How to open a gas agency in 2022

How to open a gas agency in 2023


Gas Agency-Just as oxygen is necessary for breathing, in the same way LPG gas has become necessary for cooking today. 

If you are thinking of taking LPG gas agency and want to know how to open a gas agency, then in this article complete information has been given that how to get gas agency

Earlier, only special people used to cook food with gas, but due to Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, every house got free gas connection, due to which now common man has also started cooking on gas. 

Due to this scheme, the number of customers using LPG gas has increased, but the number of gas agencies is still the same. 

In business language, demand is high and supply is low. 

In such a situation, if you take advantage of this opportunity to do gas agency business, then I can say with guarantee that you can earn a lot of money from this. 

Types of Gas Agency Distributorship Based on Area 

All the gas agency distributors you see are determined by their distribution area on the basis of different areas within which they provide the service of their gas agency.  

On the basis of the area, there are four types of gas agency distributorship. See which of these distributorship you want to take-

1. Urban distributor 

Such LPG distributors who open agencies in urban areas and provide their service to the customers within the city or metro city limits of the concerned municipality, are called urban distributors. 

2. R-urban वितरक (Rural+urban=R-urban distributor)  

Such LPG distributors who open an agency in urban areas and provide distribution services in a particular rural area located within 15 km of the municipality, are known as R-urban distributors. 

3. Rural distributor  

Such LPG distributors who provide their service in all the villages located within 15 km of their gas agency are called Gramin distributors. 

4. Inaccessible Distributor 

Such LPG distributors who want to provide their service by opening an agency in any of the following areas are called Inaccessible Distributors. such as-

  • mountainous areas
  • forest area
  • tribal habitat area
  • sparsely populated
  • disturbed area
  • islands
  • Left Wing Extremism (LWE) Affected Areas

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How to get gas agency

This is not a very difficult task but if you do not have any of the following qualifications, then you may find it difficult to find a gas agency- 

Eligibility for taking gas agency

If you have all the qualifications mentioned here then you can apply for gas agency dealership- 

1. Indian citizenship (Indian citizenship)- You must have citizenship of India to take gas agency. 

2. Educational Qualification – If you want to take gas agency, then for this you should have at least 10th educational qualification from any recognized board. 

If you belong to the freedom fighter category, then the above criteria will not be applicable for you. 

3. Age limit – To take gas agency it is necessary that your age should be between 21-60. 

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If you apply for reserved places under FF category, then even after fulfilling the above criteria, your application will still not be valid. 

5. No police case (no police case) – If you want to take gas agency, then there should not be any kind of police case on you for this. 

6. No worker OMC (not an employee of omc) – For taking gas agency it is necessary that you or any member of your family should not be an employee of OMC ( O il M arketing C ompany).

Which companies offer gas agency dealership?

The names of the major government companies offering gas agency dealership are as follows-

  • Bharat Gas
  • Indane Gas
  • Gas HP

Apart from this, there are some private companies that offer gas agency dealership. If you want to take gas agency dealership of private company then you can contact them directly. 

But Bharat gas, Indane gas and HP gas. There are some companies providing LPG gas service which have a lot of demand in the market because they are government-approved.

How to Apply for LPG Gas Agency?

 If you want to take lpg gas agency distributorship, then through this portal you can apply for urban distributor, Rurban distributor and rural distributor gas agency. For this you have to follow the following steps- 

  • First of all register  yourself in the portal portal.
  • After registering login with your username and password. 
  • Select the advertisement for the gas agency. 
  • Find the location for which you want to apply from the given list. 
  • After selecting the location, fill the application form. 
  • After that make online payment. HP gas

Step 1: Registration 

  • If you want to apply for gas agency, then for this you have to first register at For this, search in If you want, you can also access the website by clicking on  this link .
  • You will see their site like this. 
Gas Agency
  • Click on register button. 
  • After clicking on the register button, a form like this will open in front of you. Fill all your details in this form. 
Gas Agency
  • After this click on the Generate OTP button. 
  • After a few seconds of clicking, an OTP will come on the mobile number entered. Submit the form by entering that OTP in the box given below. 
  • After the registration is completed, a message of registraion successful will appear on your mobile screen. 

Note- Your email id and phone number will be the user name. 

You have to create a strong password which is of 8 characters in which there are some numbers and signs of plus or minus etc. 

Step 2: Login with Portal 

After the process of registration is completed, you have to login to the portal-

  • For this first go to portal. 
  • Click on the login button appearing in the home page. 
Gas Agency
  • Enter your email id or mobile number. 
  • And enter the password that you created at the time of regitration. 
  • After that click on login button. 
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Gas Agency
  • Now you have been login to your lpgvitrak portal. You will be sent to the dashboard of the portal. 

Step 3: Fill the Application Form

After login, a redirect will be given from the portal’s dashboard to the Advertisement for selection of LPG distributor page. 

Here you have to select the advertisement for which you want to apply. 

