Through Mobile App. You Can Use Your Phone Or Laptop To Apply For The Loan. You Will Get Approval In Less Than 5 Hours. 

Here One Can Apply Online For Personal Loan Up To Rs 5 Lakh By The Company. You Can Apply For A Loan From Rs 5,000 To Rs 500000 At A Time. PaySense Offers An EMI Calculator That Will Allow You To See How Much You Are Paying Each Month.

Features Of This App

  • Here You Can Get Affordable Loan From PaySense Even Without Credit Score 
  • Completes All Loan Process By Visiting Home
  • Loan From ₹ 5000 To ₹ 500000 Can Be Availed Instantly
  • The Loan Is For Both Salaried And Self-Employed

LazyPay Loan App

App NameLazy Pay
CompanyPayU Finance (India) Private Limited
Rating 4.4
Rate Of Interest1.5%-2.5%
Loan Amount₹10000 To ₹100000

Get Your Eligibility Check Done By Just Entering Your Mobile Phone Number To Avail Instant Personal Loan Through LazyPay App. 

LazyPay Approves Loans Quickly And Processes Loan Applications Securely Online. Key Offerings From The Company Include Easy, Digital And Pocket-Friendly EMIs That Allow You To Get A Personal Loan Up To Rs 1 Lakh Without Any Documentation.

Features Of This App

  • Lazypay Is Made By PayU Company Which Is A Trusted Company
  • LazyPay Is Instant Loan App So Here Loan Application Gets Cleared Quickly 
  • Different Time Limit Has Been Given To Repay The Loan

5. NIRA Finance

App NameNeera Finance
CompanyNeera Instant Loan App 
Rate Of Interest2%-3%
Loan Amount₹5000 To ₹100000

NIRA, A Fintech Company Provides A Line Of Credit To Salaried Professionals In India. Personal Loans Are Offered As A Line Of Credit, With A Credit Limit Starting At Rs 3,000 And Ending At Rs 1 Lakh. 

The Loan Tenure Ranges Between 3 Months And 1 Year. A Maximum Of Rs 5,000 Can Be Withdrawn Each Time. The Amount You Borrow And The Time You Repay The Loan Amount Will Affect The Interest Rate.

Features Of This App

  • Provides Instant Loan From ₹5000 To ₹100000 
  • Whether You Will Get The Loan Or Not, You Can Know The Result Within Just 3 Minutes
  • If Your Loan Application Is Accepted, The Loan Amount Will Be Credited To Your Bank Within 24 Hours.
  • This App Gives You Loan Even Without Credit Score
  • Loan Repayment Tenure Is Limited To 12 Months 
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6. MoneyTap Loan App

App NameMoneytap
Rate Of Interest1.08%-3%
Loan Amount₹3000 To ₹500000

MoneyTap’s Line Of Credit Is One Of The Highlights. You Will Only Pay Interest On The Amount You Use, Not The Total Amount. You Will Also Get Some Other Benefits. MoneyTap Is Counted Among The Best Online Instant Loan App.

If You Also Take A Loan Of ₹ 500000 Here And You Spend Only ₹ 200000 From That Loan, Then You Will Have To Pay Interest Only Of ₹ 200000 And Not ₹ 500000. You Also Get A Low Interest Rate On This Loan App. 

Features Of This App

  • The No-Use-No-Interest Facility Ensures That Interest Is Paid Only On The Amount Utilized.
  • There Is An Option Of Repayment Tenure From 2 Months To 36 Months
  • Interest Rates Start At 1.25% Per Month
  • Borrowers Will Also Be Given A Credit Card
  • To Take A Loan From Here, Your Monthly Income Should Be Above ₹ 30000
  • Applicants Age Should Be Between 23 To 55 Years
App NameMoney View
Company Money View
Rate Of Interest1.33% – 2%
Loan Amount ₹5000 To ₹500000 

MoneyView’s Instant Loan App Makes It Easy To Get A Loan Within 2 Hours. Money View Personal Loans Are Fast, Flexible, Paperless And Easy To Obtain, Whether You Need It To Renovate Your Home, Buy A Vehicle, Or Pay For Your Wedding Expenses.

Money View Loan Amount Ranges Between Rs 10,000 To Rs 5 Lakh. Flexible Repayment Terms Are Available, Ranging From 3 Months To 5 Years.

Features Of This App 

  • Loan Can Be Availed For Up To 5 Years At An Interest Rate Of 1.33% 
  • You Get The Loan Within 24 Hours After The Application Is Accepted
  • Document Verification Is Done Within 2 Minutes
  • Auto-Debit EMI Facility Is Available 
  • Individuals With Low Credit Scores Can Also Apply.

8. CASHE Loan App

App NameCash E
CompanyCash E
Download 5M
Rating 4.4
Rate Of Interest 2.75% – 3%
Loan Amount₹2000 To ₹400000

Cashe Is An App Based Digital Instant Lending Platform That Offers Short Term Personal Loans To Meet Various Financial Needs. However, It Is Available Only For The Salaried People. You Need To Upload Documents Like Salary Slip, Bank Statement And Address Proof While Applying For The Loan. 

