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What is IFSC Code, know complete information now

What is IFSC Code If you do online transactions then you must have used IFSC code every time. You might also want to know what is this IFSC Code. Let us tell you that whenever we transfer money from one bank account to another bank account, we also need a code in addition to the bank account number, which we call IFSC Code, without this there is no money transaction in any bank account. can be done.

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What is IFSC Code

For your information, let us tell you that the full form of IFSC Code is Indian Financial System Code, which in common language we call IFSC Code. We all know that there are many banks in India like State Bank of India , HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda, and not knowing how many banks whose names we do not even know. How many branches does each bank have? In every city, town there is one branch of the bank, in some city there is more than one branch of a bank. So each branch of all these banks has its own unique code which we call IFSC Code. With this code, any branch of the country can be traced.

This code consists of an alphanumeric code of 11 characters, which is easily understood, it includes English and mathematical numbers. In this code the initial four letters are alphabet and they represent the name of the alphabet bank. The fifth character in this code is always 0 (zero). The latter 5 letters represent the branch, it can be English and mathematical numbers.

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For example, SBIN0345465 and PUNB0876455 are branch codes of two different banks. In the first code, the first four letters are SBIN, then it is representing the name of the bank and it means State Bank of India, the fifth letter sounds like O but you Always keep in mind that in the IFSC Code the fifth character is always zero, its next five characters represent the branch of 345465 SBI. The next five characters represent the branch of Punjab National Bank.

From this post, you must have come to know that what is IFSC Code, after reading this article, you must have got a lot of information about what is IFSC Code. From this article, you must have come to know that all the branches of all the banks in the country have their own unique IFSC Code. In a way, this code also identifies those branches.

How to know IFSC Code  (ifsc code kaise pata kare)  of any bank Its full form is Indian Financial System Code. There are many banks in our country, each branch has its own separate IFSC code, this code can also be called an identity of the branch because in this code all the information of that branch is hidden.

How to know IFSC Code

There are mainly three ways to know the IFSC code of any branch of any bank, by which you can find out the IFSC Code of your own or any other branch.

  1. online from website or app
  2. From your account card or passbook
  3. check book given by bank
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To know the IFSC code of a bank online, you have to go to the website http://banksifsccode.com , here first of all, you have to select the name of your bank in the box with the IFSC code at the top, after that you have to select your state. Is. Now you have to select the district i.e. district, after that the names of all the bank branches in that district will come, so here you have to select the name of your branch. Will go

When you open an account in a branch of any bank, you are given a passbook or a card in which your name, account number and IFSC code of the branch are also written. Talking about the checkbook, not everyone gets it, but if you have it, then you can also find out the IFSC code of your branch from this. So in this way you can find IFSC code of any bank branch online or offline.

So you can know the IFSC Code in the main three ways, now you must have  come to know how to know the IFSC Code of any bank (ifsc code kaise pata kare) You can open this website in mobile as well as computer, however For best results, you should use Google Chrome browser on your mobile. Apart from this website, there are many apps in Google Playstore which tell the IFSC code of any bank branch online.

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