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There is an app on the play store named orich, it is a very famous app to earn money, you can not speak to earn but you can make money lottery app. Its download has also exceeded 1 lakh. But you know what is Orich app, what are its features, how can we earn money from Orich app.

Today we will tell you through this article what is Orich app, how to earn money from it. After all, how does this online money making app work. This app will tell you how much is true and how much is false. Also, what are the features of the Orich app from which money can be earned and is this app only for winning the lottery, today you will know.

Who does not want to earn money nowadays, everyone works for money only. In such a situation, if we get online work sitting at home, then we become even more happy and if we get any money earning app, then we become very happy. That’s why let’s clear your doubts and know what is Orich app and how to win prizes from it.

What is Orich App?

Orich is a prize winning app that works as interest, in which you can take interest in a day by investing some rupees and with that money you can participate in the lottery and withdraw in your bank account. you can When it comes to winning its prize, then there is one winner, who is given mobile, fridge, watches etc.

In this app you can earn money by referring your friend and then by participating in lottery for iphone mobile you can win that product and get it delivered at your home. Below you will get to read how money is earned from Orich app. But before that let us see its features.

Features Of Orich App

1. Orich finance :- This is a very good feature by which you can increase your money. In this feature, it happens that you invest your money for a day or the time duration given in this app, then the amount of interest i.e. interest is made in a day, add it with your principal. is done.

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For example, if you invest 10000 rupees for a day, then you will be given interest according to the percentage. For example, if the interest is 6% on investing 10000, then your interest will become 600 rupees in a day. And after one day you will be given a total of Rs 10600.

2. Product lottery and prize: – This is the most special feature in the Orich app, which is used by almost all users. It happens that there are many products in this app, in which you can participate in very less money. If a product like iphone is worth one lakh rupees, then you can participate in this prize for a very small amount like 100 rupees and whoever is the winner of this product, it is delivered at his/her home.

3. Orich Refer And Earn :- In this app you can refer your friend and in return you are given commission. If you have referred and he invests in Orich app or participates in any lottery then you will get 1% of that.

4. Orich Vip account :- If you buy vip account in this app then more options are enabled for you. As you will be able to participate in big products and your chances of winning will increase.

how to earn money with orich app

By now you must have come to know that what is Orich app, but that is not enough, if you have come to this post then I will tell you completely how you can earn money from Orich app. Look friend, you have already understood that this is an investment and lottery type application.

In which you can earn money as well as you can win many more products like mobile, TV, watch, etc. and ask for it at your home. So let’s see how prize is won in Orich app and how money is earned by investing money in it. But before that it is very important to download it.

Download Orich app

You can also download this app from play store. If not then I have given its download link below so that you can earn money by downloading this app.

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orich app :- Download

Login and Register

When you download the app using the link, then to win the prize or lottery in Orich, first you have to log in to Orich, for which you can use the mobile number.

orich app login and register

When you open the app, it will not ask to log in like other apps, but you have to log in or register yourself by clicking on the profile. As soon as you click on the profile section in the app, a new screen will open in which you have to enter your mobile number, then click on get otp. An otp will be sent to you, verify it.

You are now successfully logged in to Orich. Now you are ready to invest in this app and earn money. Instead of what you have registered now, you will have got a bonus of Rs 20. With this you can participate in any product, or you can earn by investing it for a day. It depends on you what you want.

Earn money by investing in Orich finance

If you have some money and you want how to increase it in a day, then you can adopt this method. orich finance is verified by the Reserve Bank of India, which you can trust completely.

orich home or dashboard

But it has an advantage that once you add money to it, then you will be able to withdraw it too. Along with this, you can participate in the lottery of any product.

earn money by inviting friends

When you start using the Orich app, you will see that there is also a refer and earn option in it, from which some money is earned. When you invite your friends, share your link and download orich app, then you will get commission of some percent.

Like you invite a friend, then when that user logs in to that app and participates in any product prize, then 1% of it will be given to you. This is a good way in which you can earn money in orich.

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Benefits of Orich VIP account

By listening to the word vip, we come to know that we are going to have many benefits or benefits after purchasing it. Like you can participate in expensive products. If you join a product or gift and you do not win, your money will be refunded.

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orich app vip account

If you are thinking that how to open Orich vip account for free, then for this you have to invite your 8 vip friends, then you can take free vip of orich.

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How to participate in Gift and lottery

When you go to the home screen of the app and scroll down a bit, a gift option will appear, as well as a join button from where you can join to participate in the Orich product.

As you click on the join button a popup will open where you have to select the quantity, you can select as many as you want and can proceed for payment by clicking on continue button. After paying as much as the price of joining that gift, you will be able to take the order successfully.

This is how money is earned along with studies

How to withdraw money in Orich

First of all, you will be able to withdraw money from this app to your bank, if you have money in your wallet, you will be able to transfer money by adding it to your bank account, but 5% of its fee is deducted. Also you can invest your money or buy any product from it.

orich profile and wallet

That is why my suggestion is that if you want to use orich app with the motive of withdrawing money, then it will be very beneficial for you.


Finally you know what is orich app and how to earn money from it. In this we told you about its features, told you different ways to earn money. With which you can also get any product delivered to your home by using the Orich app by yourself.

So friend, I hope that the answers to all your questions have been given on how to earn money from Orich app. If you think that there should be any improvement in this article or if you have any doubt in your mind, then definitely tell us through comment. So that we can help you and share it if you like it.

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