You Can Also Use A Quick Calculator To Check Your Loan Eligibility And Interest Rate. With Terms Ranging From 15 Days To Six Months, The Loan Amount Sanctioned Can Be As Low As Rs 5,000 And Up To Rs 2 Lakh. You Can Pay Monthly By Check Deposit Or Bank Transfer.

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Features Of This App

  • Loan Up To ₹ 400000 Can Be Availed
  • Loan Repayment Time Frame Is Given From 3 Months To 1.5 Years
  • The Application Process Is Completely Online
  • To Get Instant Loan Through This App, Your Salary Should Be At Least ₹ 12000 

Bajaj Finserv 

App NameBajaj Finserv 
CompanyBajaj Finance Limited
Rating 4.2
Rate Of Interest1%-3%
Loan Amount₹30000 To ₹2500000

Bajaj Finserv Personal Loans Are Approved Instantly And Can Be Disbursed Within 24 Hours. These Loans Do Not Require Collateral And Are Available To Women, Public Sector Employees, Teachers, College Professors And Other Individuals. 

Personal Loans Come With The Option To Reduce Your Monthly Payment By Up To 45 Per Cent Using Interest-Only EMIs. After Approval, You Can Borrow As Much Money As You Want From The Approved Loan Amount.

Features Of This App 

  • This Is The Oldest And Trusted Company In This List
  • All The Process Of Taking Loan Is Completed Through Online Medium.
  • You Can Get A Time Limit Of Up To 5 Years To Repay The Loan
  • You Also Get an Option Of 0% On The Purchase Of Goods

10. Early Salary Loan App

App NameEarly Salary
CompanySocial Worth Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Rate Of Interest2%-2.5%
Loan Amount₹8000 To ₹1000000

EarlySalary Is A Fintech Startup Based In Pune That Has Made A Significant Impact On The Indian Money Lending Market. This Instant Loan App Makes It Easy To Get A Personal Loan. The Maximum Loan Amount Is Rs 2 Lakh With An Interest Rate Of 2% Per Month.

Features Of This App

  • The Complete Process To Apply Is Online
  •  You Will Get The Result Of Your Application Within 10 Minutes
  •  The Time Frame For Loan Repayment Ranges From 3 Months To 24 Months
  • You Can Take Multiple Loans In One Go

These Are Some Of The Apps That Are Capable Of Giving Instant Loans. Now You Can Choose The Following Apps According To You. Although You Will Find A Lot Of Loan App On Play Store, But Many Useless Apps Are Also Full On Play Store, You Should Be Careful With Them And Choose Only Trustworthy One.

best mobile loan apps

There Are Many Personal Loan Apps Available Today. However, Not All Of These Offer The Same Level Of Convenience. Below Is A List Of Top Personal Loan Apps That Are Quite Popular For Quick Loan On Mobile.

Loan App NameInterest Rate (Per Month)Loan AmountLoan Tenure (Months)Playstore Rating
Dhani1.1%-2%1000 -1500000243.8/5
Kreditbee2% – 3%1000 – 200000154.5/5
PaySense1.08% – 3%5000 – 500000604.4/5
Lazypay1.5% – 2.5%1000 -100000244.4/5
Nira Finance2% – 3%5000 – 100000124.3/5
Moneytap1.08% – 3%3000 – 100000364.1/5
Money View1.33% – 2%5000 – 500000604.6/5 
CashE2.75% – 3%2000 – 400000184.4/5
Bajaj Finserv1% – 3%25000 – 2500000604.2/5
Early Salary2% – 2.5%8000 – 500000244.6/5

All The Apps Mentioned In The List Are Quite Reliable And Help You Get Your Loan Instantly. All The Apps Have Their Own Merits Which We Have Seen In Detail Above.


Which App Approves Loan The Fastest?

Paysense App Approves Loan Faster And Helps You Disburse Loan Amount In Bank Instantly.

Which App Gives Instant Loan Without Salary Slip?

Paysense And Dhani App Gives Instant Loan Without Salary Slip.

Which Is India’s First Online Loan App On Mobile?

Dhani Is India’s First Online Loan App On Mobile.

Which App Gives Maximum Tenure?

Paysense And Money View Offer The Best Tenure Loans Where You Are Given A Tenure Of Up To 60 Months Along With A Low Interest Rate.


This Was India’s Best Mobile Instant Loan App With The Help Of Which A Student Or A Business Owner Can Also Take Loan Easily. According To The Demand Of The Growing Market, Many Apps Have Come In The Market, Which Have The Option Of Giving You A Loan.

I Hope You Enjoyed This Information On How To Download Online Instant Loan Mobile Apps Given By Us. If You Liked The Information, Please Share It With Your Friends Now By Pressing The Button On Facebook And WhatsApp Below.

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