How To Make Money using Youtube Channel Now?

How To Make Money using Youtube Channel Now?

Everyone wants to make a career in youtube. But how to make him a career in youtube in 2022, there is no correct information about it. So today we are going to see about this. In this article, you will also see how to earn money from youtube along with how to make a career in you tube and also you are going to watch youtube channel interactions. And in the last I will tell you what is the secret of becoming a successful youtuber? So let’s see how you can make your career in youtube and how to earn money from youtube.

how to make a career in youtube, and how to become a successful youtuber, so that you can earn money from youtube

To make a career in youtube, read the youtube tips below and know how to become a successful youtuber

Friend if you really want to make a career in youtube. So below I have told you many ways by which you will be able to earn more money and also make your career as a successful youtuber. But before that let me tell you I have told about all the points in this article, whether it is the benefits of creating a youtube channel or the ways to enable adsense. So if you read the article completely then everything will be understandable.

Who can make a youtube channel and who can earn money from youtube?

Every person on youtube can create a channel who has an email id and active mobile number. But the one who is less than 18 years is not allowed to make the channel. Yes, it is because of the value that your age is less than 18 years and you have created a channel. Then you will not be able to earn money in your own name. Because adsense never approves those who are less than 18 years old. So to make a career in youtube, you have to keep this thing in mind that your age should be more than 18 years.

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That creator can earn money on youtube, whose content is unique and valuable. Also follows the guidelines of youtube. He can easily earn money from youtube and can become a successful youtuber by making his career in youtube.

#1 make youtube channel – How to start new youtube channel

Whether it is mobile or desktop, you can make your youtube channel from both of these. All you need is an email and phone. So if you are using mobile then you have to open your google chrome and enable desktop mode in it. After that you can create your account by going to . You will get an option named creator studio. When you click on it, then you will get the option to create a channel in front of you. You have to create a unique name channel from there.

Benefits of creating a channel on youtube :- 
  1. You can start your career with 0 investment.
  2. Channel can be created without technical knowledge.
  3. Everyone can earn by creating a channel on youtube.
  4. You fix the working time of your own free will, whereas it does not happen in the job.
  5. Here you can earn 5000 and also 50 lakhs.
  6. You can work youtube part time or full time anytime.
  7. Whether you are doing a job or a student, any work can be done.
  8. Apart from money on youtube, both name and respect are available.

#2 Customize your youtube channel and give it a professional look

To become a successful youtuber, you have to give a professional look to your channel. You customize your youtube channel in such a way that the viewers like it. By customize I mean to put logo in channel, cover, write something about your channel, verify with mobile to put thumbnails in video etc. When you do all these things, only then your channel will get rank in youtube search and your subscribers will increase. So make sure that you will do this work.

#3 Provide valuable content

Whenever a beginner starts a youtube channel, he starts uploading anything, he starts copying others’ videos, due to which he does not know how to make a career in youtube. Therefore, you do not have to publish any such content, which is against the policy of youtube. You do not have to copy someone else’s videos, do not upload any adult content, etc.

Where to get content to make videos on youtube – youtube video ideas

Many people make channels but they do not keep getting youtube video ideas. He thinks from where did he get the content to make the video? Look friend, you will not find the content of the video anywhere outside, it should come from within yourself. You cannot be successful on youtube by taking content ideas from some other place. You have to look inside yourself, find within yourself what is such a thing that is only inside me. The day you recognize it, you will not need to find content ideas anywhere. Because what is inside you is your passion. And the result you get in your passion work is nowhere else. I hope that you will create videos on your own ideas.

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how to make video for youtube – tips for creating youtube videos

Today everyone has a mobile phone which also has a camera, you also know this, but do you know that today people are earning lakhs of rupees by using the same camera. You have just started making youtube videos. So it is not necessary that you take a separate expensive camera, take a laptop. You can also do this work from mobile and make a career in youtube. In the beginning, not everyone has enough money to take all these things. But if you have it, you can take it, there is no big deal in it.

  1. First of all, make the idea of ​​your video and break it into a few points.
  2. Record video at your every point.
  3. The video should not have much background noise
  4. keep your voice clear
  5. edit video
  6. Watch your video many times, you will get improvement

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#4 Make it easy to make a career in youtube with the thumbnail of your video

Yes, your thumbnail decides whether you can make a career in youtube or not. Look friend, like a product is very good, and its packaging is very bad, then would you like to take it. Probably not, and at one place the same product which is worse than that, the packaging is done very well. Then you will definitely feel like taking it. Yes, whoever takes that product once will not take it again. That’s why you have to make such a product which is very good, beneficial for the people and its packaging is also good.

Here by product I mean your thumbnail by video and packaging. That’s why friend, no matter how you make a video, keep the thumbnail of it very much only then you will be able to become a successful youtuber.

#5 How to make youtube video viral with tittle, tag, description

If your video is really good then it doesn’t need much title, tag, description. He can also go viral without a title but the video is a little lower level then we have to promote it ourselves. And we do that through SEO. That’s why you should keep the title of your video good, write its description well, use some related tags, only then your video will rank in youtube and you will get a lot of views. Only then will you be able to earn money from youtube.

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#6 How to earn money from youtube – so that you can make a career in youtube

Although there are many ways to earn money from youtube, but today I am telling you some ways by which you can easily earn money and give a direction to your career.

How to earn money from adsense :- If you want to earn money from adsense then you have to fulfill the criteria of youtube, like your channel should have 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours watch time. Then you can apply for adsense. Not only do these two things get adsence approval, but you also have to fulfill the privacy of adsence. Only then you get the approval of Adsense.

How to earn money from affiliate marketing: –    If you have good subscribers on your channel, then you can also earn money from affiliate marketing. There are many websites that give links to product affiliates. In which the names of the most popular sites amazon and filipkart are included. You can easily earn a good income by visiting this site by creating your account. 

How to earn money from sponsorship :-  If you have subscribers on your channel then clients will mail you themselves. Friends also get a lot of money for sponsorship, but it depends on your subscribers, according to how many subscribers you have on your channel, you take money from your clients.

secret of success on youtube – youtube tips for beginners

There are many secrets to being successful on youtube, out of which we have noted down some of the popular ones. You have to follow the tips given in youtube for beginners so that you too can become a successful youtuber and see youtube as a career.

  1. Visualize your subscribers, and provide them with the content of their choice.
  2. Maintain consistency and publish videos daily.
  3. Pay attention to the quality of the video.
  4. read youtube updates
  5. improve your knowledge
  6. Publish the video of your category on your channel.

So friends, these were some ways in which you can make a career in youtube. And you can also become a successful youtuber. If you liked this article, then do share it.

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