How to Earn Money From Facebook Instant Article Now?

How to Earn Money From Facebook Instant Article Now?

How to Setup Instant Article

Do you want to earn money from Facebook? Do you know what is  Facebook Instant Article ? If you want to make income from Facebook ( Make Money from Facebook ) but you do not know about Facebook Instant Article. So you are in the right place and today I will tell you how you can earn money from Facebook Instant Article Platform like Blog/Website, How to set-up Facebook Instant Article Service for your WordPress Blog? And how can enable Facebook Monetization.

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What is Facebook Instant Article?

It is not that this is the only way to earn money from Facebook. You can also earn money from Facebook in ways like Advertisement, Affiliate. But Facebook has created such a platform in the form of facebook instant article. Where you can earn money by simply sharing your blog post and monetizing it with Facebook Ads, Google Adsense, Affiliate as well as Facebook ads.

Instant article is Facebook’s Mobile Optimize feature service which fixed the page loading problem and it opens any page fastest with the help of HTML 5 Documentation. Meaning as soon as you click on any instant article enable post. It opens immediately (Click to open).

On any page on which Facebook Instant Article is enabled, some such icon is made on its post.

facebook instant article icon

How to set-up Facebook Instant Articles on WordPress?

Instant article configuration will take some time, after that it will be live for your WordPress website and you can enjoy Facebook Instant Article by sharing your post on facebook page.

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As soon as you click on Signup, the next page will open and ask whether you want to enable Instant Article Tool on any Facebook page. On whichever page you want to enable Facebook Instant Service, you select that page and tick the Instant article terms and click on Access Instant article tools.

After enabling Instant article, you will be able to access instant article configuration.

After accessing the configuration page, you need to do these things.

  • Claim the URL.
  • Add RSS Feed.
  • Submit for review.

How to claim for URL?

To enable Instant Article on Website/Blog, you have to claim for Website URL. For this you click on Authorized your site.

Now here you will get a Meta Tag in Connect your site. This meta tag has to be copied and added to the website and there will be an option of URL, page the URL of your website there and click on Claim.

How to add RSS Feed?

Just Claim URL Below you will find two more options. Production RSS Feed and Development RSS Feed, you have to add Facebook Instant Article RSS Feed to both of these places.

RSS Feed is something like this, you can create your own RSS Feed by simply changing the name of my website and writing the name of your website.

After adding, click on Save.

How to do Instant Article Setup on WordPress?

Facebook App ID will be required to setup WordPress Instant Article Plugin and you can get it in two ways.

  • Create App Id of your page by going to Facebook Developer .
  • After logging in to Instant Articles, the Page App ID is shown in the URL, you can copy from there.

Now log in to WordPress Dashboard and go to Plugins Option and click on New Plugin. And then Install & Activate Facebook Instant Article Plugin from here.

After activating the plugin, an option of Instant Articles will show in your dashboard. Open it and enter your Page App ID in Facebook Page ID and then click on Save.

How to submit for review?

The 2nd step in Facebook Instant Article Set-up is for Submit for Review. From where you have to submit your request to Facebook team to activate Instant Article. But it has some condition, you can submit it for review only after completing it.

There should be at least 5 posts on your website, only then you can submit for this review. If you have 5 articles, then you can submit by clicking on Submit for review.

Note: If an article has been written before setting up your Instant article, then Facebook team does not consider it eligible for Instant Article. Therefore, before submitting for review, use this trick.

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Open any 5 article in Edit Mode.
  • Then publish it by clicking on Update.

After submitting for review you will get Approvable for Facebook instant article after 2 to 3 days. After that you can enable Auto-Publishing by going to the 3rd step.

Facebook Ads Monetization:

After setting up Instant Articles, you can also earn money from Facebook Instant Articles by enabling Monetization Articles. For this, you have to go to the “Audience Network” option and click on the Get Started option.

facebook audience network

After that you can configure this by opening Audience Network Dashboard and fill your payment information (this is exactly like Google Adsense Payment Info ). Whenever there is $100 in your Facebook ads account, it will be automatically transferred to your bank account.

audience network dashboard

Friends, here I have told that  how to earn money from Facebook Instant Article? If you want to make online income apart from Google Adsense . So Instant Article is the best option for you. Because for this you do not need to do any extra hard work. The article you post on your website/blog. You can earn income by sharing it on Facebook page. Hope you all liked this Money Making Tricks.

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