Follow these steps to fill the application form-

  • Select the advertisement for which you want to apply. 
Gas Agency
  • This list is even bigger. In this, find the location for which you want to apply. 
  • Click on this after finding the location. I click here on the location of Punjab. You will choose according to you.  
Gas Agency
  • As soon as you click on any of these locations, you will be redirected to an application form page. This form will be something like this. 
Gas Agency
Gas Agency
Gas Agency
Gas Agency
Gas Agency
Gas Agency
Gas Agency
Gas Agency
  • Fill this application form properly by scrolling.
  • When the form filling is done, click on the Save button given at the bottom and save the filled information. 
  • If you think that you have made some mistake in filling the application form, then you can also edit this application form later. For this you have to go to the page of My application. You will find it in the top right corner under the applicant’s name. 
  • After filling your complete information in the application form, finally click on the button of “Submit Application Form” to submit the application. Keep in mind that you will not be able to edit this form after this. 
  • Now your application form has been submitted. After some time reference number will be generated.  

But there is still one step left-

Step 4: Make Online Payment

If you want to take gas agency, then for this you will have to submit online application fee after submitting the application form. If you do not submit the application fee then your application will be rejected. Follow the below steps to pay the application fees-

  • First of all go to the link of My Application in the portal. 
  • Here all the applications filled by you will be shown. 
Gas Agency
  • If the form filled by you is successfully submitted, then you will see the option to make online payment on it. 
  • You have to click on that button so that you will see a summary page of the application form. 
  • On clicking, you will be redirected to the summary page. It will look something like this. 
Gas Agency
  • For online payment, you have to click on the checkout button. 
  • After this you will be redirected to the payment page. 
Gas Agency
  • Here you have to complete your payment process. 
  • After the payment is successful, you can download the PDF of your application. 
  • This is how the application process takes place. A mail will come on your email id from which all the information submitted in the application form will be given. 


  • If you have already applied then you cannot apply again at the same location. 
  • You have to fill the application form carefully. Once submitted and the PDF has been generated, you cannot make any changes in it. 
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Application fees to apply for gas agency  

Gas agency application fees are charged according to different category and type of distributorship. Here is a list of application fees. In this list, see how much fees you will have to pay to apply for gas agency-

Application fee for urban distributor and urban distributor 

CategoryNon Refundable Application Fee
OpenRs. 10,000 
OBCRs. 5,000 
SC/STRs. 3,000 

Application fees for Gramin Vitrak and Durgam Regional Distributor-

CategoryNon Refundable Application Fee
OpenRs. 8,000 
OBCRs. 4,000 
SC/STRs. 2,500 

Note- This application fee will not be refunded once it has been deposited. 

Interview and verification for Indane gas agency

 All the candidates will be evaluated on the basis of the information submitted in the application form. 

After that selected candidates will be called for interview. 

If you are selected for the interview and you also pass in the interview, then after that field verification will be done by a panel of gas company about the details filled while applying. In this, from land, godown etc., other parameters will be investigated. 

From this field verification , 10% of the security money will have to be deposited along with all your documents . The amount to be deposited depends on the type of dealership-

No dealership type openOBCSC/ST
1Sheheri Vitrak/ Rurban VitrakRs. 50,000 Rs. 40,000Rs. 30,000
2Gramin Vitrak / DKVRs. 40,000Rs. 30,000Rs. 20,000

After the completion of all the process, if you are successful in this investigation, then LOI (L etter O f I ntent ) will be done for you. 

After this you have to submit the security fess. This security fee will be refundable. 

What will be the amount of security fees?

The amount of security fees according to the type of gas agency dealership area and caste is as follows-

Type of Distributorship Security fees
urban distributor 5 Lakhs4 lakh rupees3 lakh rupees
Rurban Distributor 5 lakh rupees4 lakh rupees3 lakh rupees
rural distributor 4 lakh rupees3 lakh rupees2 lakh rupees
inaccessible regional distributor 4 lakh rupees3 lakh rupees    2 lakh rupees

After this you will be given the necessary training to do the gas agency business on behalf of the company. So that you can do this business comfortably. 

Some questions related to taking gas agency-

Q1. For how many years is the gas company distributorship?

Ans: The duration of the dealership of the gas agency depends on the company. Different company’s dealership period is different. If you take Bharat gas agency or HP gas agency, then you will get their dealership for 10 years. After this you will have to renew your dealership every 5 years. 

Q2. How much investment will come in starting the business of gas agency?

Ans: An investment of Rs 15-20 lakh will come in starting the business of gas agency. However, the upcoming investment also depends on whether the land is own for office/godown or not. If not, are you renting or buying? If you start this business by doing land then you may have to invest even more. 

Q2. How much does a gas agency earn?

Ans. If you take a gas agency, then you can earn around 2 lakh to 4 lakh every month.

After reading this article, I do not think that any question related to gas agency kaise le is still left in your mind. 

If this article has proved to be helpful for you, then share it in your network so that they too can get some help from it. 

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